What’s in Your Stars? Lh Monthly Horoscope, February Horoscope 2021

Aquarius zodia sign monthly horoscope


Aries February Horoscope

(21 March – 19 April) 

illustration of a woman representing aries zodiac sign Aries january Horoscope 2021

You are in control of your own vision. Find that light inside yourself and share it. Hard work will bring you material gain if it’s partnered with self-mastery in the arenas of personal stability, reliability, and reasonable attitudes and expectations. Be an idealist but be a practical one.Your romantic life should perk up this month. If you are single, those of you are likely to meet someone, and if married, you have more time to step off the treadmill of life to enjoy one another. Favorable Dates: Feb 3, 7, 12, 16, 21, 25 Favorable Colors: Brown & White

Taurus February Horoscope 2021

(20 April – 20 May)

illustration of a woman representing taurus zodiac sign for taurus january Horoscope 2021

You are feeling the beauty of emotional enrichment and a kind of peace that comes with an elevated sense of acceptance. Your efforts and process of maturing have won this spiritual gift for you, fair and square. Money or love will bring intense encounters this month. A dream or scheme you’ve been chasing will come together. A new opportunity will surprise you. Put aside the lesser for the greater and be prepared to wait. Romance will bring potent exchanges mid-month. There’s excitement at the end. Favorable Dates: Feb 1, 2, 10, 11, 19, 20 Favorable Colors: Blue & White

Gemini February Horoscope 2021

(21 May – 20 June)

illustration of a woman representing gemini zodiac sign for gemini january Horoscope 2021

New activities or interests will bring benefits or open horizons. You’ll feel the urge to learn or to teach. There’s excitement or change in the air. You’ll embrace beliefs or expand your links with foreign parts. Delay or obstruction will end, allowing you to move ahead. Action will lead to a wider horizon. Energetic or feisty folk from exotic parts will feature. You’ll fight for what you believe in. Communications, self-expression, or supple activity will feature. Mid-month, you’ll work on special projects or activities with those close. Shared creative efforts or ventures will feature. Favorable Dates: Feb 2, 9, 11, 18, 20, 27  Favorable Colors: Grey&Purple

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Cancer February Horoscope

(21 June – 22 July)

illustration of a woman representing cancer zodiac sign for cancer january Horoscope 2021

You are in total control of your destiny. Troubles will come to their conclusions this month. Whatever you choose to do, you will be the winner. Hard work and perseverance got you where you are today, so pat yourself on the back. You’ll be extrovert or expressive. Meetings or presentations fill the picture. You may practice new skills. Events that are pulling your focus lead to greater contentment and growth. However, something that does no longer serve you needs to be eliminated. You’ll be excitable as the month ends. Favorable Dates: Feb 3, 5, 12, 14, 21, 23 Favorable Colors: White & Blue

Leo February Horoscope

(23 July – 22 August)

illustration of a woman representing leo zodiac sign for leo Horoscope

You may have a lucky break but you’ll need to stretch your commitments or obligations to take advantage. Be ready to deal with authority or navigate through delays. You’ll be in the middle of an expanding circle. It’s a great time to improve your image, make presentations and attend gatherings or parties. Spend time with your loved one, or cultivate a new connection. Unusual people or situations feature, as you adopt new interests or activities. Work or health matters will also take attention. Favorable Dates: Feb 3, 9, 12, 18, 21, 27  Favorable Colors: Red & Black

Virgo February Horoscope 2021

(23 August – 22 September)

illustration of a woman representing virgo zodiac sign for virgo Horoscope

This month will offer advancement in wisdom or self-knowledge. Communications will be testy, but doors will open to a hidden world as you seek new beliefs or learning. Travel, communications, and dealing with siblings or neighbors will be in the frame. You’ll be busy and involved in business. Negotiations and contracts with associates will feature. Expect some delays dealing with the public or with co-workers. The month will finish on a high, as finances fluctuate or bring change. If you’re in a romance, do it with flair. Favorable Dates: Feb 3, 4, 12, 13, 21, 22  Favorable Colors: Red &Yellow

