Creating Your Dream Oasis: The Dos and Don’ts of Bedroom Design

ddr glamorous bedroom design featuring chandra chair koket

Your bedroom should be the perfect sanctuary for you to sleep peacefully in, so you can wake up feeling relaxed and ready to start a new day. There are lots of ways you can design your bedroom, and you should have the freedom to style it to suit your tastes, but there are a few mistakes you should avoid. Here are some easy dos and don’ts to keep in mind:

Dos & Don’ts of Bedroom Design

Do – Invest in a Good Quality Bed

If there is one place to spend money, it has to be on the right mattress and bed. If you were to get rid of everything in the room except one thing, it would be your bed. Getting a good night’s sleep is all about having a comfortable bed. There are lots of beds out there to choose from, with built-in storage or adjustability, you have plenty of choices. You also have lots of choices when it comes to mattresses, whether you want a soft or firm mattress, or you’re looking for the best mattress for an adjustable bed. Take your time and compare your options, this is something worth investing in.

KOKET bedroom at COVET Douro

Don’t – Skimp on Bedding

Having the right bed and mattress is great, but you shouldn’t forget about the sheets and bedding you choose. Choose high-quality fabrics that will last a long time, be breathable and comfortable against the skin, and will keep your room looking stylish.

Cloud9 Design Bedding - Decorative Bed Pillows
Luxurious bedding by Cloud9 Design

Do – Have Storage Space to Avoid Clutter

Clutter isn’t good for the mind, so keep your bedroom clutter-free by choosing suitable storage options. Bedside tables with drawers that can hide away your belongings, and wardrobes and dressers with enough space for your clothes. (you will love these ones from Instrument furniture). Keep your space tidy and clutter-free to maintain serenity.

Donna Mondi Classic Modern Home In Chicago koket bedroom featuring custom storage cabinets
Interior by Donna Mondi Interior Design featuring a pair of custom Divine cabinets by KOKET

Don’t – Have Too Much Furniture

While it is important to have enough storage for your clutter, you don’t want too much furniture in your bedroom. Because too much furniture is like having too much clutter. You want your bedroom to feel tidy and spacious. Consider moving some of your excess furniture to a different room, and if you have trouble finding space for your clutter, consider which things need to be kept in your bedroom and which things can be kept elsewhere. It might even be time to have a sort-out and donate some of your unused items.

Bedroom design by Kris Turnbull Studio featuring custom Spellbound Nightstands by KOKET
Bedroom design by Kris Turnbull Studio featuring custom Spellbound Nightstands by KOKET

A Deep Dive Into Decluttering & Design

Do – Choose the Right Curtains and Blinds

Natural lighting is great, but when you are trying to sleep, too much light becomes a problem. Invest in blackout blinds or window treatments to keep you in control of the light. Having a combination of blinds and curtains will give you more choice when it comes to privacy and lighting and will make sure an early sunrise or the glare from streetlamps won’t disturb your sleep.

ddr glamorous bedroom featuring chandra chair koket
A luxurious bedroom designed by Design, Decor, Repair Interior Design Studio (DDR) featuring stunning feathered drapery and KOKET’s renowned Chandra Chair

Don’t – Forget About Different Kinds of Lighting

Artificial lighting is just as important, and you need multiple options in your bedroom. Overhead lighting is essential in every room, but you also need softer lighting such as bedside lamps. Settling down on an evening in bed with a book requires softer lighting, instead of the harsh overhead lights. This will help you to unwind and will make going to sleep much easier. And don’t forget about candlelight! Try a fabulous soy candle on your nightstand for a perfect touch of romantic lighting.

luxurious bedroom with ruched headboard and table lamps by koket and agate chandelier
Bedroom design by KOKET

Do – Make Your Bedroom Feel Personal

Your bedroom is yours, so hang up art you love or framed photographs that show happy memories, this is a space that should make you feel happy and relaxed. Decorate the space to give a personal touch and the room will come to life.

Hopefully these tips will help you get closer to creating your dream oasis. Sleep is so important, so spending some time and a bit of money on your bedroom is worth it!

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