What’s the Perfect Home Scent for Your Interior Style?

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When it comes to interior design the best approach is always to choose a style that suits your personality. As you style your space you may consider visual elements such as lighting, texture, and decor. However, interior design can also include more than just what the eye can see. Scent can have a large impact on your home design. Thus you should consider different aromas based on what vibe you are trying to convey. If you are looking to revive your living room or design a whole new interior, check out these ideas to find the perfect home scent based on your interior style.

What’s the Perfect Home Scent for Your Interior Style?


The contemporary design consists of simplicity, sophistication, and clean lines which makes the space feel sleek and fresh. Contemporary interiors tend to show off space rather than things. Common elements include metal, glass, and a natural color palette. 

Incorporating a scent that underlines the simple yet alluring vibe that the contemporary design offers will complement your space perfectly. Try a scent like tangy and fresh lemon or sweet citrus-like wild orange to add a natural aroma to your space that is invigorating and energizing. 


Rustic design consists of natural elements such as raw wood and stone. Along with soft textures that give the space a romantic and cozy vibe. Inspired by the beauty of the great outdoors, the design aims to bring simple and raw elements into your living space. 

Adding fragrances with woody notes is the perfect way to compliment your rustic space. If you are looking for a more masculine scent, opt for woody sandalwood with touches of musk. For a more feminine aroma, a woody oriental scent that contains cedar and exotic vanilla accords will make the space cozy and warm.


Bohemian designs feature natural elements combined with bold colors and patterns to achieve an exotic and eclectic look that is interesting yet inviting. The boho look can emphasize different cultures and natural aspects like greenery and florals.

Pair an aromatic or floral scent to capture the free-spirited and nature-loving vibe that bohemian styles represent. Aromatic flowers such as sage or jasmine add a sweet herby smell while a mossy wood fragrance will give it a fresh and earthy aroma.

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Vintage styles contain a large number of decorative items that can range from glamorous and dramatic to simple and sophisticated. This interior style is often described as feminine and luxurious as it contains opulent elements that would fit perfectly in old Hollywood or the Victorian age. 

Enhance the glamorous look of the vintage style with an oriental fragrance that is warm and mature. A floral oriental like jasmine combined with vanilla balances exotic and traditional notes that fit great with a vintage interior. For something more sophisticated, try this warm and sweet Empowering Scent to add a powerful and unique aroma to your elegant interior.

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Whether your style is a sleek contemporary or classic vintage, complementing the visual elements with the perfect fragrance will make your space feel like home. For more styles and fragrances, check out Fragrance X’s infographic below! 

Infographic by www.fragrancex.com.