Grand Meets Green in a Stunning Residence by NA Architects


Set in the affluent neighborhood of Jubilee Hills in Hyderabad, India, is the stunning NR House designed by NA Architects. A beautiful and sustainable masterpiece with a Platinum IGBC Green home rating and grand meets modern rustic decor.

“The main goal was to achieve sustainability with luxury. We wanted to showcase that eco-friendly homes can be luxurious. Since this is our private house, we had complete creative freedom to experiment with the concept,” said the design couple, NA Architects principals Niroop and Rupana Reddy.

The NR House by NA Architects

The NR House by NA Architects - sustainable architecture - india - eco-friendly

After passing from covered parking into the front yard of NR House, one is presented with a majestic yard featuring a garden sitting room, whimsical circular stepping stones, and a modern geometric facade beautifully softened with natural wood, stone, and greenery.

NR House by NA Architects

The home’s main door instantly draws your attention. A massive 20-foot wood door set next to an equally high single glass opening and monolithic stone wall.

NR House by NA Architects - modern architecture - sustainable living - eco-friendly

Inside NR House

The interior of NR House features clear open spaces, creating a gallery-like feel. A perfect setting to showcase NA Architects’ attention to sustainability, reflected in a number of ways. First, with the creation of spaces where indoors and outdoors unite. Then through the natural palette, and use of semi-precious and natural stone throughout the home. NR House also showcases the design duo’s eye for exquisite decor.

The Formal Living Room

reve mirrors by koket in private residence in india

The magnificent front door opens up to the home’s formal living room. Rustic stone and slatted wood panels are the backdrop to a seating area with caramel leather sofas and two REVE Mirrors by KOKET. Along the back wall sits another beautiful Portuguese designed piece, a limited edition white Mondrian Sideboard by the acclaimed brand, Boca do Lobo.

The Family Living Room

family living room indoor-outdoor living by na architects india

The family living room is an extension of the formal double-height living room. Here, a stone-clad wall forms a backdrop for the sofa and Boca do Lobo’s Wave Cocktail Table while the fireplace and TV share a wood-paneled wall unit.

family living room featuring wave cocktail table by koket

At the back of the family living room, several pieces of boulders shaped into stairs lead to the heart of the home.

The Dining Room

neutral dining room with heritage dining table by boca do lobo

The dining room sits past this foyer like space. Yet another beautifully designed room, The Heritage Dining Table by Boca do Lobo takes center stage along with a statement swirling glass chandelier. The room also opens out to the home’s east facade and pool.

Indoor-Outdoor Living

Down the east side of the home, a serene lap pool stretches the entire length of the ground floor, blending indoor-outdoor living. A covered pool deck with seating seals the deal on the creation of a perfect place for entertaining indoors and out.

lap pool indoor-outdoor living by na architects india

The Upper Floors

A geometric wood and iron staircase leads to the home’s second and third floors and the more private parts of the home—the master suite and children’s rooms.

Sitting Room

Upon arriving on the home’s second floor one is met by the back of the stunning Versaille Sofa by Boca do Lobo. This pass-through TV room also features a whimsical hanging cage-like chair.

sitting room with versaille sofa by boca do lobo

Prayer Space

Also on the second floor is the home’s prayer space designed with a simple palette.

prayer space nr house india

The Children’s Rooms

The son’s room sprawls from the second to third floor with a lounge and study on the lower level and a sleeping area with a bathroom on the upper one.

The daughter’s room features a modern meets classic theme with feminine vibes. Handmade porcelain flowers by the brand Villari adorn the room’s walls draping the space in elegance. A playful work of art over the dresser adds a modern flair.

girl's bedroom elegant modern classic white with pink accents and villari porcelain flowers
pink bathroom for girl

Master Suite

Set on the third floor is the home’s crown jewel, the master suite. Bathed in neutrals with bold teal and brass accents, the master bedroom is minimalistic yet elegant just like the rest of the home.

unique master bedroom indoor-outdoor living by na architects

The room opens to an enchanting terrace garden with an outdoor jacuzzi and views of the city beyond.

jacuzzi terrace off master bedroom

The master bedroom also features a luxurious bathroom covered in semi-precious stone and a spacious walk-in closet.

master bathroom with semi-precious stone counter and floor
master closet with floor to ceiling mirrors and sheep skin rugs on marble floor

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Words by Anna Beck Bimba
Photos by PHX India, Courtesy of NA Architects