4 Simple Upgrades to Improve Your Self-care Practices This Year

self-care practices - woman with heels on and legs up in tub - photo by klara kulikova unsplash

We’ve all heard it before: treat yourself. It is a mantra. Treating ourselves or investing in our own happiness and wellbeing is simple in theory, but where do we start? Below are 4 things you can upgrade this year to help you step up your self-care practices!

4 Simple Upgrades to Improve Your Self-care Practices This Year

1. Upgrade your wardrobe

self-care practices - skims shapewear
Skims Shapewear

Have you opened your closet doors and felt uninspired lately? Maybe you think your style needs a little T.L.C.? You want to have a wardrobe that presents the most confident and fierce version of yourself. Getting there can be as easy as adding a few new pieces to your closet to elevate your whole style game. Or, to make your current clothes fit better, consider trying some shapewear that enhances the best parts of yourself to help you feel and look incredible in any outfit you choose.

2. Upgrade your skincare

Virginia Stone Luxury Sustainable Skincare
Luxury sustainable skincare by Virginia Stone

We’ve all wanted to try that high-end skincare, but that steep price has kept us away. A great way to try out higher-end products without committing to the full size and the full price tag is to buy the travel size sets! Beauty stores give you so many options to choose from; whether you want to focus on trying out one particular brand, or you want to try a few based on your skin type, they’ve got you covered!

How to Curate the Perfect Skincare Regime

3. Upgrade your meals

self-care practices - fresh ingredients

Upgrading your cooking skills can be intimidating; searching for a recipe that sounds good, shopping for all the ingredients you might only use once, and then tackling the actual cooking in the kitchen can all be overwhelming. Subscribing to a meal delivery service can help you waste less by having portioned out ingredients, as well as help you learn how to create new and interesting meals in the comfort of your own home! Even if you aren’t very savvy in the kitchen, there are great recipes to follow that will help make your kitchen game strong.

4. Upgrade your comfort

Cloud9 Design Bedding - Decorative Bed Pillows
Bedding by Cloud9 Design

Have you ever heard the statistic that we spend one-third of our lives in bed on average? With all that time spent in bed, we should be comfortable! Adding a weighted blanket to your bedroom can help improve your quality of sleep and more! They are known to help alleviate anxiety (which can lead to insomnia), create a calming and relaxing environment, and they can even help enhance your mood! And don’t forget to design your bedroom, and any other commonly used spaces, with comfort in mind. Think serene colors, cozy materials, and decorative objects and art the makes you feel good!