25 Top Private Jet Companies for Flying in Style

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The travel world is changing and with it comes a new wave of private flying options to suit all your needs! Maybe you know what you are looking for or maybe you are just beginning your search. Either way, if you are looking for a better way to fly, then you have come to the right place! From private charters for business or pleasure and jet cards to shared ownership, leasing, and other unique membership and private flying options—these top private jet companies have what you need and more!

25 Top Private Jet Companies Perfect for Flying in Style


Ways to Fly: Shared Ownership (NetJets Share or NetJets Lease); Jet Card (NetJets Marquis Card – Min. 25hrs)

HQ: Columbus, OH USA & Paço de Arcos, Portugal

NetJets has been the worldwide leader in private aviation for more than 55 years. As pioneers of shared aircraft ownership, NetJets offers all the benefits of whole aircraft ownership at a fraction of the cost to the world’s most notable travelers. With more than 750 aircrafts worldwide, the largest and most diverse private fleet has unmatched service, an extensive network of partnerships with other travel leaders, and luxury yacht companies. It is clear why NetJets is at the top of our list of private jet companies.

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Wheels Up

Ways to Fly: Membership (Connect, Core, or Business)

HQ: New York, NY USA

Wheels Up is a private aviation company that allows members to book short, medium, and long-range private flights at an all-inclusive hourly rate. Primarily in the US, Wheels Up partnered with Delta Private Jets in 2020 creating unparalleled cross-platform benefits for customers. Whether it’s for personal or business, Wheels Up offers three membership types that provide the same safe, sensible, and exceptional experience for every member.

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Delta Private Jets

Ways to Fly: Jet Card (Starting at $150,000 with no initiation fees or annual dues), On-Demand Charter, & Corporate Solutions

HQ: Cincinnati, OH USA

In 2020, Delta Private Jets partnered with Wheels Up, combining services to create unparalleled travel experiences. Coupled with the trusted Delta name, straightforward Jet Card Membership pricing, on-demand charters, and a fleet of over 70 aircrafts, Delta Private Jets gives you the luxury of flying on your own time and schedule.

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Ways to Fly: Membership (VistaJet Direct (On-demand – one-way & empty leg) or VistaJet Program (Fixed hourly rate)) & Lease (Dynamic Jet Lease)

HQ: Malta

VistaJet offers global aircraft services, unlike any other company, making it a sure pick for this list of top private jet companies. With unparalleled experiences flying into and out of the hardest-to-reach destinations, VistaJet has arranged for heads of state, corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, and private individuals to fly to 187 countries worldwide. With over 70 Challenger and Global jets, Direct members use the VistaJet app to book while Program members get a subscription tailored to their needs.

top private jet companies vista jet group dining

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Ways to Fly: XO Private Charter (On-Demand), XO Shared Charter (On-Demand Shared Flights), & Fly By the Seat (On-Demand Shared Flights)

“Where luxury meets logic.” XO’s turnkey solution offers multiple ways to buy and fly, including private charters with guaranteed availability and single seats on shared flights. XO provides an asset-light alternative to full jet ownership, rigid and non-refundable jet cards, and fractional jet ownership models. XO is owned by the same parent company as VistaJet and is a definite in the world of top private jet companies.

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V2 Jets

Ways to Fly: Charter, Jet Card, Air Care (Medical)

HQ: New York, NY USA

With V2 Jets, flying isn’t simply flying. Flying is transcending. Tap into a world where luxury is a lifestyle. Where journeys are extraordinary. Where service is elevated to an art form. Travel in the world’s most sophisticated aircraft, and fly to any location around the globe. The sky is literally the limit. Sit back and relax… as your very own V2 Charter Specialist handles everything conceivable, including transport, accommodation, and gourmet dining. From the ground to the skies, your experience will be as luxurious as it is convenient.

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Ways to Fly: Charter, Lease, Emergency Services

HQ: Mauritius

Vimana Private Jets was founded to offer discerning travelers the most exceptional private aviation services in the industry. Being an independent broker with access to over 5000 aircraft worldwide, Vimana strives to offer solutions tailored to each individual client’s needs. Our services include on-demand charters, long-term leases, and sales acquisitions of private and commercial aircraft.

