How Are Modern Homes Embracing Smart Technology?

As new homes are built and older ones are updated, many modern features are being incorporated into living spaces. From home security to home entertainment, many homes are embracing smart technology. Thus enhancing home routines, improving lifestyles, and modernising home environments. Mobile applications, wireless remotes, and voice-activated devices are changing the way people live their lives and interact with their homes. Home automation is becoming widely popular around the world as people with busy lives save even more time on everyday tasks.

Why is it beneficial to use modern technologies in your home?

Many people around the world are now using the internet for a wide range of tasks, from ordering groceries to video calling friends and family. But what if all home devices were connected to and controlled by the internet? Here are just some of the many benefits of incorporating smart technology into modern homes:

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Touch screen capabilities, remote control access, and voice-activation can help to control a wide range of home features such as appliances, lighting, and thermostats. Whether you’re in another room or are not even in the house at all, smart technology is a convenient tool to use in everyday life for your home.


There is a range of home gadgets and tech that can make things in your home easily accessible through the touch of a button or a voice command. With so many things controllable via mobile, those with limited mobility can use tech for a wide range of tasks.


For those wanting added security, smart tech such as locks, home surveillance, and security systems can be utilised. These can also easily be monitored and accessed remotely even when you’re not at home.

What Is the Future of Interior Design?

Smart technologies for kitchen appliances

In modern homes, there are a lot of decor features and layouts that are popular today. Induction hobs, touchscreen appliances, minimalistic designs, and open plan layouts are just some trending features.

When renovating a home, choosing a colour scheme, creating the perfect atmosphere, and choosing the ideal kitchen tiles for the space that you have are just some factors to consider when decorating an open plan kitchen diner.

Kitchen design by Live In Design featuring smart appliances
Kitchen design by Live In Design featuring smart appliances

Smart Appliances

In many modern kitchens, smart ovens can control the oven temperature and even preheat before your home. There are even microwaves that can be controlled by a phone, tablet, or even voice commands from a smart home hub. Whether it is the kettle, fridge, or oven, smart technology can conveniently help people select correct temperatures and any other options.

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Improved home safety and security

The days where people have to physically answer their own front door are almost gone. With modern-day technological advancement, homeowners can simply use a mobile app, and even set up notifications, to see who is at their door, whether they’re at home or not.

Along with home surveillance cameras and smart locks, it’s now ever so easy for homeowners to feel safer and more secure at home. Whether it’s someone delivering a package, or it’s a suspicious stranger, the use of video technology means you can see exactly who is on the doorstep without even unlocking the door. Smart video tech for your door, or even high-tech intercom systems, are just some gadgets that can add extra security.

Home entertainment for the whole family

As well as updated kitchens and bathrooms, another modern feature for homes of today include home entertainment features. Smart tech and gadgets can help create a home cinema type living space.

TVs, projectors, and speakers are just some accessories that can use the internet to create high-quality, HD, cinema, and surround sound entertainment. Smart technology allows users to control speakers, select audio tracks, and stream content with smartphone applications or voice commands. Creating a luxurious home cinema setup has never been so easy.

Introducing smart lighting systems to every room in your home

One of the easiest ways to start incorporating smart technology into a modern home is by updating lighting fixtures. Mobile devises or voice commands can control smart lighting, comprising bulbs and switches connected to the internet.

Smart Bulbs

One of the benefits of smart light bulbs is it gives residents the opportunity to be flexible with their home designs without changing anything big. By controlling home lighting with a smartphone, homeowners can set the mood, dim lights, or change the colour of bulbs with the tap of a touchscreen. The Philips Hue line is just one of the most popular types on the market.

Smart lighting is often the less expensive option for home smart technology. LEDs are cost-efficient, energy-saving, convenient, and offer personalisation options. A great place for smart lighting is in your bedroom. This will allow you to easily dim the lights when you want to go to sleep, without getting up.