5 Ideas for a Romantic Stay at Home Date Night

romantic stay at home date ideas

About 23% of couples have date night less than once per month. However, setting aside distractions and spending time together is essential to a healthy, long-lasting relationship. This is especially important when Valentine’s Day rolls around, even if you are not a traditional holiday romantic— but this year, enjoying a lavish night out just might not be in the cards. Fortunately, you don’t have to leave the house to connect. The right design approach and a few genius ideas can help you plan the perfect romantic date night this year—whether you want to recreate luxury at home, get wild, or enjoy a quiet night of quality time with your loved one. Read on for five easy to execute stay at home date ideas.

5 Romantic Stay at Home Date Ideas

1. Plan a Movie Marathon

If you and your partner are hardcore fans of a particular film or television series, plan a movie marathon. Scroll through your streaming services to find something you’d both enjoy or go old school and rent a few DVDs. Then, spend the evening cuddling on the couch, watching your favorite flicks.

Take it to the next level with a few special touches. Lay out plush throws and pillows to make lounging a luxury experience. Dress up for a movie premiere to add a little extra style to your Hollywood-themed night. You might prepare a few theater-themed snacks and cocktails to celebrate the occasion, like a classic negroni or movie-themed martini. Maybe even add a little x-rated film fun later in the evening.

Your date will love that you went the extra mile to make a classic movie night that much more special.

2. Turn the Lights Out

We all need time to unplug from the Internet, disconnect from hours spent at our screens and just enjoy the company of those we love most. Spark that feeling by planning a power outage. Simply turn off all the lights and put your phones away for the evening.

Then, light a few candles, build a fire in your fireplace, and cozy up for a romantic night with the best ambiance. A candlelit dinner can help you kick off a lovely evening spent telling stories or reconnecting over fond memories. Get cozy afterward and fully enjoy the ambiance!

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3. Have a Spa Night

If your significant other has had an extra stressful week, plan a spa night. Pamper them with a massage, hot towels, and maybe even a bubble bath. If there’s room in there for two, even better.

You’ll also want to set the mood with candles and fresh flowers. Up the ante with fluffy white robes and matching slippers, and don’t forget the bath salts, essential oils, and other necessary spa supplies.

With a little planning—and a lot of relaxing (and touching!)—you and your partner are sure to have a fantastic and romantic evening at your personal spa.

4. Cook Dinner Together

Instead of spending a fortune on a fancy dinner, why not make your own at home? Place a bottle of champagne in a bucket of ice, and decorate the kitchen table with candles and your finest dishware and flatware. Then, get busy in the kitchen.

You can always surprise your partner with a romantic dinner. However, if you’ll both be home all day, pulling off a surprise in the kitchen might be a bit tricky, so you might as well cook dinner as a team. Find a romantic recipe you both like, shop for ingredients together, and divide duties to make your favorite feast. Take turns taste-testing batters, mixes, and whatever else you decide to whip up.

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5. Start in the Bedroom

Not all dates have to end in the bedroom—perhaps you’d rather start there?! Stage your bedroom and master bath to look like a luxurious hotel room complete with mini toiletries and white towels.

Remove any clutter from your bedroom so all you have to focus on is each other. Then, make the bed and toss a few rose petals on top.

Spend the entire evening in bed watching movies, eating takeout, or just enjoying each other’s company (in every way possible!). As long as you have some soft, ambient lighting and a warm bed, your date night should turn out splendid!

Plan Your Romantic Getaway at Home

Planning a date night at home is more fun when you brainstorm ideas together. Choose a theme or main activity for the evening. Then, plan a small surprise for one another. Set aside half an hour or so for these activities. As long as they’re thoughtful and match the theme, you’re sure to have a romantic (and fun-filled!) evening.

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