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Ways to Fly: Fractional Ownership, Leasing, Jet Card, Corporate Solutions, & World Access

HQ: Cleveland, OH USA

Stunning custom-designed interiors, first-class service around the clock, and an exclusive fleet define the brand of Flexjet Red Label and their distinctive personalized service. With Red Label, customers have a dedicated manager and each aircraft has one crew that passengers will get to know as they establish their aircraft preference. Flexjet also offers a mobile app, private terminals in New York and Florida, and an ever-innovative and forward-looking approach to the private aviation industry.

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Jet Linx

Ways to Fly: Jet Card, OpenSeat Exchange (Flightsharing), and One Way Specials

HQ: Omaha, NE USA

Jet Linx takes a focused, personalized approach to private jet travel. With the goal to better serve its customers’ individual needs, Jet Linx ditches the remote national operation with an 800 number and floating fleet. Instead, they deliver guaranteed private jet travel solutions through individual, city-specific, and local operations. By doing so, they are able to provide you with a local team you know and trust, local planes, local pilots, and a local private terminal to serve you. Adding up to a level of unparalleled personal service and value, Jet Linx has can effectively serve through its private terminal locations in 19 cities across the US.

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Luxury Aircraft Solutions

Ways to Fly: Charters (Cargo, Empty-Leg, Private, Business & Group), Membership Partners, & Jet Card

HQ: Long Island, NY USA

Luxury Aircraft Solutions is an aviation organization specializing in charter flights, jet cards, aircraft sales, aircraft management, in-flight catering, and aircraft delivery services. As a leading worldwide aviation company, they supply aircraft for many different types of clientele ranging from private individuals, sports teams, Fortune 500 companies, and government organizations.

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Surf Air

Ways to Fly: Membership, On-Demand & Scheduled 

HQ: California, USA

Meet Surf Air, the first private air travel club of its kind, offering all-you-can-fly service for one monthly fee. Surf Air Members—entrepreneurs and frequent regional travelers—enjoy an effortless flying experience that saves valuable time with every trip. Flights are available to and from convenient airports along the U.S. West Coast with additional regions and destinations to follow.

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Ways to Fly: Jet Card & Charter

HQ: New York, NY USA

Over the last decade, Jets.com has become the leader in private travel for one primary reason: safety! After all, a private jet is only a luxury if it’s safe. Most of the private jet rental industry follows a set of Federal Aviation Administration regulations known as FAR 91. Based on Jets.com’s Safety-First Mission, the brand insists that all aircraft and pilots not only meet but exceed, the more rigorous and exacting FAR 135 standards.

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ZED Aerospace

Ways to Fly: ZED Keyholders

HQ: Miami, FL USA

Founded with the goal of creating a beautiful way of flying, ZED Aerospace fills the gap between commercial airlines and private jets. Luxurious and actually affordable, its flights are reimagined. While flights are not yet available for booking, ZED Aerospace will connect North American metropolitan hubs with reliable and frequent service. To serve the demanding needs of business travelers, no city-pair is served less than twice daily with increased frequency on busy routes. Seasonal routes will be launched throughout the year to popular ski, holiday, and event destinations. Schedules will be released every 90 days, while city routes will be served year-round.

top private jet companies - wave sunset cabin zed aerospace
WAVE by ZED, an exclusive eight-passenger cabin designed by Swiss private jet designers, WAVE defines luxury and elegant interior design.

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Ways to Fly: Charter, Jet Card, Medical

HQ: Beverly Hills, CA, Austin, TX & Dallas, TX USA 

JetOptions is a registered charter broker that provides on-demand private jet charter worldwide. With over ten years in the aircraft charter industry, JetOptions private jet charter flight specialists have the knowledge, experience, and training to determine and recommend the best plane for every flight and itinerary. Moreover, they assure favorable market pricing and aircraft availability for all trips, large and small.

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Ways to Fly: Jet Cards

HQ: Quincy, MA USA

For nearly twenty years, Sentient has been a pioneer in private aviation, inventing industry standards like the Jet Card, and developing a premium experience that stands alone in the field. The centerpiece of Sentient’s efforts is Sentient Certified, a set of safety standards that were the first of their kind in private aviation, and remain among the most rigorous in the field.

