5 Great Tips for Designing a Luxury Laundry Room

luxury laundry room by dina bandman sf showcase 2017

All photos in this article are of a gorgeous laundry room titled ‘Laundering in the Lap of Luxury’ designed by Dina Bandman Interiors for the SF Showcase 2017. Photographs by Christopher Stark.

Just like any other room in the house, the laundry room deserves its chance to shift and change as trends allow throughout the years. Although it might be the bottom of the list for many people when it comes to designing a luxury room in the house, you may well spend more time than you think in this type of room, which means you’ll be incredibly grateful that you give it a luxury update now.

To ensure that you have a luxurious laundry room that you’re proud of, here are a few ideas you can implement right away.

Think About Storage Space

One way to define luxury is the absence of clutter, and you won’t get clutter if you have a good amount of storage space. This means cabinets, shelving space, and hooks for easy hanging. Baskets, too, have a strong part to play, as they hide dirty laundry and make organization much simpler. The messier a room becomes, the faster the luxury feeling leaves and then you’re constantly struggling to keep the balance by sorting and tidying all day. After all, we all know the power of decluttering!

The Flooring

The floor of your luxury laundry room needs to be the perfect mix of stylish and durable. Tile is hard to go past for your material, although vinyl is trending lately because of the ease of installation and variety of styles. Still, for water-proofing and strength, not to mention design, a white or light blue or green tile would suit perfectly in any luxury laundry room.

Have Plenty of Functional Room

Of course, a laundry room should be eye-catching and a nice space to spend time in, but its main purpose is to be functional. This means a deep, wide sink with an extendable faucet is incredibly useful for removing stains, as is a large countertop space for sorting, folding, and ironing items. A large sink is also helpful for soaking clothes, as some delicate textiles need to be washed by hand in cold water. Here’s a great guide for how to wash silk and other delicate items. Ideally, you should have enough space for a drying rack, as well as a comfortable chair in case you need to make any sewing repairs on clothes.

round modern crystal and brass chandelier by koket - roxy

Dynamic Lighting

To create a feeling of luxury in your laundry room, your best option is to install a few different kinds of lighting. A solid combination of lights not only gives you better visibility but lets you choose the mood and changes the dynamic of the area. Overhead lighting in the form of a chandelier is bold and unexpected, yet makes just the right statement for a room that doesn’t seem luxurious at first but can quickly become to embody it. Under-cabinet lighting is useful for task lighting, as you’ll definitely need a pure, white light for spotting and removing stains. A lower wattage bulb will suit your overhead light, even with a dimmer option when strong visibility isn’t necessarily an issue.


While some may say decorative lamps and pottery are not a good idea for a room where you’ll likely be throwing things around, if positioned correctly they can make beautiful additions to a luxury laundry room. In addition, and perhaps more practical for some, artwork on the walls is an interesting and surprising move for a laundry area. Exciting wallpaper or even the choice of color for the walls is one way to add some vibrancy to this space (calming colors like green, blue, or even yellow are never a bad option), but hanging up photos or artwork shows some personality. Even if you spend a few minutes a day in the laundry room, adding some of your favorite artwork helps the luxuriousness and the vibe of the area to be more positive.

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