Autumnal Decor Home Updates for the Perfect Warm & Cosy Interior

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When thinking about redecorating your home, there is plenty of home inspiration, tips, and advice that you can find online before you start your project. One of the main aims of home decoration is to make sure that the designs and decor choices that you choose are ones that are going to feel appropriate and stylish no matter what time of the year it happens to be. Autumnal decor, such as fall colour schemes, can often work well at any time of the year. Autumn colours are a wonderful palette to use for home updates that can include pale golds and beiges right through to deep browns, greens, and reds. Think of a woodland scene in autumn and you have your inspiration right there. If you’re looking for some easy ways to transform your home into an autumn scene this season, then here are some quick updates you can make.

4 Autumnal Decor Home Updates to Consider

Experiment with Autumnal Decor: Think Prints, Accessories, and Materials

While floral prints work best in spring and summer, they can still be very good for autumn too. Instead of light floral prints, like sunflowers, think about using prints that reflect the time of year you’re in. Mountains, forests, and crunchy orange leaves are just some scenes and patterns that you can recreate with cushions and wall canvases. Natural materials like wood and stone are perfect for home updates that can also help emphasise the fall look you’re going for. Rustic wood furniture, dishes of pine cones, gold accents, and scented candles can further embed an autumnal theme in your home.

3 Decor Ideas to Reset Your Home for Fall

Give Your Walls a New Paint Makeover

When you buy paints online, either for full walls or simply for accenting, it is always a good idea to go for neutrals that can help evoke an autumnal feel. Any kind of light brown, grey, or beige comes off as autumnal in a larger room, as well as deep reds and anything on the dark colour scale too. have a range of beautiful Crown Trade paints in creams, neutrals, and greys, that will look great throughout all the seasons of the year. The great thing about neutral colours is that although their main connotation is of the autumn, the varying degrees of light that come through windows throughout the year will help to transform the colours and make them diversely seasonal.

autumnal decor fall home updates - besame chair, gem lamp, cabriole table by koket
Interior decor by KOKET

Incorporate Warm Lighting Into Your Living Space

The warmer the lighting in your home, the more autumnal it is going to feel compared to bright white lights you might normally use. Using warmer toned lighting and dimmer switches in your home updates can help easily create a warm, cosy, and inviting, autumnal home. When October comes around, using candles or even battery-powered candles when decorating your table for Halloween can help create the perfect atmosphere. Some other quick and easy home updates can include using candlesticks, lanterns, and fairy lights are great alternatives to bright ceiling lights or floor lamps that could ruin the cosy home environment.

gold nature inspired wall sconce - passion sconce by koket

Go Over-the-Top With Cosy Soft Furnishings

One of the most relaxing aspects of the changing weather during autumn is that the hot summer weather starts to turn colder. The time of year has come around where you can sit indoors wrapped in a warm blanket with a cup of hot chocolate. Therefore, no autumn-style home updates would be complete without cosy soft furnishings, such as throws, blankets, and cushions. To create a rustic autumn aesthetic, plaid, faux fur, and fleece, are just some cosy materials that can warm up your home. For more inspiration on the various soft furnishing styles and placements you can experiment with, sites such as Pinterest have plenty of autumnal decor tips to explore!

Feature Image: Decor by KOKET