How to Take Care of Your Hair Before and After Dyeing It

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From lobs all the way to pixies, switching up your hairstyle is refreshing from time to time. It not only makes us look better than ever, but we feel different and more confident in our appearance. That said, sometimes we don’t want to change the hairstyle itself, but simply the color, which is why hair dye is so incredibly helpful! While many people use hair dye to cover up greys, hair dyes are also a fun and exciting way to experiment with new looks. But regardless of your desire for color, it is crucial to know how to take care of your dyed hair before and after applying the dye.

Of course, permanent dyes give you a bold, new image for a long time, but another great option is to test out colors using semi-permanent hair dyes and see what suits you best. These dyes last about 10-12 washes and are great for short-term hair changes for parties, Halloween, festivals, etc. So, regardless of whether you’re super sure about your new color and you would like it as a permanent dye or wish to trial some shades with semi-permanent options, how to take care of your dyed hair before and after putting color in it remains the same.

How to Take Care of Your Dyed Hair Before and After Dyeing It

What to Remember Before Applying Hair Dye

Keep in mind that these dyeing tips can help for both DIY at home or at a professional hair salon.

Modify Your Hair Washing Routine

  • Ideally, apply a hair mask about a week before dyeing to ensure that your hair is strong and healthy. Do your normal shampoo and conditioning routine leading up the dye, but one expert tip is to avoid washing your hair around 48 hours before applying color. This helps because the artificial color actually coats the hair strands much better when they are a bit dirtier, as freshly washed hair is often too slippery. Also, your hair’s natural oils help to coat your scalp and prevent your scalp from being damaged or burnt when the dye is applied.

Protect Your Skin

  • Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly across your hairline before using any color to stop the dye from staining your skin. This should cover your forehead, around your ears, and your neck. Always use the plastic gloves that come with any DIY hair dye kit, and perhaps wear an old t-shirt in case any hair dye drips down.

Note Your Hair Style & Type

  • Your hair length and type will affect the time the dye needs to coat the hair. For example, shorter, thinner hair will be much faster than someone with longer, thicker hair, as the dye needs longer to penetrate the strands. If going the DIY approach, you might even need two boxes of dye if your hair is thicker or longer.

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What to Do After Applying Hair Dye

Now that you’ve successfully dyed your hair, don’t forget the following tips to ensure it continues to look great.


  • DIY hair dye packs come with a specially formulated conditioner, so always use this straight after dyeing to help protect your hair and lock in the color.

How to Wash and Style Dyed Hair

  • Wait around another 48 hours before shampooing. Try to prolong your typical shampoo schedule, as it will help the color to stay more vivid and last longer. Also, make sure you’ve switched to a shampoo and conditioner that are made for color-treated hair, as these will also help the color to stay brighter. Always wash with cold or lukewarm water, as hot water often strips away color and even the scalp’s essential oils much faster. Use less heat with your styling tools as well, such as straighteners, curlers, and blow-dryers, as these can damage newly-dyed hair. Apply a heat protectant spray if you feel that you have to use hair styling tools.

Avoid the Pool!

  • Try not to take dips in the pool! Chlorine is pretty much the enemy of newly-dyed hair, as it can make the dye turn a weird color and damage your hair at the same time. If possible, wear a swimming cap and keep your head above water if you simply must jump in the pool.

Continue to Nourish Your Dyed Hair

  • Apply another hair mask or leave-in treatment about a week later and feel free to continue doing this once every week. The nourishing ingredients simply keep the hair follicles strong and your locks shiny and smooth for longer. You can also sleep on a silk pillowcase to prevent the dye from rubbing off on your pillow overnight.

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