Libra February Horoscope

(23 September – 22 October)

illustration of a woman representing libra zodiac sign for libra

You’re moving into a new framework for your thinking. New ideas or information will help set your schemes in motion. It’s a good month for creative inspiration. Artistic people may feature and come in contact with you. Mid-month will amp up the movement, the interactions, or the exchanges. There’ll be discussion, business dealings, or relations with the public. People may seek you out for contact. Erotic life may take a lift. Surprise or excitement will end the month with a firework. Favorable Dates: Feb 4, 5, 13, 14, 22, 23 Favorable Colors: Red & Yellow

Scorpio February Horoscope 2021

(23 October – 21 November)

illustration of a woman representing scorpio zodiac sign for scorpio

You would be focusing on dealings with the public or the mixing of business and pleasure. Social life will link with work. You will make new contacts or take up new activities. Unusual people or ideas will cast an influence.  Eccentric or artistic folk feature. You may be drawn romantically. There will be a magnetic or intense attraction. The social quotient remains high and exciting. However, don’t let lifestyle or romantic aspirations exceed the budget, or upset the applecart. Deals or contracts are favored, though you’ll have to wait for the rewards. Favorable Dates: Feb  3, 8, 12, 17, 20, 26  Favorable Colors: White & Blue

Sagittarius February Horoscope

(22 November – 21 December)

illustration of a woman representing sagittarius zodiac sign for sagittarius

You may find yourself treading a new path. Expect surprises. Your loved one will be excited by changing circumstances. Partners or close associates will feature in communications. It’s time to listen or take advice. Accept a new deal. Adapt your thinking to new challenges. If you’ve had delays or obstacles with a special project, the way ahead will begin to clear. You will take up a banner once again, overcoming whatever has stood in your way. Your efforts will be favored. There will be unexpected encounters or responses in social or romantic life. Favorable Dates: Feb 2, 8, 11, 17, 20, 26 Favorable Colors: White&Blue

Capricorn February Horoscope

(22 December – 19 January)

illustration of a woman representing capricorn zodiac sign for capricorn

There’ll be a focus on speculative ventures, creative projects, children, or partners. Unusual experiences or people feature as the month starts. You’ll launch into a new activity or interest. A touch of romance or good feeling will come but the world outside will be testing or argumentative. Money may be a strong concern but some of you will enter the corridors of passion. Relations with co-workers may be tricky. There’s a web of intrigue around you. Take charge if you want to reach for the stars. Favorable Dates: Feb 6, 8, 15, 17, 24, 26 Favorable Colors: Yellow & Purple

Aquarius February Horoscope

(20 January – 18 February)

illustration of a woman representing aquarius zodiac sign for aquarius

You may put energy into an earning situation after a long delay getting moving. You may initiate a new work project. Make a new start with inner or creative life that will manifest professionally. There will be a realization or development to mark your progress on a journey or to bring a shift in consciousness. Aggressively pursue the increase of your income. Things would be busy with meetings, discussions, contracts, or negotiations. Intense or passionate interactions with persons of the opposite sex will follow. Situations or people will move you or grip you. Favorable Dates: Feb 1, 9, 15, 17, 22, 26 Favorable Colors: Blue & White

Pisces February Horoscope

(19 February – 20 March)

illustration of a woman representing pisces zodiac sign for pisces

You will discover a philosophy or decide to learn something new. Your beliefs are powerful indicators of your actions.  This period it’s literally going to infuse your higher mind with positive, harmonious thinking. You will show true power behind your ideals and your mind will have a visionary capacity. This month will be pivotal in terms of a business or personal relationship. Expect this relationship to end or the level of commitment to deepen as a result of the planetary influences working. It’s a great time to practice self-care and be more compassionate to the needs of others. Favorable Dates: Feb 5, 8, 13, 17, 22, 26 Favorable Colors: Grey & Brown

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