Being a kickass working lady doesn’t come easy, and it’s important to reward yourself with something a little luxurious every now and then. But with a sea of luxury buys, which ones are most worth their price tag? If you’re a modern working woman looking to reward yourself, read on for some essential luxury buys sure to leave you feeling great!

Reward Yourself! 5 Worth-It Luxury Buys for the Modern Working Woman

A Signature Designer Handbag

Any woman knows the power of a signature handbag. Your work handbag is a staple accessory that allows you to show your uniqueness in conservative settings like an office. When it comes to work handbags, it should be able to fit what you’ll need in the office. So you’re free to choose from medium-sized bags like the Fendi Baguette. Or something that can fit your laptop like a Birkin by Hermès, a fashion investment of the best kind. With literally thousands of choices for designer bags, it’s easy to find one that can help you express your personal style at work.

worth-it luxury buys for the modern working woman - birkin bag in black by hermes
Birkin by Hermès

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A Tailored Power Suit

One way to empower yourself in the office is by getting a suit. Usually consisting of a jacket with a matching bottom, suits can instantly make you look smart and chic. There’s nothing more luxurious than getting a bespoke suit from a local atelier or tailor. But if you want to go all the way and get something with a designer tag, you can check out your local Chanel store for tweed suits. Or look at Tom Ford suits that are made with a sensual silhouette.

power suit alexander mcqueen leaf lace trimmed blazer
Leaf-crepe lace-trimmed blazer by Alexander McQueen

A High-End Sexual Wellness Tool

As today’s society has welcomed the advent of more women in powerful positions, sexual wellness has also become less of a taboo and embraced by modern women as an act of self-care. For one, using sexual wellness tools like vibrators and other sex toys can help women better accept their bodies. Plus, it has plenty of benefits for your health, too. Pretty Me’s guide to vibrators points out how self-pleasure can increase blood flow, relieve stress, and release mood-boosting hormones like endorphins. And after a long day of work, any working woman can appreciate the release assisted by sexual wellness tools. For premium sex toys that can help you find easy relief from the daily stress you experience, you can check out high-end toys like the Womanizer Premium and the Mona Wave that are featured on Well and Good.

female pleasure reward yourself alexander krivitskiy unsplash
Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy

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A Decadent Moisturizer

Working women should actively take care of their skin. Other than religiously applying sunscreen every day and doing the most intensive facials, a good moisturizer is key to making sure that you have bouncy, supple, and youthful skin. You can find a lot of moisturizers in the market, but have you ever experienced slathering on something so divinely exquisite that you wouldn’t mind paying for its hefty price tag? One of these is tried and tested Crème de la Mer which can set you back a few hundred euros. Another luxurious moisturizer that is worth the splurge is Augustinus Bader’s The Cream which has been shown to rejuvenate skin and give it a youthful glow.

Virginia Stone Luxury Sustainable Skincare
Luxury sustainable skincare by Virginia Stone

A Relaxing Chaise Chair

At the end of a long workday, all you’d want to do is kick off your shoes and lounge around. So why not do it in style? Of all people, hard-working women deserve furniture that looks good while still being cozy. If you’re looking for a relaxing chaise chair that you could rest on after being a boss in the office, you can check out the exquisitely designed chaise chairs by KOKET. The furniture made by KOKET is crafted by highly talented artisans and jewelers who strive for perfection, making it well worth its price tag!

reward yourself - koket reading nook with envy chaise, gem table lamp, yasmine side table and reve mirror
Envy Chaise by KOKET

The modern working woman only deserves the best. So if you’re looking for a gift to reward yourself or another hard-working woman in your life, we hope this guide helps you out!