How to Get Through a Divorce While Surviving & Thriving!

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When you are going through a divorce it can feel like your whole life has exploded. You have a ton of new emotions and obstacles to navigate. But surviving and even thriving after a divorce is more than possible!

Remember you’re not alone, and your newfound independence can lead to great things. But even so, it can be tricky to know how to find your way through these new experiences. Read on to find out what every divorced woman should know!

How to Get Through a Divorce While Surviving & Thriving!

Get a Good Lawyer

First things first, you need to sort out all the legal obligations that come with getting divorced. Every state has a unique way they like to parse through proceedings.

In order to find out how assets are divided, custody arrangements are made, and if it’s possible to get a no-fault divorce, you need to work with someone who has seen it all before. That’s why it’s great to have a good lawyer on your side.

It may feel aggressive or definitive to seek out a lawyer, but it’s really just saving you and your ex so many headaches. You won’t want to try to navigate this alone.

Know That Some People Won’t Fit Into Your New Life

Once you begin divorce proceedings, you’ll start to see that some people who were there in your married life probably won’t make it into your divorced life. Whether it’s the fact they feel loyal to your ex, they don’t know how to hang out with single people, or they have their own things going on, it’s OK if the people around you shift.

Clinging onto past friendships isn’t necessary if they don’t bring you joy. Those who want to stick around will, and those who don’t, won’t. Don’t fault yourself and remember you can always reconnect with someone later. Focus on enjoying your own company and the right people will fall into place.

Get Your Priorities Straight

Next, you should write down a list of your priorities for your new version of life. Do you need to make peace with your partner to help raise your kids? Do you want to focus on your career? Take time for self-discovery?

Whatever you choose is OK. But having a set list of priorities to refer back to helps you realize whether or not you’re working towards your goals. Having these specific objectives outside of things tied to your marriage and divorce will help you feel more balanced as you navigate your new identity, so even though it may feel silly, don’t be afraid to write it all down.

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Know That Being Lost Is Natural

Lastly, make sure you’re giving yourself enough grace at this time. It may suddenly hit you at moments that you’re now divorced. Maybe someone calls you “Mrs.” in the drive-through and you realize that doesn’t feel fit anymore. Or, it could feel final if you decide to get your name changed back. It could be strange if you run into a family member or old friend who’s out of the loop who you might ask you about your ex.

You might feel stressed, want to cry, or not know what to do at that moment. That’s OK and natural! Just remember to be patient with yourself. If you’re not good at cutting yourself some slack, then find a very supportive buddy. One who you can call or text at any time without judgment. If you have other friends that have gotten divorced, they can be great for this. In the end, know that if you’re a little lost that’s OK.

To Wrap It Up

Altogether, there’s no one right way to navigate your life post-divorce. But if you prioritize yourself, set yourself up for success with the law, and be as flexible as possible in your expectations for yourself, you might find peace a little sooner.

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