Meet Fabiola Avelino & Explore Her Contemporary Vegas Masterpiece

luxury living room by Fabiola C Gate Vegas Photo by Velich Studio

Lh first met Las Vegas-based interior design, Fabiola Avelino, in Chicago at the BOLD Summit in 2017 where our publisher KOKET’s founder and Desire chairs took the stage. Her vibrant and genuine spirit instantly delighted us and we are so happy to be able to share her and her beautiful work!

After moving from Brazil to Las Vegas in 2001, Fabiola founded her eponymous luxury residential design studio and has since completed stunning projects across the US. The Fabiola Avelino studio is known for its distinctive and sophisticated style, coupled with its personalized and bespoke approach. Read on to meet Fabiola and explore her stunning Canyon Gate project!

Lh Exclusive Interview with Fabiola Avelino

Fabiola Avelino
Fabiola Avelino

Love Happens: What first sparked your love for design and desire to pursue the trade?

Fabiola Avelino: I have always had admiration for contemporary buildings and architecture. I originally attended the school of Architecture and Urbanism in Brazil, but it wasn’t long when I continued to be intrigued by arts and cultures from around the world. Interior Design was certainly where I could express that passion.

Lh: What brought you to Las Vegas and led up to your decision to start your own firm?

Fabi: I moved to Vegas by accident … a written-in-the-stars “accident”.  I was just visiting the town, but I was quickly embraced by the fun, the bright energy, and many friends I made very quickly.

Lh: Tell us about your Canyon Gate project.

Fabi: Oh, what a fun project that was. My Clients were so eclectic. He was from Texas, coming from a very luxurious traditional design background. She was from Brazil, very young in spirit, and wanted a super contemporary home. They loved the color red and any warm colors that could compliment it. One of my favorite pieces was the table in the conference room that I custom-designed to be super edgy and unique.

Inside Fabi’s Fabulous Canyon Gate Project

canyon gate vegas contemporary foyer with curved staircase by fabiola avelino
canyon gate vegas contemporary living room with purple sectional sofa by fabiola avelino
canyon gate vegas contemporary dining room with lazy susan table by fabiola avelino
canyon gate vegas contemporary powder room with black and white tropical wallpaper by fabiola avelino
canyon gate vegas contemporary master bedroom by fabiola avelino
canyon gate vegas contemporary master bath with red tub
Conference room with bespoke table designed by Fabiola Avelino
Conference room with bespoke table designed by Fabiola Avelino
All Canyon Gate project photos by Velich Studio

Lh: If you were to select a piece from KOKET to design around which piece would you pick, and why?

Fabi: The SIMONE Screen. That piece inspires me in so many ways. It makes me think of this mysterious, intellectual, cultural, yet fun and wild woman. She’s not scared of a bold design statement, and that piece reflects that in such a joyful way.

simone screen by koket bee fabric and antique mirror floor screen

Lh: Are there any locations or project types you dream of working in/on?

Fabi: Beach houses! Anywhere…Bali, Hawaii, California, as long as we see the ocean. I miss the salty water.

Lh: What three pieces of advice would you give to an aspiring designer/entrepreneur looking to make it?

  1. Find out who you are… what aesthetics represent you as a brand, and start infusing those in your projects. Don’t just follow trends, bring your passions from within your heart.
  2. Find the balance between your client’s desires and your brand aesthetics, and remember your job is to make the results surpass their dreams. We are able to achieve that by being bold and fashionably unapologetic. Though we should always filter our wild ideas, continue to push your creative boundaries. Magic happens – “LOVE HAPPENS” – when you bring your very best. 
  3. Learn how to say no when you feel something is not a good fit for your firm. This will give the space and time to focus only on the projects that are going to shine. Everyone wins when great value exchange is aligned. 

Lh: What’s next for Fabiola Avelino?

Fabi: We have been super productive with our residential projects, but I’m also very excited about some filming we’ll be starting shortly. We want to share with everyone the passion we work with, and the fun we have on the progress.

A Peek Inside the Fabulous and Inspiring Mind of Fabiola Avelino with the Lh Design Questionnaire

fabiola avelino
Fabiola Avelino

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Fulfillment. When you find gratitude on what surrounds us, we can actually realize we live with such abundance.

What is your greatest extravagance?

My Projects. Through them, I accomplish all my wild shopping addiction habits.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

My Girls. Being a mom is a magical thing, and being able to balance work and family makes me feel like Wonder Woman.

What profession does your alter ego have?

Professional world traveler!

The project you will never forget.

My First. It was a friend’s bedroom I decorated with only $400!!!

Your favorite business tool or resource.

Apple’s Keynote. I live in it!

The most timeless design.

My Roma Hills project. It was so transitional… a mix and match of old and new.

Roma Hills foyer interior design
Roma Hills project

The biggest design faux pas.

Haha… I call them “happy accidents”. Sometimes we receive things that are oh-so-different from what it looked online, and many times we actually make them work in a very exquisite way. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Your motto.

“I am Inspired by the curation of visions, those that are constantly evolving as we push creative boundaries that exceed standards!”

Love happens when…

You truly love yourself! When you really do, you become a love magnet for all the ones around you, and that’s one of the healthiest forms of energy out there!

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By Anna Beck Bimba