5 of the Most Popular Spanish Bags & Apparel Brands

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Spanish is known as being one of the most romantic languages on the planet, but style mavens also identify Spain as a headquarters of major fashion brands worldwide.

It is true. While locations such as Paris or Milan are often all the rage in international fashion weeks, Barcelona and its surrounding cities aren’t left behind in celebrating the latest styles. From unique bags to affordable clothing, you can find exactly what you are looking for if you know where to reach for it.

If you are ready to dig into this treasure of the European fashion market, the following list is going to help. From Loewe bags to Zara dresses, here are 5 of the most popular Spanish brands that will have you runway ready in no time.

5 Spanish Fashion Brands to Take Note Of!

Look Into Loewe Bags

Touted as making crafts cool again, Loewe is currently one of the most popular Spanish brands. The fashion house not only sources its materials from around the globe but also takes style inspiration through local designers from all over the world.

This results in high-quality materials and unique designs, which all carry a story behind them. This particular approach sets Loewe apart from many other brands that aren’t able to evoke the same layers of sensibility in their apparel and bags. This also makes it a primary choice for those who appreciate fashion.

Don’t Turn Away From Zara

From critically-acclaimed TV shows to popular influencers, you can find many advocates for Zara’s fast-fashion line. But while new styles hit store shelves every other week, there is always something distinct about them.

Similar to Loewe bags, this particular quality makes Zara quite popular as an accessible fashion brand. No matter your personal aesthetic, you can always find the latest trends or niche bags that fit your style to a T. If you want to strike a balance between appealing designs and affordable prices, this brand will not disappoint.

Check Out Mango

Whether you are going for casual-chic or clean lines, Mango has got your back. With a global presence, this Spanish brand also deals in fast fashion. As a result, it makes itself known for unveiling sleek style at an accessible price point.

Besides its affordability, Mango’s clothes, bags, and other accessories are known for making the most out of simple materials. From the designers’ choice of colors to their selection in fabric, the brand takes a leaf out of the book of Loewe bags and gives you more bang for your buck.

Go for Stradivarius

Owned by the Inditex Group, the same parent company as Zara, Stradivarius also has all the signature qualities of fast fashion in check. Apart from trends that go from concept sketches to street style in a matter of weeks, the brand also boasts of affordability throughout its collections.

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Stradivarius’ clothes and bags are more popular among those fashion aficionados who like to shop on a budget. But if you don’t mind mixing basic pieces with more extravagant outfits every now and then, you can find something suitable at Stradivarius.

Keep BIMBA Y LOLA in Mind

If you want to go for a distinguished style that is more along the lines of Loewe bags than Stradivarius dresses, BIMBA Y LOLA might be a good fit for you. The brand is known for highlighting the latest trends in its designs, which makes its apparel quite noteworthy.

BIMBA Y LOLA might not have the same ubiquitous presence as Zara or its sister companies. But it does have a special sense of style that is often missing from fast fashion. This makes it a good choice to explore if you want more unique options such as Loewe.

Feature Image Credit: The LOEWE FW20 Women’s publication. Photographed by Fumiko Imano, the new publication tells the story of Chiara Mastroianni pulling up to Paris’ Maison de l’UNESCO in a classic car. Dressed in a selection of key looks from the LOEWE FW20 collection designed by Jonathan Anderson. See more on loewe.com
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