10 Survival Tips for Thanksgiving Get-Togethers (As If Surviving COVID-19 Isn’t Enough)

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Let’s be honest, Thanksgiving is serving up the cranberry sauce a little different this year. Okay, a lot different. With the holiday here in a couple of days and coronavirus on the rise, it’s no secret our stress hormones are surging too. Whether you’re Group A who will play it safe, curtailing Thanksgiving or even canceling it all together and cozying up to virtually connecting with friends and family over the feast or you’re Group B, who is rolling the dice with the COVID-19-be-damned attitude. Any way you slice the pumpkin pie or pour the wine, this year’s Thanksgiving may hit differently, so here are some tips to make everything just a touch more manageable, minus any N95 face masked meltdown.

10 Survival Tips for Thanksgiving Get-Togethers

1. Kindness Is Contagious, Sprinkle That Powdered Sugar Goodness Everywhere.

Don’t let the dining table or the electronic tablet whilst Zoom calling be a minefield just waiting to be detonated by political and pandemic opinions. Science determined incivility and kindness is synonymous with a virus, it’s transmitted from one person to another.

2. Express Gratitude & Breathe Deeply.

The act of feeling grateful, of really acknowledging what’s truly good in your life can be deeply affirming and powerful. When we have a sense of gratefulness, we are happier people. E’hem, and if you’re alive during a pandemic you should definitely be counting your blessings.

3. Indulge a Little.

The pies and cakes aren’t going to eat themselves. Treat yo’ self, you deserve it. Who needs restaurant dining when you can enjoy the benefits of adding extra whip without feeling judged by the waitress anyway.

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4. Drink & Be Merry But Keep Your Alcohol Intake In Check.

You’ll never forgive yourself if you’re the one who was belligerent at the table, the one who couldn’t drive home and Aunt Gina had to hold your hair because you had one too many Egg Nogs. Plus Uncle Rick will remind you of the event EVERY year and never let you live it down. Hard pass.

5. Netflix and Nap.

Watching a good flick (or even football) and falling asleep is perfectly acceptable. This is one of those times where taking a break or a snooze serves the body good. Plus there are so many good movies and TV series’ out, just skip the True Crime documentaries. (Well today, anyway)

6. Game On!

Charades, Uno, or puzzles. Pick a game, any game. Sometimes finding an activity to enjoy together promotes more positive interaction. Entertaining the possibilities could be a memory that lasts long after the turkey digests. Cranium and Table Topics are my faves.

7. Create moments that are meaningful to you.

Arriving with the labor of love cake you baked all day long, being the hostess with the mostess having used Pinterest to make things present picture-perfect, or participating in your first Turkey Trot are all win-wins.

8. Compliment the Cook.

Nobody likes a glutton and nothing classifies as ruder than a person who doesn’t appreciate the time and energy in that of a good, specially prepared meal. Trust me, don’t be that guy/girl. In fact, showing your appreciation by rolling up those sleeves and helping to clean for the cook isn’t such a bad idea either. Make the kids help too. A dollar every clean dish and they’ll want in.

9. Stay Calm.

No matter what happens on Thanksgiving, the only person you can control is yourself. Besides nobody has time for high blood pressure or stress breakouts. Plus, losing your cool looks horrible with your outfit.

10. If 1 thru 9 fails, try listening to a Mariah Carey Christmas jingle (and shimmy out the door or “End Call” if need be).

Face it, there’s just something about “Baby, All I want for Christmas is youuuuuuuuu” that makes the mood more festive, even if you’re listening to it a month early. Hey, whatever it takes to manage the mayhem.

Hope these Thanksgiving tips help you have a wonderful holiday. Do or listen to what makes you happy and healthy. Because seriously, what a time to be alive.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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