3 Savvy Ideas to Step Up Your Kitchen Design With Open Space Luxury

Laura Hammett Luxury Open Space Kitchen Design Ideas White Marble Brass Fixtures

The kitchen has long been the heart of the home! However, as we all know, the pandemic has altered the way we view our home interiors. And this is particularly true when it comes to kitchen design. No longer solely a function-first space, kitchens have had to become more flexible and accommodating than ever before.

But reimagining your kitchen space can be tricky. Ultimately, you still need to place an emphasis on functionality and practicality. However, that definitely doesn’t have to come at the cost of luxury and comfort. Today, we’re sharing some savvy styling tips to help you step up your kitchen design. Leaving you with a stylish open luxury kitchen design that’s ready for 2021 and beyond!

3 Savvy Ways to Step Up Your Kitchen Design

Embrace Versatility With Flexible & Open Space Kitchen Design

One of the most noticeable shifts in home design recently has been a reaction to how we use our homes. When it comes to kitchens, these practical cooking spaces have had to serve as home offices, classrooms, social hubs and so much more.

With this in mind, the new and improved kitchen design needs to have versatility and flexibility at its core. Thus enabling you to adapt its use as and when you need to. This may seem like a big ask from a room that’s in constant use. But with the right setup, switching up its purpose to suit you can be a breeze.

Designed by Ychelle Interior Design / Kathleen Ryan
A luxury open space kitchen design by Ychelle Interior Design / Kathleen Ryan featuring a beautiful custom metal kitchen by Amuneal

The first step is to get a handle on kitchen clutter by investing in suitable storage to keep worktops and other surfaces clear. This could be anything from utilising in-cupboard space-saving shelves and racks to the addition of a stunning storage cabinet to home certain items when they’re not in use, like workspace paraphernalia for example. Having ample storage at your disposal in kitchens and dining spaces will offer up better flexibility overall.

black and white luxury open space kitchen design ideas maestri studio
Luxury kitchen design by Maestri featuring a beautiful storage room divider to an adjacent family room area (Photo by Jenifer McNeil Baker)

Lighting can also make a huge difference in giving kitchen design added panache and versatility. Ensuring the space is suitably bathed in light day and night. From task lighting for cooking and work from home spaces to statement pendant light fittings for dining areas, having a choice of illumination options at your fingertips will help you step up your kitchen design, allowing you to adapt the space at any given moment.

cream modern kitchen design jennifer welch interior design photo by josh welch featuring amuneal shelves
Interior by Jennifer Welch Interior Design featuring shelves by Amuneal (Photo by Josh Welch)

If you are up for a complete kitchen overhaul try hiring a remodeling contractor to help you reach your dream kitchen goals!

Dream Kitchen: Tempted by Design In the Kitchen

Plump for Practicality With Floors, Walls, and More

With daily use, kitchens see their fair share of wear and tear. So, if you’re hoping to step up your kitchen design, it pays to invest in materials that not only look good but are also designed with longevity and practicality in mind. This will all go towards finding the perfect balance between fashion and function.


When it comes to floors, you need materials that can withstand footfall, spillages, and more on a daily basis. Hard-wearing, water-resistant luxury vinyl tile flooring could be just the answer. With ultra-realistic wood or stone-effect designs, these durable and versatile flooring panels can give you opulent floors with minimal upkeep. A quick sweep and mop are all that’s needed to restore them to pristine condition. And they’re fully-equipped to handle everyday kitchen mishaps.

open space kitchen luxury design ideas Ivory-Lane-Kitchen-Designed-by-Alice-Lane-Home
A luxury open space kitchen design by Alice Lane Home Collection


For walls, give your kitchen a quick and easy update with new splashback tiles. Easy to wipe clean and incredibly durable, splashback tiles are ideal for giving your kitchen some added wow-factor. Whether you opt for glitzy mirror tiles for an ultra-glam look or classic marble, you can have peace of mind that your kitchen is perfectly poised to promote practicality and style in one fell swoop.

modern eclectic kitchen design yuriy zimenko
Tiled walls add function ad beauty to this kitchen designed by Yuriy Zimenko. Click this image to see the full project titled Veuve Cliquot!

And More

Similarly, investing in a hardy countertop material like natural granite, quartz or ceramic can give your kitchen a standout feature that will stay on-trend for decades. As if that wasn’t enough, these materials boast outstanding scratch and stain resistance. Thus helping you to maintain a hygienic and on-trend kitchen design at all times.

luxurious mumbai apartment kitchen design koket chandra bar stools zz architects
A luxurious kitchen design by ZZ Architects in Mumbai featuring KOKET’s iconic Chandra bar stools. See the full project by clicking on the image!

Find the Perfect Bar Stool

Champion Comfort With Cosy Seating

All too often, kitchen design centres around sleek easy to clean surfaces with little room for softer textures. However, if you crave some added comfort, why not look to champion comfort in your kitchen with cosy seating areas that span beyond the dining table?

open space kitchen Kendall Wilkinson Amethyst dining and living room
Open living, kitchen, and dining room design by Kendall Wilkinson

One idea is to introduce flexible seating areas, utilising a kitchen island that can be used for a wide range of purposes. From food prep and dining to socialising and working, kitchen islands offer up multiple uses – and with some opulent bar stools, you can create a flexible space that’s as functional as it is stylish.

balcon studio dream kitchen with nahema bar stool by koket
Modern kitchen design by Balcon Studio featuring Nahema Bar Stools by KOKET

Alternatively, carve out a cosy corner in your kitchen that could be a recess area during work breaks, a post-dinner gathering place, or a relaxing reading nook. Whatever you use it for, the key here is to emphasise the element of comfort. Think soft fabrics, different textures, and complementing colours. Whether you opt for a curvy, Art Deco style sofa for some added glam or a couple of regal accent chairs, having a dedicated chill-out zone in your kitchen could be all you need to take it to the next level of functionality and fashion.

reading nook in kitchen design by elicyon
A cozy reading nook in a kitchen design by Elicyon

Taking your kitchen design up a notch doesn’t have to mean a full-scale remodel. With the addition of some comfy seating, practical materials, and a more flexible design, you should have all the key ingredients to make a super stylish luxury open space kitchen that has all the functionality you need.

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