6 Travel Books That Will Change Your Way To See The World

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Few things come close to the feeling of seeing new and stunning places. Travelling is exciting and offers a reprieve from the rigors and hassles of the day. You’ll get to see new cultures, delicacies, architecture, meet new friends, and more. There are thousands of books that offer a taste of the excitement of travel.

Literary write-ups help expand your imagination and provide a different perspective on a subject to the reader. So one doesn’t have to wonder why teachers have their students write literature essay tasks on several literature pieces. When you select any of the literature essays, you get to read up the different perceptions of a literary work. The presence of different perspectives in write-ups offers engaging narratives and helps readers understand character choices.

Literature can take you on a journey through your mind and are great traveling companions. Just as there are books that take you to a writer’s world there are others that can help you transverse the one we live in today. Before you go exploring the wonders of society or if you need an inspiring piece during your journey, here are six travel books you should consider reading as they’ll positively change your perception of the world.

The Alchemist

top travel books the alchemist by paulo coelho

This literary piece is a traveler’s companions, it’s a travel novel that’s as engaging as it’s inspiring. Renowned author, Paulo Coelho, tells the inspirational story of a young boy in search of wonders and finds love, fulfillment, and more along the way. We get in on his success story as he transverses multiple ordeals and decisions on his journey from Europe to Africa. 

The Beach

top travel books the beach by alex garland

One of the allures of traveling is its offering of an escape from your daily routine, rigors, and trials. It’s a way to get a reprieve and relax while giving you the peace, environment, and tranquility you need to relax. Few travel novels deliver this narrative as much as Alex Garland’s, the Beach. He tells a personal story of his search for a paradise on earth.

This literary piece is a common staple for college students taking gap years, as it offers an inspiring tale of traveling and exploring the world’s wonders. Garland paints a picture based on many’s illusion that nature’s beauty hinges on discovering a fantasy paradise. You’ll get to find out how you can find it in the little things in reality.


Vagabonding Uncommon Guide Long Term Travel by rolf potts

Are you new to the act of traveling exploring the world around you? Then the book, Vagabonding, is an ideal pick for the road. Author, Rolf Potts, describes his 10-year experience exploring different continents. You’ll get to learn about crucial traveling hacks, tips, insights, and more. This work of literature resonates with individuals looking to go explore the world, people looking for more than just the excitement from a short vacation.

You’ll get to learn information about how you can manage your resources while on the road. It provides you with a new perspective on the concept of money and leaves you rethinking its role in your life.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

top travel books the adventures of huckleberry finn mark twain

This amazing piece of literature is a classic from the brilliant mind of the author, Mark Twain. It tells the story of a young Finn and his struggles to overcome segregation, racism, societal constraints, and more. All of which are problems the seasoned travelers will encounter and have to overcome while on the road.

Centuries after the first publication of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, the world still faces similar problems brought to light in the novel. Huckleberry Finn’s triumphant and inspirational story will set you on the right path to conquering these societal problems.

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On the Road

on the road by jack kerouac

Travel through America’s history as you explore New York, Denver, San Francisco, and Los Angeles through the eyes of  Sal Paradise, the narrator. Set in a period right after the second world war, you’ll get to follow the lives of great friends as they traverse the free country, its vices, and its highlights. On the Road is one of the best books for travelers as it explores the relationship between two friends and their quest for finding fulfillment in a society still recovering from the impacts of war.

The Good Girl’s Guide to Getting Lost

the good girl's guide to getting lost by rachel friedman

The Good Girl’s Guide to Getting Lost is a coming-of-age memoir about the adventures of a young Rachel Friedman. It’s one of the best travel books for travelers just graduating from college, as many can relate to the author’s pressuring thoughts of life after school.

Not one to act in impulses, Rachel Friedman decides to take a gamble and goes on a journey filled with excitement and fulfillment. You’ll get in on our heroine’s life as she transverses three continents through cars, trains, and planes.

Final Thoughts

Travelling offers you the chance to form new bonds and experience new cultures. You’ll get to have a different perspective on life just as you have different perceptions from a literature essay piece. Consider reading any of the travel books to have a refreshing and new outlook of the world.