How The Right Products Can Improve Bathroom Harmony

bathroom harmony glamorous bathroom design koket mandy stool and ribbon sconce

For most of us, the bathroom should be a zone of relaxation and peace where we can prepare for the day ahead or melt away the stresses we’ve just been through. From top to bottom, left to right, this oasis should be designed in a way that promotes calmness and not just a room to jump in and out of as fast as possible. After all, we want a timeless bathroom design that looks great and makes us feel good when we’re inside. To ensure that you have the right bathroom harmony, here are a few items that will take this special haven to the next level.


House plants have all sorts of wonderful benefits, such as purifying the air, promoting relaxation and concentration, relieving stress and anxiety, helping you sleep, and boosting your mood. If all that wasn’t enough, plants simply look amazing and that little boost of greenery and life make bathrooms feel more lived-in and inviting. There are many types of plants that actually thrive in dark and humid areas such as bathrooms, including bamboo, ferns, and orchids. Check them all out here, find one you love, and you will be one step closer to bathroom harmony!

NR House bathroom design by NA Architects with greenery
Design by NA Architects

Grand Meets Green in a Stunning Residence by NA Architects

New Towels and Rugs

Who doesn’t love being all snug and warm with a new, fresh towel when getting out of the shower or bath? A towel should be soft, fluffy, highly absorbent, and made from quality materials, which is not much to ask for! You don’t want to dry yourself with a scratchy, old towel that still feels a bit damp from yesterday’s shower. You might think that a towel is just a towel, but invest in the right one such as turkish cotton towels and you’ll wonder how you ever managed before. Bathroom mats and rugs can also heighten your bathroom experience, as it’s wonderful to step onto a soft patch on an otherwise cold floor after bathing or showering.

Fresh Body Washes

Right now, we’re pretty much spoiled for choice when it comes to cleaning our bodies. There are so many options to choose from if you wander down any supermarket aisle, but while many of the brands promise this, that, and the other, most people just want something that removes dirt and sweat effectively, contains a pleasing and subtle scent, and doesn’t cause any skin irritation. It’s true that there are several new brands on the market, but for something trustworthy, it’s hard to go past Dial and its range of unique items for body washes, soap bars, and hand soaps that tick all the right boxes.

Candles & Bath Bombs

A quick shower in the morning is refreshing and invigorating when you’re trying to wake up and prepare for the day ahead, but not much beats a long, warm bath in the evening. Here’s where you can really soak those tired muscles and unwind from what may have been a wild day! When you’ve got some soft music on or even your favorite podcast, fill up the bath, light up some scented candles, and throw in a bath bomb to complete the relaxation your body and mind crave. We love any bath bombs from Lush and luxurious scented candles from La Botica.


Finally, every bathroom with harmony needs at least one piece of soothing, pleasing artwork or photography that always makes you smile every time you see it. It doesn’t have to take up the entire wall by any means but simply be placed somewhere that catches your eye and gives you a burst of positivity. We’ll leave that choice to you, but make sure it’s something from an artist or photographer that you’re sure you could never get tired of seeing each day.

Bath design in stunning Veuve Clicquot Interior by Yuriy Zimenko
Bath design featuring large black and white framed photograph in the stunning ‘Veuve Clicquot’ Interior by Yuriy Zimenko

Happy renovating, decorating, and relaxing! And if you are looking to move beyond your bathroom check out Toolbox Nerd.