6 Modern Living Room Design Ideas

Elicyon-Modern-Living-Room clarges mayfair

Do you love the look of modern design? Are you looking for ideas to help you design a modern living room perfectly attuned to your personal taste? A room the tells your story? And meets all your functional needs? Then you have come to the right place!

Modern is a word that gets used a lot when it comes to interior design, but what does it really mean? It’s a common misconception that it is a word that encapsulates a unified look, but in reality, it is a category that can cover a whole spectrum of styles—styles that we are going to explore in this article as well, so just keep on reading.

6 Ideas to Help Design the Modern Living Room of Your Dreams

Plan Your Layout

Before you start designing, though, it’s best to plan your layout first. Think about the flow that you want for your living room. Is it a family-centric room that will revolve around the needs of the dwellers? Or do you like it to feel more inviting for guests?

We usually recommend striking the balance between the two. In this light, we account for the activities that the family will most likely do whilst in the living room, but at the same time position its elements to make it more welcoming.

modern Living room design by Elicyon, Clarges, Mayfair
Clarges, Mayfair living room design by Elicyon

Don’t Make It Too Precious to Live In

There are two things that can make people feel uncomfortable in a living room. First, is the layout. For instance, the position of your sofa set might be facing away from the door, or your setup might seem as if one needs to pass a labyrinth before they can sit down.

Second, it might be too precious. It houses a collection of expensive and delicate home accessories that can make people worry that they may accidentally break something, or it looks like the receiving area of a fancy hotel that it feels intimidating just being there.

Hence, strive to make your living room as open and homey as possible.

Choose a Strict Palette

“Homey” is not synonymous with clutter, though, whether actual or visual clutter. You still want your living room to look put together.

The best way to do that is to use a color palette as a reference for the elements within it and stick to it. Try to experiment with various patterns and textures as well to add more interest and personality if you find working with a single palette limiting.

Mount Nicholson HK by David Collins Studio blue and white living room
Mount Nicholson HK by David Collins Studio

Go for Sleek Furniture

Another element that can unify the look of your modern living room design is furniture. Consider your space as a stage. Your furniture pieces are your main characters while the other elements serve as a background to frame them.

If you have used patterns and textures too much in the background, then it can serve as visual rest to choose sleek and solid-colored pieces. On the other hand, if you believe that your living room needs more pops of color in it, then take this opportunity to get more intricately detailed furniture pieces. Sourcing some high quality pieces from an international design gallery should give you some inspiration for the design!

Modern living room design by Sasha Bikoff
Modern living room design by Sasha Bikoff

Have Built-in Storage

In the meantime, get a handle over physical clutter by utilizing built-in storage systems to give every element a rightful space. This also gives you the chance to display your collections stylishly.

Here’s a pro tip: Create vignettes. It’s a technique where you put together items so that they tell a story about you and your family. For instance, placing your travel books together with that basket you got from your Morocco trip and some framed photos tell that you really enjoyed your time there.

Penthouse entertainment suite designed by Fenton Whelan featuring built-in storage and KOKET's Naomi Chair. Photo by Matt Clayton.
Penthouse entertainment suite designed by Fenton Whelan featuring built-in storage and KOKET’s Naomi Chair. Photo by Matt Clayton.

floor screen with brass butterflies by koket

Add Art & Accessories

Your living room is probably starting to take shape already at this point, so it’s time to add in your details. These are the accessories and art that can further add to the style and story that you want your living room to tell.

We also utilize home accessories to make a space more comfortable. For instance, carpets and rugs can definitely boost that homey vibe even within a sleek and minimalist modern space.

Living room design by Tali Roth, photo by clare esparros
Living room design by Tali Roth, Photo by Clare Esparros

Commit to a Single Style

Finally, as promised, here are the most popular modern style subcategories that you can refer to during your living room styling process:

Modern Living Room With Mid-Century Inspired Furniture

Display your refined taste by combining mid-century furniture pieces with a more modern backdrop. The result is a straightforward and retro vibe that makes your living room a cool space to hang out in and have fun.

mid-century modern inspired living room design by NA Architects
NR House by NA Architects

Grand Meets Green in a Stunning Residence by NA Architects


The best thing we love about minimalist rooms is the relaxing factor they emanate. It’s easy to feel at ease in a space without clutter, whether physical or visual.

contemporary Living Room by Contour Interior Design
Living Room by Contour Interior Design

Pattern and Texture

Those feeling more adventurous, though, can add more visual interest by adding patterns and textures with the use of patterned wallpaper and textured furniture pieces into the modern living space.

Artist Retreat living room design by Amy Lau

Modern Art Deco

Make your living room more elegant and unique by incorporating contemporary art deco inspired pieces such as metallic, glass, and jewel-toned accents.

Top Interior Designers in Texas - Maureen Stevens Designs - Seaholm Condo Design - KOKET Reve Mirror, KOKET Kelly Sofa, KOKET Besame 2 Chair - Black and gold round mirror, art deco sofa, luxury sofa, curved back chair, upholstered chair with gold legs
Interior by Maureen Stevens featuring KOKET’s Reve Mirror, Kelly Sofa, and Besame II Chair

Modern Boho

Lastly, there’s the ever-popular boho look that incorporates cultural and artsy elements into your modern design resulting in a more laid-back yet non-kitschy aesthetic.

Luxury modern living room by Perianth Interior design in a ny apartment
Living room design by Perianth ID featuring the Mandy Stool and Eternity Sconce by KOKET, Photo by Nathaniel Johnston Photography

We hope these modern living room ideas and examples by top interior designers help you create the space of your dreams!