The Etiquette of Social Distancing While Traveling

Beach during social distancing

Social distancing has been part of life for a while now, changing so much around us! Here we are in the midst of summer, a favorite time of year for travel and fun with family and friends. But now we must re-think the way we move about and interact with others and adapt.

Read on for some inventive ways to keep your social distance and stay healthy as your travel and return to restaurants and stores.

Tips for Social Distancing While Traveling

What to take with you in your bag:

  • Hand sanitizer
  • Reusable mask
  • Sunscreen
  • Good mood
  • Open mind (you need to be ready and flexible to unexpected things!)

Social Distancing in…

Airports & Planes

Keep the 6 feet/two meters apart in lines, avoid places with large groups of people, keep your mask on at all times while inside the airport, and while on the plane. And definitely avoid touching things that are not yours.

Airport during social distancing
Photo by Daniel Lim

avalanche dining table koket


Keep your mask on except while eating and disinfect your hands before entering and before leaving. Kind of an odd thought but totally valid nonetheless, choose cold meals, this way you will not need to blow on your food, i.e. spreading your germs. And when it comes to your cocktail choice, ask for a strong and iced drink and it will be its own disinfectant!


Avoid touching everything you can avoid. Keep your distance from others, always use your private toilet, always wear your mask, and disinfect your hands as many times as necessary. You also may want to consider bringing your own bedsheets, or at least your own pillowcases, as studies have shown that COVID-19 can live on fabric for 2-3 days.

The Beach

Find a place that allows you to see up your umbrella and towel at least 6 feet/two meters from others. The further the better really when possible!

Beach during social distancing
Photo by Alex Perez

The Pool

Wake up early and choose the best chaise, not too close to the pool but with enough physical distance from others. You will not want to have people running and screaming around you!

Words by Inês Estrela da Costa

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