Meet Carol Moreno, The Spanish Painter & Muralist You Need to Know!

carol moreno - spanish muralist and painter

One of the most beautiful things about art is its infinite forms! And when it comes to art’s role in the world of interiors, there are so many more choices than simply a framed painting on the wall, albeit such art of course plays a crucial role. So if you are looking to incorporate art into an interior in a unique and personal way, or if you’re just an art lover, you must know Spanish painter and muralist Carol Moreno. Through her artistic paintings, Carol embellishes exquisite distinctive spaces for private clients, interior designers, and luxury hotel chains.

As a personal art lover, it was such a delight to have the opportunity to ask Carol some questions about her career and creations. Read on to learn more about the fabulously talented Carol Moreno and see a selection of her beautiful paintings!

carol moreno
Carol Moreno

Born in Barcelona, Carol Moreno Lara discovered her love for painting as a small child. After discovering her passion Carol followed it! She taught herself to paint and then founded her eponymous studio in 2005. Since then, she has worked for various well-known corporations, such as Revlon, Moet Chandon, and Veuve Clicquot. In addition, Carol’s work can be seen in most of the rooms at the five-star El Palace Hotel Barcelona (the former Ritz, Barcelona). Carol also works with top interior designers, architects like Lazarus Violán Rosa and Jaime Beriestain, among many others. She has also collaborated with decorative textile brands like Gaston & Daniela, along with numerous other excellent professionals!

Lh Exclusive Interview with Carol Moreno, The Must-Know Spanish Painter & Muralist

Love Happens: Was there a particular moment that you first recognized your need to paint?

Carol Moreno: I really don’t know exactly, but I remember when I was around 5 or 6 years old and I was so fascinated about everything related to painting and drawing, such as comics, Disney drawings…One day at school I wrote one of my first compositions. You know, the cliché: What do you want to be when you grow up? At that time I used to go to ballet lessons, and my teacher at school told me; maybe you’ll become a professional dancer, you should write about it, and I said; Nooooo I won’t, I’ll be a painter I’m sure. I made a promise to myself at that moment.

Lh: It’s interesting you choose to use the word need, rather than want to or love to when describing your attraction to art. Why do you think you feel as though you must paint?

Carol: Yes, I do, I need to paint, I loooove it sure, but first is a necessity. I need to put my thoughts, and images on a paper or canvas, give it form and love them, embrace the process. This gives me Peace, it is a kind of therapy, it is “Food for the soul”. It is difficult for me to explain this with words.

nature inspired Wall painting with gold leaf and birch trees by spanish muralist
Wall painting by Carol Moreno

Lh: You say that you wish for your art to positively influence those who view it, do you recall the first time you felt your art transmit a sensation to others?

Carol: I recall several moments, one of them was when I painted an old sad woman that I had in my mind. Maybe it wasn’t a positive feeling but I wanted to convey my emotion at that moment, my sadness because it was too difficult to make my living with my paintings. Everyone who saw it felt overwhelming with my old lady. Later on, when I started to sell my painting I changed my point of view, more positive and peaceful, but with another reflection about the passage of time.

Lh: What led to your desire to bring your art beyond the canvas onto walls and printed fabrics? Was this simultaneous with your decision to establish your studio?

Carol: I was working as an intern in a marketing office. The CEO knew about my painting skills and asked me to paint a mural in his boardroom. It was my first painting on the wall, and I loved it! I established my studio and began painting full time a few years later.

Wall-panels nature murals by Carol Moreno muralist
Wall-panels by Carol Moreno

Making a Statement with Your Walls

Lh: Much of your art includes elements of nature, what role does nature play in your art?

Carol: Since I was a child I’ve felt a special connection with nature. I loved going to the countryside on weekends. When I looked at trees, texture, colors, lights, forms I went into a trance. I realized that my way to observe was different, looking closely at every detail. I remember giving myself some art homework such as painting pine bark, a stone, moss. When I spent my time there I felt great, at peace. I belong to this, I need my green dose to convey the message I strive for in my artwork, transmitting peace, balance, and beauty. I believe when you put these paintings in a home they invoke these feelings.

majestic Mural of a river in the forest with a small waterfall
Mural by Carol Moreno

Lh: In addition to your nature-inspired works you also paint portraits. I have always been intrigued by portraiture and I love the realism of your style! What attracts you to portraiture? Did anything/anyone in particular influence your style?

Carol: I love trying to capture expressions, their souls, it is a kind of challenge for me. I’ve been influenced by old masters painters such as Velazquez, Madrazo, or pre-Raphaelite painters such as Alma Tadema and Waterhouse.

Salvador Dali by Carol Moreno portrait painter spain
Salvador Dali by Carol Moreno

Lh: Tell us about your experience working for big-name brands like Revlon, Moet Chandon, Veuve Clicquot, ColaCao, and luxury hotel chains.

Carol: Some of them contacted to commission me for some illustrations, paintings for their offices. It is so exciting when people know your artwork and ask for your paintings, it’ll never cease to amaze me. When it comes to painting a luxury hotel chain this is different because it is a big painting or mural that will be part of this place, and all their clients will see your results. I have to adapt elements, colors to give them their mood, it has to be part of it. I love that.

Sketch by Carol Moreno
Sketch by Carol Moreno

Lh: Our publisher KOKET was so disappointed that we had to cancel the collaboration with you planned for Salone del Mobile.Milano 2020, but hopefully it will happen in 2021! If you were to create a custom mural for KOKET inspired by one of their designs, which piece would you pick and why?

Carol: Yeah! me too, but hopefully we will have Salone Milano 2021 ;). I think I would choose the Tamara nightstand or Intuition dining table, or perhaps the Goddess mirror. Tamara, because I love white palettes, Intuition because I love the design, and the Goddess because it is perfect for combining with a mural background.

Lh: We are certainly living in uncharted times! How has COVID-19 affected you, both personally and in business?

Carol: Well, this is a hard situation for all of us. I lost my grandma, because of COVID. She was very old and had several illnesses but, you are never prepared for that. Some days I didn’t want to do anything. Some days, painting my artwork was my therapy. I’ve had to change my way of working, painting more canvases in my studio, and sending them instead of painting directly on walls. I’ve had to postpone some of my projects abroad too. All the steps are slower and it takes more time to do anything. I’ve also had more time for thinking about future ideas, sketches, etc.

Painting of a peacock
Painting by Carol Moreno

Lh: What three pieces of advice would you give to an aspiring artist?

Carol: Practice, and practice a lot, don’t have fears, move yourself, your art, and don’t let people or yourself discourage you.

There’s a problem in general with a future artist, they could have a great formation in Fine Arts, but they don’t have any knowledge about commercial skills. You have to be your own commercial/sales department too and this is a crucial point. I don’t think one can learn this in school.

You never know when you’ll get an opportunity, maybe it’s at door 51 but you have to be prepared for this, and get through this “negative” process, get a better technique or formula for painting too of course. But sometimes you have to walk through a lot of doors or people that tell you no, but you can ask them why not? Draw your own conclusions, try to get a better result, and of course, keep going.

Carol Moreno painting for Coordonné wallpaper mural
Carol Moreno for Coordonné

Lh: What’s next for Carol Moreno?

Carol: Well, I’m collaborating with new companies in Spain and in London too. In Spain with well-known interior design studios Coton et Bois and Mestizo. I continue working with Azultierra too with my paneled paintings and screens. And in London with Hill House Interiors. I’m also working on a design for a Canadian wallpaper brand. I’m working on my next exhibition too, but I don’t have dates yet!

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By Anna Beck Bimba