New Year’s Eve Looks: Outfits for Every Kind of Celebration

New Year's Eve Looks 2021 fashion outfits ideas classic black and white

Let’s be real, we have all been waiting for 2021 and now it is almost here! So, time to choose your New Year’s Eve looks. And remember – this isn’t just one of your usual outfits, this is the way you’ll present yourself to this new year, so better make it count!

Bling Bling

Are you ready for this rockstar dream? There is no such thing as too much bling with one of our favorite New Year’s Eve looks. A bejeweled dress enriched with a sapphire fur coat and a sparkling pair of gold heels that promise to make you want to dance all night long. And we cannot forget an iconic handbag to finish the look! For the hair and makeup, there is always space for a little more sparkle and a messy bun

Informal Gathering

Are you planning on just celebrating the new year with your close family? Nothing too special. Then, this is the outfit for you! Simple, and yet, so stylish. A cute pair of Jeans and a knitted sweatshirt finished with sneakers and a trendy chunky chain necklace. Perfect to go shopping for the new year and to hang out at home with your loved ones this New Year’s Eve. 

Formal Gathering

Or maybe the plan is to go hang out with the big family, with all of those difficult relationships. If so, this is the perfect look: simple, comfortable, and cute! From the pleated skirt to the knit top and white shirt and not forgetting the chunky boots that will protect you from the rain and cold weather. For the hair, an easy high ponytail to show off your beautiful, natural, and chic makeup. 

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Netflix and Chill

Home alone with your boo? That calls for Netflix and Chill! Pamper yourself with pretty lingerie and the most natural makeup look, just so you look ready for this new year. Feel free to put on your comfy clothes and your favorite warm socks. The night is still young, and much is still to happen – after all we do have to stay awake until midnight on this New Year’s Eve…

Family Matching

Family matching for this New Year’s Eve? Why not? It is always nice to put on those matching pajamas and rock those midnight photos! There are a lot of family pajama sets being sold out there. If you are going to be wearing pajamas, why not go all the way and match the occasion?

Crazy 20s

Is it just me or does New Year’s night just scream crazy 1920s? Mad and classy, simple and marvelous! A long dress with an elegant fringed detailing, completed with some light nude heels, classic red lip and an outstanding handbag. For the hair, beautiful loose waves never get old. 

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80s Disco

And since we are talking about looks inspired by old iconic eras, it is mandatory to show how to rock this New Year’s eve night away 80s disco style! Put on your best-flared trousers and, of course, your most sparkling top. Maybe a fun fur coat, if cold, and bright shoes and handbag. For the hair, the bigger the closer you are to God! The makeup gives it the final touch: glitter on the eyes, black eyeliner, and a glossy lip. 

The Classic

If preferred, keep up to date with a mini black dress, easy curls, black heels, and sparkly handbag.  There is no way to go wrong with the classic New Year’s Eve look! And to finish it up, black smoky eye with a little bit of glitter and a red lip.

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Mom Duty

Being a mom is never easy! Especially on New Year’s Eve. You want to pamper yourself but you almost don’t even have time to get dressed. That’s why an outstanding dress is essential – if the dress is interesting enough, you don’t have to waste a lot of time thinking and putting together a look. 

Runway Ready

If you are like me and you just aren’t able to pass this night without slaying, you will love this look. Firstly, the color combination has to blow everyone’s mind (red and pink are a great way to spice up an outfit)! But also, makeup has to be looking flawless and make you look like you are begged to attend New York Fashion Week’s shows on the front row, or better, you are the model. The hair (do I even have to say it?) has to look exceptional, and for that just straighten it and curl the ends for a classic 60s chic look. This winter, boots are everywhere so grab your most fabulous ones and make the world your runway.

Cheers to a fabulous 2021!

Looks & Words by Mariana Silva