The Iconic Pixie Cut – The Change You’re Looking for In 2020

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While some trends come to the fashion world like lightning but end up forgotten, others become ageless classics — and the pixie cut has nothing to do with the two. Some of its variations, however, have already become timeless, having been spotted on catwalk icons and celebrities for years. But, this haircut is something more than that: it’s on the top of the charts every single year, which makes it bridge the gap between classics and trends. In other words, it’s simply iconic. Have you tried it yet?

Of course, it takes the guts to go for a pixie cut, as switching to the shortest of all lengths is a pretty bold move. Still, it’s not just a cut; it’s an attitude that amps up the whole look of those who pull it off. Whether you still hesitate to give it a try or you’re looking for fresh ways to pull off a pixie, hair pros from got it all covered here.

See why you need this cut in your life!

Take It Up a Notch With a Pixie Cut

Why Choose a Pixie Cut?

Some women don’t need to look for reasons to cut those locks off, as the power of ever-popular pixies speaks for itself. In case you still don’t know how many wonders this cut can work for your life, let us share with you the 6 reasons why everyone from your girlfriends to celebrities chooses this cut.

#1. Low-maintenance routine.

It’s not just a wash-n-go; it’s a wake-up-n-go. One of the greatest things about wearing pixies is that you rock a practical length that is easy to tame and style. Plus, it doesn’t require frequent salon appointments.

#2. The sense of freedom.

There’s nothing like the feeling of freedom in your hair. Imagine: no more long-mane burden falling back on your shoulders and getting countless knots in the wind.

#3. Easy but diverse styling.

Since it’s a short haircut, you obviously don’t need to spend the whole morning styling it. Stock up on gels, mousses, and pomades, and you’ve got everything you need for anything from slicked-back to disheveled looks. But you know what? Sometimes combing your hair with your fingers is enough.

#4. Sharp and edgy look.

A pixie cut brings out the face, enhances your glance, and changes the focus in your entire look. Don’t be afraid, though: there are lots of pixies that will highlight only the best features. This haircut gives a fresher look at the silhouette, adding a sense of daring to your look. By the way, it looks chic and sophisticated with all outfits.

#5. Fewer products needed.

Your styling arsenal is where you can save some money. The shorter the hair is, the less product it requires. Easy!

#6. Endless experiments.

Short hair doesn’t mean limitations. On the contrary, this haircut allows you to play around with different colors, try on various accessories, and experiment with texture in any way you want. Besides, all color experiments are safer on pixies.

pixie cut hairstyle - photo by tyler nix unsplash
Photo by Tyler Nix

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What Are the Different Types of Pixie Cuts?

When the variety of pixies seems to have no end, it’s wise to get familiar with the most iconic options. Here they are!

  • Classic short pixie is a great versatile option for modern ladies with all hair types.
  • Layered pixie with long bangs will work perfectly for those who’d like to get a creative cascading and face-framing silhouette.
  • Textured pixie with buzzed sides will breathe bold character into your look with its sassy finish and contrastive lengths.
  • Undercut pixie is meant for those who’d like to make a statement while still having a feminine vibe.
  • Asymmetrical pixie cut is unbearably popular with women of all ages, as it has the power to work on the flaws and enhance the best sides.
  • Pixie bowl is the latest fusion that oozes modernity and gives some framing at the forehead.
  • Hollywood pixie is just what the doctor ordered for special occasions: the vintage pressed waves will never leave fashion.
blonde pixie cut haircut - photo by jens lindner unsplash
Photo by Jens Lindner

Would I look Good With a Pixie Cut?

Well, it’s all about the face. Even though pixies have an approach to every woman, you should find your own approach to the haircut. First things first, you should consider your face shape. Then, just find your perfect pixie match!

  • Round

 Asymmetrical long bangs with choppy locks will balance out the wide cheekbones or chubby cheeks.

  • Square

Similar to round faces, cheekbones are the widest point of square silhouettes. But this time you need to soften those angles with layered lengths, soft framing side bangs, or wavy texture.

  • Oval

Basically, pixie cuts and oval faces belong together. That is, your creativity is the only limit.

  • Long

Make sure to keep the top flat enough: you should reduce the volume so as not to make your face appear even longer. Baby bangs, lightweight side-swept fringe, and classic pixies will work just great.

  • Heart

All you need is to bring attention to the cheekbones, and deep long bangs will be your best friends here.

  • Diamond

Asymmetrical cuts with choppy and layered textures are the best picks for diamond faces, as they can balance out the forehead while enhancing the cheekbones.

We see them on red carpets, runway shows, and in our neighborhoods. Indeed, pixies are legendary. Nevertheless, there’s something that keeps women from taking a plunge. Today, we’ve shown you how different and flattering they can be for all girls, so if the change is what you seek, the time is now!

Source: LoveHairStyles