Timeless Bathroom Design Ideas

Kelly Hoppen Shenzhen Paris Bathroom

If your home is your castle, then your bathroom is most likely your sanctuary. And while you may only spend a designated amount of time in the bathroom on a daily basis, the truth is that this time is well-spent.

Long gone are the days when bathrooms were all about bold wallpaper and brash colors. Today, a majority of people consider their bathrooms as serene places of sorts.

Elegant hues and glamorous touches are commonplace. Bathroom furniture has suddenly added sophistication to drab bathing places. Additionally, bathroom designs have become increasingly important.

Enter timeless bathroom designs!

A stunningly timeless bathroom design featuring the brass Mandy stool by KOKET
A stunningly timeless bathroom design featuring the Mandy stool by KOKET

Realistically speaking, you should want your bathroom to still look appealing ten to twenty years down the line. This is where timeless bathroom design ideas come in. 

These ideas will stand the test of time! So, if you are looking to achieve a classic design that will stay in style for years to come, consider these timeless bathroom design ideas.

4 Ideas for a Timeless Bathroom Design

Idea #1: Go white      

If you are thinking of a timeless color palette for your bathroom then the color white is your best bet. According to Bathroom City, renowned bathroom experts, white is not only a great stand-alone color but it also allows for infinite combination with other neutral colors. 

Regent's Crescent CIT En-Suite Bathroom by millier
Regent’s Crescent CIT En-Suite Bathroom by Millier

Light tones of yellow, green, or blue blend well together with white to create the perfect bathroom ambiance. But if you are looking for a bold and dramatic feel, it is best to combine white with other darker colors.

White can also be combined with metal, wood, ceramics, or any other material that makes for the perfect flooring, accessory, or bathroom furniture.

timeless bathroom design by Stephanie Coutas
Trocadéro, Paris bathroom design by Stephanie Coutas

Idea #2: Think ceramics, wood, stone or marble

For an ever timeless and classy look, ceramics, stone, or marble should be your choice of material around the bathroom. Not only are these top-notch materials, but they also represent luxury and quality.

In addition to this, they are durable and require little maintenance. Ceramics and marble allow for temperature control. They offer in-floor heating during winter and remain cool in the summer.

timeless bathroom design by audax
Villa Cortile bathroom design by one of Toronto’s top design firms, Audax
(Photo by Erik Rotter)

On the other hand, wood is resistant to high humidity. It is perfect for bathroom furniture. Needless to say, wood never goes out of fashion. Its presence is as stylish as it is relaxing. When it comes to creating timeless looks, you can never go wrong with these four elements.

Master Bath by Keith Baltimore
Master bath design by Keith Baltimore, Baltimore Design Group

Idea #3: Choose classic lighting options

Even the most perfectly designed and organized bathroom can seem just like a hollow room without the right lighting. It is safe to say that lightning will always take your décor a notch higher. Forget about incandescent bulbs, always opt for timeless lighting solutions.

Of course, we cannot rule out natural lighting in the bathroom. A few windows should do the trick. But to create timeless feel, wall and ceiling lighting are a must-have. 

Hanover Terrace London Projects Bathroom
Hanover Terrace bathroom design by London Projects

Ideally, you should have wall scones fixed with metallic hardware and also spruce things up with traditional lighting options like chandeliers or glass pendants. To add a little bit of excitement, opt for scented candles. They will not only light your bathroom but also create a soothing fragrance.

Kelly Hoppen Shenzhen Paris Bathroom
Shenzhen Paris Bathroom by Kelly Hoppen

hyptnoic sconce by koket

Idea #4: Go back to basics with the décor

A timeless bathroom requires soft styling and just the right amount of decoration. If you are heavy-handed on the décor, then you will be taking away the overall feel of the bathroom. For the best results, decorations should be subtle. 

timeless bathroom design by denise mcgaha
Blue and white bathroom design by Denise McGaha

To achieve this, go back to basics with your décor. A mix of natural materials and classic accessories should get the job done. Soft shower curtains, light shears on the windows, enameled ceramics, and country glass should be your top choices.

Complement the decor using vintage wallpaper and framed wall art. Do not forget to display a photo frame or two. Finish off your look with flower stands or lush green plants then you will achieve the perfect look for your bathroom.

Westminster Fire Station by Studio L London Alchemi Group and Far East Orchard_Interior_Bathroom 3 (1)
Westminster Fire Station by Studio L, London

Important Design Tips to Remember

When designing or remodeling your bathroom for a classic and timeless look, keep in mind the following tips:

  • Do extensive research to ensure that you make the right buying decisions. Do not be in a hurry to get started as a little patience goes a long way.
  • Measure carefully before buying as you do not want to end up with fixtures that will not fit.
  • Do trial runs with colors before deciding what works best. It is best to create a grouted mosaic for your preferred colors and taste them in the bathroom until you find one that suits you best.

That’s it! By implementing this advice, you will be able to turn your bathroom around in an instant.

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