The Best Places for Wellness In the City of Love, Oh Paris!

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Paris is the city of lights, love, culture, and sophistication. Over the years, the fascination for treating the mind, spirit, and body has increased. Taking care of the body and mind has become of the utmost importance. Listening to silence, having a retreat, body or facial treatments are some of the options you can find at these fabulous places for wellness in Paris!

Best Places for Wellness in Paris

House of Yoga

house of yoga hoy paris wellness places for therapy

As you may have already seen, Yoga is increasingly in fashion. In fact, practitioners claim that doing Yoga is rejuvenating. At House Of Yoga (HOY), you will find good vibes and a welcoming space. The rooms have, charcoal-tied bottles to mineralize drinking water, a high-tech air purification system, and a morning stretching bar. In this place, you will feel at a retreat as if you were in Bali. In addition, you will also find a space for massages and facials.

Elaine Huntzinger

Elaine Huntzinger Paris Wellness therapy centers

If you are a wellness lover you have certainly heard of acupuncture. Although it is difficult to get an appointment, it is really worth trying! Some of Elaine’s best-known followers are Eva Chen and Gucci Westman. Everyone says it takes years off the body and face. Some say it is better than cosmetic surgery. Our expert Huntzinger is a fan of gua sha, which is a facial massage. For those who think about acquiring a quartz roller know that the master also uses it. For those who don’t know her yet, you can watch her videos on Instagram. She has been a Chinese medicine practitioner for over 15 years and continues to innovate. The recent addition of LED light was a storm, and its most recent magic involves seven tuning forks corresponding to the seven chakras.

En Salon

EN Salon de beauté Japonais paris tokyo wellness

If, on the other hand, you are really looking for a retreat, you have to go to this temple of beauty and well-being. The facade of the Saint-Germain store is surrounded by forest green from En Salon, which has rows of matcha and green tea from Yakushima Island. If you are looking for a facial, it covers Japanese and French techniques, a true dream. The whole experience is tailor-made and so they ask questions about your lifestyle, diet, etc. You can also purchase several products that they sell so that you can continue your treatment at home.


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Le Bristol

tata harper spa lounge at le bristol paris luxury wellness therapy

At Hotel Le Bristol, we find the 1,200-acre Tata Harper organic farm in Vermont, in Paris! Le Bristol is the first spa in Europe, specializing in beauty, where natural ingredients are harvested by hand. The magnificent architecture of this property was influenced by the magnificent duo, Yann Le Coadic, and Alessandro Scotto.

Most treatments available focus on the face. In these treatments, we find magnificent facial movements and Hydration Booster. This is composed of raw honey rich in vitamins to soften and hyaluronic acid to moisturize, leaves the skin brilliantly supple. The result is wonderful, and they also offer other types of treatments, such as body massages as well.

Maison Suisen

maison SUISEN Japanese therapy

We all know that when it comes to well-being practices, Chinese treatments often lead the way. These are here to stay and are increasingly used in France. Maison Suisen is located in the heart of Marais. The owner Sandra ordered several articles from Japan, and even the therapists wear the jinbei costumes. If you want something innovative, book the stomach massage. They believe that the abdomen is the center of intuition – that’s where visceral feelings come from, after all – and this treatment restores the circulation of energy throughout the body to calm and clear the mind.

The Studio

the studio paris wellness therapy center luxuryThe empowering female founder of The Studio Paris, Julie Granger!

This New York-style fitness and wellness center in Paris was created by a former ballerina. It offers exclusive classes such as Brooklyn Flow, Brooklyn Barre, and Ballerina Body. The studio has Parisian elegance and is well equipped. Famous students include the Paris Opera Ballet dance, etoile Léonore Baulac, and fashion experts Sabina Socol and Parysatis Peymani.


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