A Peek at the Future of Luxury Brands & High-End Fashion

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If there is one thing that is absolutely certain about fashion, it is that it is constantly changing and evolving over the decades. What was the height of style ten years ago wouldn’t get a chance on the runways of today, and that will be exactly the same in ten years’ time. The ever-changing nature of fashion brands is what makes it so interesting and addictive, and it is up to any budding fashionista to make sure that they keep up to date with all of the key changes season by season.

The fashion industry may have taken a hit this year on its physical runway shows, but many have still been able to wow worldwide audiences with digital versions of their shows. There are still many upcoming events to add to your own digital fashion calendar this year such as New York Fashion Week in September.

Just looking towards Instagram and Pinterest, it’s clear to see how brands are showing off their new designs and statement fashion pieces. This month, Yves Saint Laurent has been showing off their latest swimwear and summer outfits on their Instagram and Prada has also been sharing their spring/summer 2020 outfits with statement handbags and dresses.

Over the years some of the best designed and most intricate watches have been highlighted on social media, released from luxury brands such as Breguet, Patek Philippe, and Audemars Piguet. Right now, there are many fabulous high-end and haute couture brands who are being particularly fashion-forward, such as Peter Do, Gucci, Marargent, and Nodaleto. Let’s take a peek!

4 Fashion-Forward Brands to Love Right Now

Peter Do

The unique selling point of this brand is that, whilst being completely original and high-end, the vast majority of garments are still perfect for everyday wear. In an interview with Vogue, Ho talked about the importance of evolution for young brands and getting the right balance between moving forward and not getting stuck. Over the past few years, Ho’s tailoring has been bought by the likes of Solange, Beyonce, and Zendaya.

Black Cashmere Oversized "Tattoo" Sweater, Pleated Skirt & Boots by Peter Do FW20
Black Cashmere Oversized “Tattoo” Sweater, Pleated Skirt & Boots by Peter Do FW20

If you don’t know this name already, then you need to learn it today, because it is all anyone is going to be talking about tomorrow. The Peter Do brand has gone from strength to strength in recent times, with the precision of the garments and effortlessly cool look of all the designs becoming one of the most popular and talked about sights in modern-day fashion.


Gucci is a name we all know and love, but it is their work on social and environmental sustainability that is particularly forward-thinking. In their operations and supply chain, the Gucci brand has become carbon neutral, uses products that are PVC free, and has used recycled and bioplastics to help minimize their environmental footprint.

Jane Fonda in Gucci's Off The Grid campaign for their first sustainable collection, Photo by Harmony Korine / Courtesy of Gucci
Jane Fonda in Gucci’s Off The Grid campaign for their first sustainable collection, Photo by Harmony Korine / Courtesy of Gucci

Ethical gold is also purchased from responsible sources and several Gucci leather collections use chrome-free tanning and alternative metal. In 2013, the label also launched the ‘Chime for Change’ campaign to help spread female empowerment with Beyonce Knowles, Salma Hayek, and Frida Giannini, working on the campaign.

First Gucci Sustainable Campaign: Off the Grid


When it comes to accessories like bags, the fashion-forward trend appears to be a return to minimalism with regards to visible branding. Whilst there will always be a place for the overt aesthetic of something like a classic Louis Vuitton bag, Marargent is leading the way in a more understated direction. If you want a bag to look and feel timeless, then it needs to be as neutral as possible, and this brand, in particular, has perfected a design that is structurally luxurious but boasts few ‘branded’ touches that might come across as garish in years to come.

Claude engraved black crocodile purse by Marargent
Claude Engraved Black Crocodile purse by Marargent

Each Marargent handbag is designed to be timeless and for lifetime durability. Inspired by art, the body, and vintage objects, the pieces from this brand highlight naturalness, aesthetic simplicity, and versatile designs as well as luxury, which are features that are becoming more valuable in the fashion industry of the future.


With over 47k followers on their Instagram (@nodaleto), this celebrated shoe brand from Julia Toledano is reinventing a shape and silhouette that is well due for a 21st-century update.

Once upon a time, the challenge was to make a heel as slim and stereotypically ‘feminine’ as possible, but the Nodaleto way is a very different way. Expect to find cool, chunky heels that offer a much more alternative, grungy type touch.

Bulla Jones Red Corvette by Nodaleto
Bulla Jones Red Corvette by Nodaleto

Julia Toledano introduced her made-in Italy luxury shoe label just last year. Julia stated that she wanted to design footwear for comfort and luxury, but also shoes that were Instagram-friendly and targeted towards a millennial audience. A degree of adventurous spirit is needed to take that first plunge into something so different, but you will soon find that the chunky heel has just as much versatile appeal as the classic slim heel. Her modern designs add an entirely new dimension to outfits and is a quirky fashion style that is changing the future of shoe designs.

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