High Jewelry Trends to Love

In an unusual year when we changed out of suits, blazers, and dresses for comfortable clothes, wearing jewelry could seem unnecessary. The truth is that to work at home we can use more relaxed outfits. However, Zoom, Skype, and Facetime brought us back to the desire to start dressing up. The truth is that there was a need to be presentable from the belly to the head. I admit that at the bottom we could use that warmer sock or even those tracksuits.

This year jewelers’ collections are sweeter, much more ornate, convey messages of good luck or really pack the heat – both literally and figuratively. Today we bring some jewelry trends to love. Whether it’s to stay at home or perfect the zoom backgrounds!


The designers are bringing history and certain concepts back to their works of art. They take central elements like fire and give it a new life. Fire symbolizes power, assertiveness, and passion. Fernando Jorge created a whole collection with flames as the central theme, using sinuous gold threads to create beautiful earrings and rings. This year is for betting on brilliance and nothing better than choosing these jewels!

Fernando Jorge


Gold, Silver, and Diamonds!

This year the jewelers bet everything on gold, silver, and even diamonds! From the Versace catwalk to the Foundrae showroom, fashion brands and jewelry labels displayed an abundance of gold, silver, and diamond bars and other charms of luck, love, and fortune. Moreover, if you love wearing bracelets and looking for the best bracelet stores online then pay a visit to this online store which has an amazing variety to offer when it comes to bracelets including gold bracelets, silver bracelets, pandroa bracelets, cartier love bracelet, best friend bracelets, leather bracelets and much more.


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One Oyster, Please!

Oysters are one of the most popular appetizers in the world. However, what we are most excited about are the pearls that are produced in their shells. From natural pearls to those that are cultivated, these jewels have been revered for centuries. Everyone has used it from royalty to the famous. Chanel created a pearl brooch in various sizes, hanging from chains made of gold, glass, and crystals.

chanel brooch jewelry trends 2021



12 Stunning High Jewelry Collections to Know

Candy and More candy

As a child, nothing bothered us more than a lollipop. It seems that the designers realized this and started to create lollipop-shaped rubies and bracelets that seem to have come out of Ladurée. Bea Bongiasca used vibrant enamel to form rolled rings that resemble stretched caramel. It literally feels like we’re entering a candy store, and what a candy it is but with fewer calories!

Bea Bongiasca bracelet design jewlery trends

Bea Bongiasca


The Feminine Body

This year one of the designers’ focuses was also the female body and its sensuality. Tiffany & Co. has relaunched its iconic bone cuffs, which were designed by Elsa Peretti. We also have Danielle Gerber who exposed her breasts.

jewelry trends 2021 elsa-perettilarge-bone-cuff-bracelet

Tiffany & Co


History and Nature

Contemplation is the latest collection from Boucheron. This collection is based on a concern for realism and natural motives. The 67 pieces in the collection were inspired by the holidays at Choisne’s home in Portugal; with natural motives reflecting the relief she found in nature. The jeweler focuses on clouds and nature and has a delicate choker, where diamonds and glass beads tremble in titanium threads, enveloping the neck in a haze of precious stones. This magnificent collection won them the Wallpaper Design Awards 2021.

Contemplation boucheron necklace jewelry trends 2021


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Words by Inês Vidal