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NOVA Jet Aviation Group

Ways to Fly: Charter

HQ: Mississauga, ON Canada

NOVA Jet offers light, medium, and heavy jets, as well as helicopter aircraft for charter anywhere in the world. NovaJet is more than just a private jet charter company; it is a fiscally responsible solution for all executive corporate travel. One of the top private jet companies, indeed!

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Ways to Fly: Charter (Blade Anywhere) and Shared Charter (FlightTilt)

HQ: New York, NY USA

BLADE is a technology-powered, short-distance, air-charter broker committed to reducing travel friction. BLADE offers travel by helicopter, seaplane, or jet around cities and popular destinations such as The Hamptons, Miami-LA-Aspen, and Nantucket/The Cape in addition to bespoke charters. The company also offers a network of private BLADE Lounges across Manhattan and in Miami, Westchester, Nantucket, and Los Angeles.

 BLADE Lounge Miami
BLADE Lounge Miami

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Mercury Jets

Ways to Fly: Charter

HQ: New York, NY USA

Mercury Jets is a white glove private charter provider broker. Tasked with providing the most suitable aircraft for each assignment, Mercury Jets is an independent entity operating on behalf of the client.

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Ways to Fly: Charter & Jet Card

HQ: St Albans, UK

With thousands of aircraft and hundreds of operators to choose from, PrivateFly knows the value that a charter broker can bring. Especially when it comes to helping you choose from what can feel like an overwhelming choice of options. Destinations include locations across Europe and New York.

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Ways to Fly: Membership

HQ: New York, NY USA & Toronto, ON Canada

Jettly offers on-demand private jet charters. “Think Expedia® for private jets – they’re taking on pretty much every global airline and charter broker, along with entrenched giants like NetJets®.”

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Ways to Fly: Charter

HQ: Washington, DC USA, London, UK & Munich, Germany

Victor is an award-winning leader in private air charter, flight management, and environmentalism. They offer a fully transparent, subscription-free, customer-focused service that provides clients with unparalleled access to the world of private aviation. From door to door, Victor’s approach ensures that each trip is coordinated right down to the last detail. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey.

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Ways to Fly: Charter

HQ: Hörsching, Austria

GlobeAir is the leading and award-winning private jet charter company in Europe, offering on-demand charter flights at competitive rates. Founded in 2007, GlobeAir is now setting the benchmark in private jet charter services all around Europe. What’s the reason behind our success? Flying to over 984 airports in Europe with only 15-minute boarding time. We ensure a fast and flexible traveling experience to help increase your productivity and efficiency while traveling.

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Magellan Jets

Ways to Fly: Jet Card Ownership, Membership & On-Demand Charter

HQ: Quincy, MA USA

Magellan Jets is distinguished in the industry for its commitment to meeting clients’ preferences and demands, as well as providing superior safety and security. Their exclusive amenities include no fuel surcharges, gourmet catering, and no time-specific contracts. They also offer their members guaranteed aircraft availability with as little as ten hours’ notice, an average aircraft age of five years or less, 24-hour concierge service 365 days a year, as well as two complimentary upgrades a year.

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Dumont JETS

Ways to Fly: Charter & Jet Card

HQ: Newcastle, DE USA

Dumont JETS is one of Dumont Aviation Group’s three divisions. Dedicated to premier charters for both business and personal travel, Dumont JETS will find the perfect aircraft to fit your travel demands, so you have complete control of your travel experience. Dumont JETS offers each client exceptional service with an emphasis on safety and comfort.

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Stratos Jet Charters, Inc.

Ways to Fly: Charter, Cargo, Empty Leg, Medical & Business

HQ: Orlando, FL USA

Fly when you want, where you want, and how you want when you book a private jet charter with Stratos Jets. After a quick phone call with one of their dedicated air charter associates, they will locate the most suitable aircraft to accommodate your specific travel needs. For business or leisure, Stratos Jets is the preferred source for private jet services.

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We hope this list of top private jet companies leads you to your perfect travel partner! Looking for more info on how to fly private – read this. Happy travels!

Words by Anna Beck Bimba