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Fashion podcasters have quickly proven themselves to be among the most agenda-setting influences in industry media today. However, there are numerous fashion podcasts on the internet making it difficult for fashion enthusiasts to select the best shows to invest their time in. The following is a list of the best fashion podcasts to tune in to.

Dior Talks

Dior Talks podcast is a series of shows in the form of conversations and interviews with artists, collaborators, and friends of the House of Dior. “The podcasts provide the invited guests with an opportunity to freely discuss the subjects that compel them, their output, and tomorrow’s challenges,” says Katherine Simpson, a fashion writer at SolidEssay and ConfidentWriters. Dior Talks is a new way to get a new perspective, to indulge oneself in something different, to inquire and inspire while discovering and dreaming. Katya Foreman, a fashion journalist and founder of Content & Co., Paris hosts the podcast. She has successfully hosted 42 episodes that are aired once every week. The host explores the mind of the French fashion house by investigating personalities whose artistic and cultural influence have molded Dior’s direction.

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Gucci Podcast

The Italian fashion house, Gucci has been using its podcast to inspire thought and conversation within the Gucci community since its inception in 2018. Hosted by actor Gugu Mbatha-Raw and writer Scarlett Curtis, the podcast brings the Gucci world to life through this insightful and engaging medium. Since 2018, the podcast has gained a steady increase in the number of its listeners. And expects the number to grow further in 2021.

Currently, the podcast has 28 episodes of enthusiastic storytelling perfect for listening to at home, work, or while driving. Some of the issues that the hosts discuss are feminism, cultural and global issues. In addition, they also discuss the essence of starting fresh debates to celebrate International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month. Each of the podcast’s episodes involves a different guest. A guest who brings with him or her an interesting mix of perspectives to share with the show’s listeners.

Gugu Mbatha-Raw in conversation with Scarlett Curtis for International Women's Day on Gucci Podcast
Gugu Mbatha-Raw in conversation with Scarlett Curtis for International Women’s Day on Gucci Podcast

Métier Class: 3.55 by Chanel

Journalist Tyler Brûle hosts this podcast and guides its listeners through the untold world of Chanel. The podcast invites some of the brand’s closest friends including rapper Pharrell Williams and film director Sofia Coppola to discuss topics that range from the brand’s relationship with the world of art to craftsmanship.

Launched in 2017, the podcast releases episodes recorded in spaces such as Gabrielle Chanel’s apartment as they represent the brand. Each episode is an invitation to explore a personality from the worlds of fashion and art. The episodes provide the podcast’s audience with an opportunity to immerse themselves in the guests’ experiences and observations. According to Melissa Cox, a fashion editor at BeeStudent and SwiftPapers, “the podcast is a new way for the brand to communicate and share information and new perspectives about fashion and art.”

best fashion podcasts chanel-metiers-3.55-podcast tokyo mademoise prive
Mademoiselle Privé Tokyo, The Chanel Podcast

Fashion Unzipped

Launched in 2017, the podcast now has 71 episodes hosted by senior fashion editors Emily Cronin and Charlie Gowans-Eglinton. The podcast is run by the Telegraph and offers a look into the fashion industry’s petri dish. The host explores current events in the industry. They also share interviews with designers. And take the audience through the fashion week front rows. As a result, this is an insightful podcast perfect for all fashion enthusiasts including experts and people entering the industry. It is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and a wide array of other platforms. 

fashion unzipped podcast
Fashion Unzipped

Fashion Revolution Podcast

Hosted by fashion journalist Tamsin Blanchard, this podcast delves into the social and environmental impact of the clothes we wear. Blanchard interviews researchers, garment workers, activists, politicians, and supply chain experts to discover the stories behind the clothes in our wardrobes in terms of ethics, transparency, and sustainability. The podcast’s first series focuses on the individuals that make our clothes. The series features a year-long research project across textile workers in India, Cambodia, and Bangladesh. While it highlights the importance of trade unions and collective bargaining for garment workers at their workplaces. Overall, the podcast’s mission is to provide its audience with all the facts and practical actions one can take to make positive changes in the future. 

Fashion Revolution Podcast
Fashion Revolution Podcast

As the podcasting world expands with more and more organizations joining this new niche, there is an increasing wealth of content that is engaging and informative about the latest fashion trends. This list will help fashion enthusiasts to sift through the numerous fashion podcasts available on the internet.

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