Is the CBD Hype for Real?

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Since its legalization in many states around the USA, more and more people are showing interest in CBD, a non-intoxicating Cannabidiol extracted from marijuana. Studies on the benefits of CBD are minimal with little solid evidence of its effectiveness in helping with a host of medical problems. Still, with hundreds of companies emerging that manufacture CBD oil and incorporating the drug within various products, it is hard not to wonder about all the hype. Read on as we explore the possible benefits and side-effects, along with a rundown on the methods of using CBD.

Benefits of CBD to Know:

If the growing hype for CBD is real, it will mainly be because of its various benefits. Read on for discussions on some of them:

Helps in relieving anxiety

Authentic studies have proven that at intermediate dosage, CBD helps cure and control anxiety. First, this was lab-tested on rats, put through anxious conditions, and given doses of CBD. Results showed that the rats that took CBD suffered from less anxiety than rats that did not. This experiment proved fruitful and is being extended to humans at the moment.

Cures inflammation

CBD has proven to cure inflammation in various parts of the body. Individuals who inhale, consume, or apply CBD have seen positive effects in areas affected by inflammation. Given this, there is a potential for this drug to prevent further inflammation once cured.

Good for external application

CBD is also very beneficial when applied externally on the skin. You may apply the oil directly or use creams and lotions that have CBD incorporated within them to cure various sores and pimples on the skin. This treatment has been witnessed to be effective and is being considered to be used for medical purposes to treat patients suffering from various skin diseases and problems.

Helps you quit smoking

Early research has proven that wishing or looking forward to quitting smoking may use CBD consumption as a precursor. This drug lowers your willingness to smoke and may eventually help you eliminate smoking and nicotine addiction. However, be careful that you do not become dependent on CBD instead.

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Possible Side-Effects to Know:

While we consider the benefits, it would be worth seeing some of the side effects caused by CBD. There are questions like “does CBD make you sleepy” or “is CBD safe”? However, many of these side-effects may be caused because of the inappropriate consumption of CBD. So, it is best to consult a health professional before you consume and use any CBD products, for maximum benefit.

Some of the possible side effects are as such:

Full-spectrum may have psychoactive effects

Full-spectrum CBD oils usually contain a medium level of THC in them. 

  • This level of THC is enough to give you psychoactive effects after consumption. 
  • So, the full-spectrum CBD oil may not be the choice for you if you are not looking forward to being high and want to avoid that state at all costs.

However, that doesn’t mean you cannot consume CBD products like CBD carts or vapes at all. An excellent alternative to full-spectrum CBD oil is using small amounts of the broad-spectrum CBD. It has a low level of THC, not enough to get you anywhere near high. The isolate version is entirely THC free if you want to be as far as you can from any psychoactive effect.

May lead to a reduction of appetite

One of the features of CBD is that it may cause loss of appetite in its consumers. If you are not looking forward to losing weight, you should consume CBD in low amounts. Also, you should consult your health professional to know if the circumstances are alright for you to consume CBD oil or CBD products.

May interact with other medications

CBD has the potential to interact with other drugs and cause adverse effects. One example is consuming CBD with caffeine. It would help if you were careful when consuming CBD; make sure it is not consumed with other drugs unless you have ensured it is safe from your medical health professional.

Drug dependency

Although CBD may not get you addicted to it, too much consumption may lead to drug dependency. In other words, you may want to consume CBD after every minor inconvenience. So, make sure you consume CBD in appropriate amounts at all times and not when it is not needed at all. This will ensure you are not dependent upon CBD.

Different Methods of using CBD

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CBD products’ versatility is probably one of the most prominent indications of growth in popularity amongst the masses. We shall discuss some of the ways CBD is consumed:

  • Softgels

CBD is incorporated within vegan softgels that can be consumed as a pill with water. In softgels, the CBD is present in comparatively high amounts, and the concentration is absolute, which makes the product easy to consume in appropriate amounts.

  • Gummies

CBD gummies are widely available in the market. Most companies provide CBD gummies in a plethora of flavors, which in some cases, can be unique to their organization. This is a fun way to consume CBD. Taste and medical benefits, side by side.

  • Vapes

For those that prefer to consume CBD through inhalation, vapes are a growing trend. There are a lot of available flavors and even CBD disposable vape pens for consumption. Full-spectrum CBD infused vape oils are of particular importance within the community.

  • CBD oils

Apart from all other types of uses, CBD oils are the most famous. They can be applied to your skin or added to the food to consume directly. Mostly, the CBD oils are mixed with coconut oil to give the best experience to the customers.

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The Bottom Line:

If we see all the scientifically attested benefits of CBD oils, along with the growing diversity in its ways of consumption, it can be safely assumed that its hype is indeed real. Furthermore, several farms are growing organic hemp (especially in Colorado), and companies with good sales (of CBD) are emerging at a surprising rate. All this guides us to the fact that the CBD hype is for real and is certainly growing.