Designing a Dining Room Meant to Entertain

designing a dining room for entertaining - kris turnbull

If you’re a total people person, you probably love entertaining at your house. Your kitchen and dining room should be a place of joy, conversations, and shared memories. Gone are the days of stuffy, formal dining rooms that only saw occasional use. And closed-off kitchens that separated the hostess from her guests. With all the innovative ways people use space nowadays, designing a dining room that can be your prime gathering place is a must!

There are so many ways to design your dining room to be the life of the party. No matter your design style—you can go vintage or totally modern—you can make your dining room the hub of your house.

Designing a Dining Room Meant to Entertain & Delight

1. Go for Inviting Colors

We’ve likely all seen old, stuffy dining rooms painted in drab hues. Who says it has to be that way? It can be tempting to go straight for the dark, solemn tones. But why not bring a bit more color and fun into your dining room and kitchen? If you have a more open dining area, you can carry over qualities and colors from the kitchen to paint your walls or just go for some simple pastels or neutrals. You can even paint an accent wall or mural if you’re really looking for something different.

2. Get Creative With Your Storage

Dining rooms are often subject to more cluttered forms of storage that take up visual and physical space within the room, from antique cabinets that lack style to bulky wine racks. There are so many more visually appealing storage solutions.

It can be much more beneficial to invest in quality cabinets in your kitchen that can hold everything you need so your dining space won’t bear the burden of storage. Installing open shelving can help you display chinaware without taking up precious space. Moving wine bottles to a hanging display case can reduce floor clutter, too. Make sure your storage options reflect the aesthetic you want to capture in your luxury dining room.

designing a dining room divine-armoire-nahema-chair-koket-projects
The Divine Armoire with its natural feather door finish by KOKET makes a beautiful and functional storage space in any dining room

3. Make a Statement With Your Dining Table and/or Chandelier

Select a statement dining table design and/or chandelier to serve as the focal point for your space. Consider the number of people you regularly have over and make sure your table fits the room’s shape and size while still accommodating everyone. If you want to be able to change the size of your table to accommodate your guest list be sure to go for an expandable table. Love the feel of an 8-10 person party? Go round as it will better facilitate conversation around the table. This round extendable dining table would fit the bill perfectly.

If you opt for making a statement with your chandelier be sure to size it properly to fit your table.

designing a dining room trinity-chandelier-merveille-dining-table-koket-projects
Entertain in haute style with the Merveille Dining Table. With stunning feathers beautifully displayed under glass supported by graceful arching lacquered legs, guests are sure to marvel at this wondrous work of art! Add a Trinity Chandelier, and infuse everlasting love in your interior with this brilliant statement piece.

4. Select Comfortable Seating

Choosing the seating and furniture for your dining space is a big part of making sure your guests feel comfortable and at home.

Having the space to move around is just as important as providing comfortable chairs. This way people settle in and can feel relaxed while they eat the delicious meal you’ve made. Dining chairs don’t have to be straight-backed or wood—there are many stylish and modern options that incorporate plush materials and metallic accents.

anastasia-dining-chair-koket and yasmine dining table
Add a daringly stylish essence to your dining room design with the audacious Anastasia dining chair. Fully upholstered with luxurious curves your guests won’t want to get up!

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5. Open Your Space

Whether you’re going ultra-modern or simply looking to explore a new style, opening up your space can make it more inviting. An open concept can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. While you can certainly blend your kitchen and dining areas, you can also open up your rooms by clearing unwanted clutter, choosing furniture and accessories that fit the space, and even removing heavy doors in favor of open pathways. Incorporating mirrors is also a great way to make your space feel more open.

When a space feels more fluid, it’s more inviting, and you can achieve that in a way that best works for your home.

6. Let the Light In

Making any space light, bright, and airy is often one of the best design tools to make your dining room perfect for entertaining. People want to spend time in places that feel happy and uplifting—plus, more light can even make rooms feel bigger. If you don’t have large windows, you can make sure your space is well lit through soft curtains and lighting fixtures. That way, your room will feel bright even for those cozy evening meals.

nymph chandelier koket projects - butterfly chandelier
Luxurious and fresh dining room design by Laura Lee Clark featuring two Nymph Chandeliers by KOKET

Entertain in Style by Designing a Luxurious Dining Room

No matter who you invite over and what meal you share, your dining room should be a place for people to connect, come together, and feel at home. By using the right design tweaks, you can make that happen.

Feature Image: Interior design by Kris Turnbull, Nahema Dining Chairs by KOKET

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