Fashion as Art, New Print Collection by Lars Wallin for Desenio

fashion as art illustrations by Lars WALLIN for Desenio

Over the past 30 years, creations by Lars Wallin have made appearances on stages, wedding aisles, and the red carpet. The Swedish fashion designer created dresses for a variety of high-profile clientele, including Crown Princess Victoria, Miss World Pageant contestants, and the Eurovision Song Contest. Now his 8-piece limited collection for Desenio offers art lovers and fashionistas alike the chance to embellish their homes with the same touch of radiance and glamour seen throughout his designs.

Lars Willin and his  fashion illustrations collection for Desenio
Lars Willin and his fashion illustrations collection for Desenio

The Collection Lars Wallin for Desenio

The eight illustrations cultivate years of Wallin’s experience in the fashion world, inspired by some of his most iconic creations. Each piece of fashion as art tells a story. Giving admirers a chance to own a piece of Wallin’s work. Symbolizing the first step in the journey towards the finished couture wonder.

Lars Wallin for Desenio

I like to think of my work as timeless but with that little special something. My designs are created for the female body, the creations are feminine and glamorous but still have attitude.

Lars Wallin

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About Lars Wallin

Lars Wallin’s journey to becoming Sweden’s most iconic couturier started early on after reading about “Beckmans School of Design” in a fashion magazine as a teenager. He would later graduate and continue pursuing his dreams of becoming a fashion designer, eventually starting his own business.

Since its inception, Wallin’s luxury brand has grown to include a jewelry line, ready-to- wear line and a premium dress line inspired by haute couture. These lines offer fun, feminine styles with billowing sleeves and textured fabrics that tender daring edginess. However, his heart and talent really shine when it comes to couture dresses.

Wallin’s rare pieces have an air of timeless sophistication reminiscent of the couture gowns that once graced the red carpets during Hollywood’s “Golden Era.” Wallin’s impeccable attention to detail and stunning craftsmanship has led to the creation of striking, hand-stitched dresses, often featuring remarkable embroidery and intricate beading or crystal details.

couture Swedish fashion designer lars wallin
Lars Wallin

Wallin’s designs have the ability to accentuate the uniqueness of the wearer. Adding just a final touch of radiance and glamour to their being. One cannot witness one of Wallin’s designs come to life without feeling absolutely captivated.

And now the collection Lars Wallin for Desenio gives fashion lovers a chance to decorate their walls with fashion as art in the form of illustrations sketched by the iconic designer himself!

Words by Chloe Grewe

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