Discover the Peter Marino Collection of Adrien Dalpayrat Ceramics

ceramics Architect_Peter_Marino_-_Paris_Haute_Couture_Spring-Summer_2012

As always the unconventional architect, Peter Marino could only have the most exquisite taste. We recently discovered that he has a passion for pieces by the Belle Époque ceramist, Pierre-Adrien Dalpayrat. For those unfamiliar, these ceramics combine exquisite sculptural forms with dazzlingly modern enamels!

With his irreverent and eclectic taste, Peter Marino has worked for some of the biggest name brands. The beloved architect is as well known for his collections as he is for the numerous projects he has done for Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior, Fendi, and other luxury brands.

The History of the Collection

Peter Marino admires a handful of French potters from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In particular, ceramics that incorporate the rich exuberance of Art Nouveau from the Belle Époque.

An Original exhibition Design By Peter Marino At The Domaine De Chantilly

Peter Marino has passed decades collecting pieces for his precious collection of ceramics. Pieces made by masters like Théodore Deck, Ernest Chaplet, Adrien Dalpayrat, and Auguste Delaherche. His love for ceramics led him to turn his property in Southampton into a virtual pottery museum. There we can find more than 1000 pieces, mostly of French origin.

Furthering his scholarship of the art, Peter joined Etienne Tornier. Together, they wrote a book that featured the architect’s extensive collection. Peter hopes to continue the series, and his “fantasy” is for people to collect the books.

What Peter Marino admires most in Dalpayrat is the sumptuous decoration that he applied to his ceramics. The architect was introduced to the world of French ceramics by his friend Alice Stern. Ever since, his fascination and love for this world has endured, and will certainly continue to continue over the years.

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