10 Winter Fashion Trends We Love

winter fashion trends photo by amir taheri - unsplash

With the arrival of winter, we of course had to share the trends of this season. In this very unusual year in the fashion world, read on to discover what trends we love for the winter of 2021!


This is the easiest trend of the season, you just have to have comfortable clothes and abuse the accessories. From Alexander McQueen to Brandon Maxwell, who offered elegant dresses hatched at one end of the spectrum, mixed with adult leather accessories. And Burberry where socks, skirts, coats, and headscarves by the exultant the house checks were used together.

Checked stretch-jersey turtleneck top by Burberry
Checked stretch-jersey turtleneck top by Burberry
(Available from MyTheresa)


As you may have seen on social media, the cardigan has become the new favorite piece of It Girls. We can find cardigans in the highest luxury brands as well as in fast-fashion brands. This piece is sure to be beloved amongst winter fashion trends for its ease of matching with your looks!

winter fashion trends Wool-blend cardigan by Dolce & Gabbana (Available from MyTheresa)
Wool-blend cardigan by Dolce & Gabbana
(Available from MyTheresa)


We have already seen XXL jackets and shearling jackets and raincoats and capes, but it was the soft women’s leather jackets that caught our attention. This year not only jackets but even leather pants and blouses!

Convertible faux leather trench coat by Tibi (Available from MyTheresa)
Convertible faux leather trench coat by Tibi
(Available from MyTheresa)

gold and black stool - y stools - bolvardi stool by koket

The Fringe

The fringe considered a feminine symbol by many designers, this year was presented in skirts, blazers, and even in wallets. This style is best used with an advanced sense of determination.

winter fashion trends Haute Couture Collection by Dior
Haute Couture Collection by Dior

The Suit

When we talk about it, we automatically think about Chanel’s suits with her matching skirts. This year despite working at home, there is nothing better than showing up at the office with a new suit!

winter fashion trends Chanel Cruise 2020/2021 Collection
Chanel Cruise 2020/2021 Collection

The Balloon Affair

When we talk about puffing sleeves at this station there is only one rule: more, more, and more! You can find everything from refined ruffles and lamb leg shapes at Max Mara to choux pastry puffs at Chanel and shoulder shelves at Isabel Marant.

winter fashion trends Isabel Marant Collection
Isabel Marant Collection
(Available from MyTheresa)

Dress the Part: Using Fashion to Amplify Your Message

Red, red, and more red!

If you are a fan of the red tone, then we have to talk about the Valentino brand, after all, no one uses and abuses this color like the Italian brand.
Fiery, unapologetic, it is worth investing in this season. After all, do you know anyone who doesn’t rock this color?

winter fashion trends Valentino cady midi dress
Valentino cady midi dress
(Available from MyTheresa)

The Gold Standard

Gold, gold, and more gold, this is a trend that is here to stay. The February catwalks were filled with sparkling dresses from Tom Ford to Oscar de la Renta, stunning Celine day dresses and unique suits with armor inspired by the Joan of Arc.

Oscar de la Renta sequin embellished gown
(Available from Farfetch)
Oscar de la Renta sequin embellished gown
(Available from Farfetch)

The Boys

If you previously thought you couldn’t wear your boyfriend’s clothes on the street, this year this has become a trend. The creative director of Givenchy put Bella Hadid (owner of this trend) in a combination of leather tie and white shirt from her Alyx collection.

G jacquard wool jacket by Gucci
G jacquard wool jacket by Gucci

Be Bolder

If you like bolder looks then you have to know the bulbous creations at JW Anderson in cake dresses inspired by Marie Antoinette with a serious presence in Moschino, unexpected volumes have raised countless collections.

Christopher John Rogers dress from 006 collection
Christopher John Rogers Zendaya in Look 33 for Instyle, September 2020 (Photographed by AB+DM)

Words by Inês Vidal

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