3 Key Decor Trends to Reset Your Home for Fall 2020

koket fall 2020 decor trends moodboard

Transitioning from Summer to Fall this year will surely feel different, just like everything else in 2020! As temperatures cool and we start to spend even more time indoors your interior must be your haven. Read on for 3 decor trends to help you complete your Fall 2020 interior reset!

3 Key Decor Trends for Your Fall 2020 Home Reset

#1 Comfort!

Number one on our list is comfort! If you are spending extra time at home then comfort is really a necessity. Find the perfect cozy sofa to curl up on or add a fur throw or pillows for an instant level of comfort.

interior by koket featuring kelly sofa and fur throw
Interior by KOKET

#2 Plush Luxury

Opt for plush fabrics and luxurious finishes or a fur rug and your comfort level will not only be super cozy but it will also be beautifully luxurious!

fall decor trends 2020 Mistress Confidante and Nymph Chandelier by KOKET
Mistress Confidante and Nymph Chandelier by KOKET

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#3 Fall Tones

This may be last in our list of three but it is certainly not least! Fall colors are the perfect way to reset your home for Fall! Go for shades of yellow, orange, red, purple, and brown, whether on a new piece of furniture or with accessories.

fall decor trends 2020 Interior by KOKET
Interior by KOKET

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