Upgrade Your Backyard With a Luxury Greenhouse

luxury garden room backyard greenhouse Indoor Display Gardens at Duke Gardens, in New Jersey

If you like the idea of growing your own vegetables and tending your own gardens, you will love a greenhouse. Or maybe you like the sound of a luxury greenhouse as a way to connect with nature, but inside. And if you are a homeowner looking to increase your property value, this backyard upgrade is a great idea. Read on to explore ways you can use a luxury greenhouse to bring a beautiful, fun, and useful element to your backyard!

Luxury Sunrooms

michael maher design luxury sunroom
A serene sunroom design by Michael Maher Design

Luxury sunrooms have become a popular option for those looking to extend their living space to the outdoors. Though not what you traditionally think of when someone says greenhouse, sunrooms offer a similar type of space. One that offers a great way to enjoy the natural beauty of nature from the comfort of a living space. You can enjoy the sunrise, sunset, and night sky. And your plants will be so happy!

luxury sunroom design by bolshakova emerald villa
Luxury sunroom design by Bolshakova Interiors, Emerald Villa (Photo by Andrey Avdeenko)
bloom chair by koket luxury sunroom furniture

The Horticultural Greenhouse

A horticultural greenhouse is constructed with the sole purpose of giving the greenhouse plants a conducive environment to grow and thrive. The glass or plastic walls of a greenhouse allow sunlight in, while also helping to maintain the ideal temperature and humidity levels.

luxury greenhouse conservatory echo wang unsplash
A lush greenhouse creates a magical world! (Photo by Echo Wang)

To ensure your plants thrive and look their best, it is important to have a home barometer to monitor the conditions inside your greenhouse. The two conditions you should keep an eye on are humidity and temperature. Extreme fluctuations in temperature and humidity can harm your plants’ health, yield, and blooming. To keep a close eye on the temperature inside your greenhouse, you need a reliable and accurate thermometer. You can find a greenhouse thermometer here as well as find out how to remotely monitor both the temperature and humidity inside your greenhouse.

Luxury greenhouse by Meridian Estate Greenhouses
Luxury greenhouse by Meridian Estate Greenhouses

New Modern Designs

A well-constructed greenhouse can also add style to your property while providing the right growing environment. Modern greenhouses are becoming works of art – they are being constructed using a variety of materials and there are many different greenhouse designs. Each, offering different looks and functions. The materials can range from aluminum and galvanized steel to glass. And tools to keep them ventilated, heated, or cooled can all be added. They can also come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate your personal needs.  If you are looking at an affordable Greenhouse, check out Urban Sheds

garden igloo luxury greenhouse dome freestanding
Freestanding Garden Igloo designs make for a quick and fun backyard update.

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The Bonus! Adding a Backyard Greenhouse or Sunroom Can Increase Your Property Value

There is a lot of evidence to show that well-designed landscape projects and house extensions can increase the value of your property. Greenhouses and sunrooms have been shown to follow this rule. Especially when you know if the buyer has an interest in gardening or in the specific type of greenhouse you have.

Wayfair Colonial luxury greenhouse garden room shed
Colonial Garden Shed Greenhouse by Little Cottage Company

One thing to note: if you want the greenhouse to be a standout feature, you need to keep it well-maintained. Some potential buyers will not want the additional responsibility of repairing the greenhouse. But the upside is that they will be happy to have the greenhouse. Especially if they can easily convert it to meet their specific needs.

With so many different types of greenhouse designs and uses, it is easy to see how adding one can upgrade your property. Just ensure if you plan to build a backyard greenhouse to choose a style that goes with your home and one you will really use and maintain to add the most value.

Feature Image: The French Garden, one of the former Indoor Display Gardens at Duke Gardens, in New Jersey. Duke Gardens featured eleven distinct designs inspired by diverse cultures and regions of the world, created and maintained in elaborate greenhouses. Italian, Colonial, Edwardian, French, English, Chinese, Japanese, and Indo-Persian designs juxtaposed near desert, tropical, and semi-tropical greenhouse environments. In 1958, Doris Duke began a six-year process of designing and creating the display gardens. She traveled the globe seeking specimens and ideas to complete the gardens, which she first opened to the public in 1964. The Indoor Display Gardens were closed indefinitely in 2008. Photo by Nathan Siemers.

euphoria floor screen with gold filigree butterflies inspired by nature by koket