Create a Base with Investment Pieces of Furniture

investment pieces of furniture in luxury living room design by hackett interiors

Whether you’re moving into a new place or just updating your current home, picking out new furniture is exciting. However, the huge amount of choice can be a bit overwhelming and it’s sometimes hard to settle on the right pieces. So, before you head out to the big furniture stores, you need to consider what you need, where it’s going, and what style you’re hoping to achieve. To help, we’ve taken a look at how you can create a good base for your home with a few key investment pieces of furniture.

Why Are Investment Pieces Important?

Instead of kitting out your whole house in flatpack furniture, focus on a few pieces of furniture that are worth investing some money in, and spend some time finding them.

“We encourage our clients to invest most of their budget in pieces that they’ll enjoy daily,” say the designers (and sisters) behind Hackett Interiors. “Upholstered sofas and chairs, coffee tables, dining tables, and dining chairs, these furniture items are likely the crux of your home and should be of higher quality so that they can withstand everyday wear and tear.”

There are certain pieces of furniture that are going to be the centerpiece or focal point of some of the most important rooms in your house. By finding the perfect investment pieces, you’ll have something that you enjoy and will last for years to come.

investment pieces of furniture in blue brown and cream dining room Interior by Hackett Interiors
Interior by Hackett Interiors (Photo by Emily Sidoti Photography)

Where to Look for Investment Pieces of Furniture?

There are lots of places to look at when investing in furniture. Try not to head to one furniture shop and expect to buy everything all at once. Finding investment pieces of furniture is going to take some time and some hunting so that you end up with the perfect bits. Go and have a look in a few places and browse through some furniture websites to get an idea of the possibilities, different styles, and how much things cost.

For unique or high-end furniture try looking in vintage and antique stores. And if you’re after a specific style or era you can often find some great pieces on marketplaces like eBay or 1stDibs. When you’re looking for affordable, but modern and well-made furniture online, try somewhere like Furniture box or Wayfair. Shopping from a wide variety of places is going to help you find the perfect pieces of furniture to fit in with your ideas and plans.

You can also update old pieces by repainting them or reupholstering them — which is a great way to make a statement. Look for local professionals to help with transforming your furniture using HomeAdvisor or hire an interior designer to help you out.

You won’t be able to go to a single place to buy all your investment pieces of furniture. Visit a range of shops and outlets to find the best deals, quality, and value.

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What Are the Key Investment Pieces to Look For?

A Comfortable High-Quality Sofa

investment pieces of furniture - luxury sofas and cocktail tables - kelly and tears by koket
Interior decor by KOKET

These days especially, we are spending more time than ever at home sitting on a sofa — working from home, eating lunch and dinner, watching box sets, or reading a book. And for many people, if you have people over then the sofa is the place where everyone can relax and catch up with each other.

Not only is a sofa going to be used a lot, but it’s likely to be the biggest piece of furniture in the room and it will really define the look and feel of the space.

Look for a high-quality sofa, with a solid frame that’s going to last for years. Consider how many seats you want, and what you can fit in the room. And decide whether you want a bold statement color that draws attention and focuses the theme of the room, or a more neutral color that you can add cushions and throws to.

Statement Dining Table and Chairs

investment pieces of furniture trinity-chandelier-merveille-dining-table-koket-projects
Interior decor by KOKET

Your dining table and chairs are going to be the centerpiece for meals with friends and family so it’s worth investing in furniture that’s practical and hardwearing, but will also bring your dining space together.

One of the best investment pieces for your dining room is going to be an extendable dining table. This gives you enough space to fit everyone for special occasions and family meals or dinner parties, but it means you can fold it up to make the most of the space when you’re not entertaining.

Decide if you want chairs that exactly match the dining table or something that contrasts a bit. If you’re having an extendable dining table then you might not always have all the chairs set out — consider ones stack easily or look nice elsewhere in the room to store them.

A Focal Bed Frame

Forbidden by KOKET

Again, your bed is likely to be the main focus of your bedroom — and it’s not just worth investing in furniture that’s going to look good but you also want a bed that’s comfortable. Look for a timeless style, something you’re going to be happy with for years. Otherwise, you could choose a wooden bed that means it’s easy to repaint or an upholstered bed that can be recovered for updates.

You should also consider the size of the room; if it’s small then a huge bed frame is going to take over the space — opt for something that doesn’t have a footboard so it feels more open. If the space is bigger then you can make it feel cozier with a more enclosed bed frame. 

These key investment pieces of furniture will help you to define the look and feel of each room, and create a base to add in other pieces of furniture that work with them to complete the space.

Words by Laura May, Digital Editor of Just Another Magazine
Feature Image: Interior design by Hackett Interiors (Photo by Emily Sidoti Photography)