5 Fashion Style Rules the Chicest French Women Follow

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When you say the words “fashion” or “style,” the first thing that comes to many of our minds is, Paris. The celebrated city of love is also one of the capitals of fashion. We know that there are other cities that are well-known for the great number of people who know how to dress amazingly, but Paris, and especially Parisian and French women in general, possess the grace and style we all aspire to. So, how to create the chic looks that French women rock both during the daytime and nighttime events? All it takes is a bit of creativity and effort to get that modish “effortless” look. Read on for the most important style rules the chicest French women follow.

5 Style Rules the Chicest French Women Follow

No High, High Heels

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We all love to wear a sky-high pair of stilettos from time to time. Actually, the majority of ladies think that high heels are more feminine and fashionable than subtle, low ones. They would also agree that super skinny and super high heels are also super uncomfortable, but that that is a sacrifice we must make in the name of fashion. Well, French women think otherwise. They know better than to spend the day (or night) torturing their feet.

The “It” girls of Paris know that a woman can be confident and thus look modish and trendy, only when she feels completely comfortable and happy. So, swap your stilettos for some modish mules, ankle boots, and point-toe flats. This kind of footwear is an excellent choice for when you head off to work, a brunch with the girls, or even a dinner with your boyfriend. Chic and cozy at the same time.


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Bare Legs for a Subtle and Sexy Look

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Parisian girls are known for that graceful and romantic style, which is at the same time incredibly alluring. So, when it comes to looking sexy, they know that less is truly less. You don’t want super-short skirts or too much cleavage. The secret is in being subtle, so midi skirts or dresses with an interesting slit can be a great choice.

Women across the world love and want this kind of look, so they reasonably acquire items such as these breezy skirts and dresses. For instance, even if you live on the other side of the planet, you should still consider some romantic women’s dresses in Australia and create a few chic summery looks. This is a must-have for your summer or even autumn wardrobe, as these fashion pieces can be combined with cotton tees or cashmere turtlenecks. Match the look with a pair of those exquisite mules, add a touch of red lipstick, and voila.

Denim Jeans and Some Chanel

Ann-Kathrin Götze wearing beige Ferragamo jumper, denim jeans Saint Laurent, Chanel bag in beige, Dior sunglasses Dior (Photo by Christian Vierig/Getty Images)

Ann-Kathrin Götze wearing beige Ferragamo jumper, denim jeans Saint Laurent, Chanel bag in beige, Dior sunglasses Dior (Photo by Christian Vierig/Getty Images)

Although the trend of logomania and splashy logos has been quite popular recently, these kinds of must-have items are not what a Parisian woman of style would be caught wearing. This doesn’t mean that a fashionable lady wouldn’t wear designer clothes or accessories; on the contrary, she would style her valuable pieces in an undone, casual manner so that they look exquisite and chic.

For example, let’s consider the standard jeans and a T-shirt combo. This is a staple outfit that can further be upgraded. So, a pair of light denim jeans and a white tee (it can even have a cute graphic on it) should be combined with a Chanel jacket blazer. If you do so, you will instantly get a stunning and graceful look. Moreover, add even more street style glam to the look by picking up a classic baguette bag and put on a pair of nude pointy-toe flats. A look so simple, yet so stunning.


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Pastel Colors and a Pop of Red

POCHETTE SQUARE pocket suares and scarves

Scarf by Pochette Square

We rarely see the French “It” girls wearing bright, vivid colors. Their color palette is quite neutral, but they enrich it with a livelier accessory, such as a red shoulder bag or mustard loafers. Black, white, and even gentle pastel colors are more than enough to assemble a modish outfit, but they are at the same time a pretty safe choice, so you really cannot make a mistake. A nude pink cable cardigan, off-white trousers, and a pair of beige loafers is a lovely combination that can be spiced up with a colorful silk scarf. You can wear it around the neck, as a hair accessory, or wrapped around your wrist.

Accentuate the Waist

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Parisian girls are the queens of chic, “effortless” look, and that’s how they manage to draw focus on their waistline. This does not include overly tight dresses, but instead opting for high-waisted trousers and cropped off-the-shoulder blouses or cropped cardigans. Moreover, a long, plain, crisp white shirt can be accessorized with a trendy belt in a contrasting color. The same applies to floaty dresses where instead of a belt, you can use a colorful, wrapped scarf for the same purpose. An unexpected and gorgeous accessory.

Finally, we can all agree that French women know their fashion style rules. By following the above-mentioned tips, there is no doubt that you will feel like a true Parisian fashion diva.