Art for More Than Art Sake, Discover New Functional Art by Larose Guyon

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When original art melds with function, finds inspiration in nature, evokes jewelry and exquisite handcraftsmanship, and tells a story, we almost always fall in love! This is precisely what happened when we discovered Automne. The new limited-edition sculptural lighting collection created by Quebec-based high-end decor brand Larose Guyon. With three stunning poetic models, each with a limited production run of 16, the Automne collection of functional art radiates timeless luxury. Read on to meet the talented minds behind Larose Guyon and discover their newest exclusive collection.

Larose Guyon

Founded in 2015 by Audrée L. Larose and Félix Guyon, Larose Guyon designs and manufactures original and exceptional lighting fixtures and home furnishing objects. Local artisans in Quebec handcraft each design with discernible refinement and distinction. Precious materials, impeccable craftsmanship, natural inspiration, the blending of art and function, and heritage and modernity distinguish a Larose Guyon design.

Félix Guyon and Audrée L. Larose, Co-founders of Larose Guyon
Félix Guyon and Audrée L. Larose, Co-founders of Larose Guyon

Automne: Art for More Than Art Sake

“We are a lighting design firm, with a small-town soul, and this collection captures the true essence of the Larose Guyon story,” says Audrée Larose. “Automne is inspired by nature and has been meticulously handcrafted into an exclusive collection for those seeking a fashionable, functional work of art, rather than a simple lighting fixture.”

Two years in the making, Automne’s original designs slowly grew in the minds of their creators. “We’ve always been inspired by the complexity of nature, its textures, its contrasts, its movement, and just simply its beauty. For this collection, we wanted to create a moment. A scene stopped in time. As if we were walking in nature with the sun reflecting and shining on the warm colors of autumn.”

Poetic Storytelling

Infused with rich, enchanting narratives, the story behind each functional work of art in Automne is essential to Larose Guyon. “Not only did we want to create art pieces that perfectly merged nature and jewelry. But we also wanted to pay tribute to this surrounding nature by creating a poetic storytelling around this collection,” explains Audrée. “We live in a world full of over-consumption and that sometimes lacks magic and poetry. Telling a story along with our design is not only to bring emotions and magic. But also for us to live this magic. It’s simply our humble mission to try to bring beauty and fantasy to people’s life. We know that a small amount of our clients can afford this collection but we wanted all those other people to have a part of this magic with the videos, the imagery, etc.”

Still from Autumne's short avant-garde promotional video which tells the story of foragers venturing into a magical forest of light and precious materials.
Still from Autumne’s short avant-garde promotional video which tells the story of foragers venturing into a magical forest of light and precious materials.

The Video

While the concepts behind the artistic designs seem otherworldly, Larose Guyon captures their essence through an analogous portrayal of Automne’s fantastical world. A short avant-garde promotional video (see below) tells the story of foragers venturing into a magical forest of light and precious materials. As hidden treasures emerge, natural beauty, noble materials, and craftsmanship collide with the harvesting of Automne’s delicate elements. The story artfully conveys the path of Larose Guyon designers whose own journeys into their wooded surroundings in search of inspirational pockets of light and natural beauty have given rise to the limited-edition Automne collection.

Automne collection promotional video by Larose Guyon
Video credit: Director: Philippe Lupien
Producer: Tungsten Studio

“Our vision extends beyond the parameters of just another product, and Automne is a testament to that design philosophy,” adds Audrée. “Each new Larose Guyon creation draws fresh inspiration from a new storyline, and our collective body of work continues to be written.”

floor screen with brass butterflies by koket

Inside the Collection

The artistic vision and noble materials infused into Automne’s three works of functional art, Duvet des Chardons, Fleur de Velours, and Valse au Crepuscule, refine the collection’s intricate composition of natural elemental forms. LED lighting, set to the Kelvin degree of candlelight, illuminates the shimmering aesthetics of each piece’s abundant gold and brass.

The collection’s poetic narrative strikes a balance between old-world craft and contemporary aesthetics with precious materials that weave a story through each of the collection’s designs. Automne is the epitome of exceptional attention to detail and refined craftsmanship. Meticulously handcrafted, each sculptural piece requires around 120 hours to come to life. Hours filled with great care on the part of master artisans to deliver the unparalleled collection of functional art.

Handcrafting of Valse au Crépuscule
Handcrafting of Valse au Crépuscule

“While tied together by the Automne theme, each piece of the collection is distinct in character,” explains Félix Guyon. “The diversity of their beauty speaks to the many wonders to be encountered in a single walk in the woods on a beautiful autumn day.”

Duvet des Chardons

Duvet des Chardons embraces the organic form of a thistledown, with the polished finish of gold and brass. Warm, candle-like luminosity emanates from its hand-blown glass globes. The light illuminates 350 meters of narrow golden-hued chains while casting shadows that animate its suspended silhouette. A 24k gold-plated solid brass structural core binds the chains together and encases the lighting mechanics of the piece.

Duvet des Chardons functional art sculptural lighting by larose guyon
Detail of Duvet des Chardons

Fleur de Velours

Fleur de Velours explores nature’s colorful side by capturing the changing hues and unique shapes of the exotic typhinia tree. Handcrafted brass-fiber replicates its burnished red autumn leaves, emanating from antler-like branches of a solid brass structure. Hand-blown glass globes illuminate the colorful forms, all adorned in ornamental 24k gold-plated pieces.

Fleur de Velours functional art sculptural lighting by larose guyon

Valse au Crepuscule

Valse au Crepuscule, the third piece of the Automne collection, is defiant, yet discreet. It elicits the beauty of a suspended moment in time. Its artistic design skillfully blends nature’s sensuous shapes with the sharp opulence of jewelry. A look created through the use of hundreds of brass fiber leaves hanging from a hand-woven net of golden chains. Warm light emanates from translucent hand-blown glass, infusing a captivating shimmer onto its 24K gold-plated adornments.

Valse au Crepuscule functional art sculptural lighting automne collection larose guyon
Valse au Crepuscule automne collection larose guyon

Giving Back to Nature

Larose Guyon’s love for nature goes beyond just inspiration. The brand also strives to ensure that future generations will thrive on this unique and magical planet called Earth. As such, Larose Guyon collaborated with the non-profit organization One Tree Planted to allocate a portion of its profits to planting 1000 trees for each Automne purchase. This means a total of 50,000 trees upon sell-out! Each proud owner of Automne gets to select where to plant the trees, within One Tree Planted’s active zones.

What’s Next for Larose Guyon? We can’t wait to see!

“We’re always working on the next collection! As the Coco chandelier is our greatest seller, we are working on a sculptural and decorative version of the Coco with lots of different shapes, textures, and colors. Also, as the winter is slowly coming here, in Quebec, let’s just say that our minds keep visualising amazing stuff to create maybe a next ’Winter collection’.To be continued…!”

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By Anna Beck Bimba
All Photos by Karel Chladek

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