Always Give Thanks & Be Thankful

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Soon many of us will be gathered around our table, feasting on the traditional roasted turkey, or enjoying the non-traditional pot roast. But with all of the extravagant meals for Thanksgiving, it’s hard to ignore the fact that things look different this year. Grandma isn’t baking pumpkin pie, your favorite Aunt isn’t complaining about the stuffing, and nieces and nephews aren’t playing video games in the living room. Social distancing and new COVID-19 restrictions have put a damper on one of the most celebrated gatherings of the year. How can we truly celebrate and be thankful in the midst of these unfavorable circumstances?

Well, the truth is that Thanksgiving was never about the menu. Even though we stacked our plates and filled our glasses, our most cherished moments were capitalized by those who were to the left and right of us. Just being surrounded by family, friends and loved ones were enough reasons to be thankful and celebrate. If we’re not careful, the absence of gatherings could mean the absence of thankfulness. But it doesn’t have to be.

It’s actually in moments like these that we become most thankful. Ironically, our physical distance has made us closer than ever before. We are a little more thankful for the cashier, who rings up our groceries. We are more thankful for doctors and nurses, recognizing how much their service impacts the world. And we are even starting to appreciate all those silly group texts from family and friends.

It is easy to disregard a bright light during the daytime, but it’s impossible to ignore at night. The lights never changed in form, but the darkness caused you to fully recognize and appreciate its strength, beauty, and resilience. There are lights all around us that have shined in various capacities in our life. On this Thanksgiving Day let’s recognize all those who light up our life and make things a whole lot brighter. We all have reasons to be thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Words by Jada Ledbetter

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