Upcycled Clothing Will Change the Fashion Industry!

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For some time now people have been going crazy over thrift stores all over the USA, but now this trend is spreading to the rest of the world. With this not-so-new trend comes another that is blowing up, especially on Tik Tok: Upcycled Fashion! So, from Vintage to Upcycled, today we talk about sustainable clothing.

But What Is Upcycled Fashion?

Upcycling is a way of processing an old fashion item to make it better than the original. When you take pre-consumer or post-consumer waste and turn it into a new fashion item you are Upcycling.

Why Should We All Support Vintage / Upcycled Fashion Brands?

Although it is the best way to embrace the old fashion styles, it is also amazing for the environment. Fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world. In addition, it contributes a lot to child slavery and forced and unethical working conditions. 

Buying vintage clothing or upcycling fashion brands means protecting planet Earth, while also promoting brands that work for the betterment of this industry. 

Lastly, a lot of times vintage and upcycled clothing is sold by real people that share their passion for Fashion, and, at least for me, that is a must support!

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But Vintage Is Ugly and Old!

Darling, let me show you what I mean by vintage and upcycled fashion: 

And if this wasn’t enough to make you run to the closest Thrift Shop, please check out these Tik Toks. I am sure it will make you a believer!



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Vintage/Upcycled Fashion Brands to Know

Now that we got through the “vintage is ugly” phase, let’s get to know some amazing Vintage/Upcycled Fashion Brands! And while this list is mostly about new and upcoming brands, upcycling is one of the biggest trends of Spring/Summer 2021 with big name brands joining the movement.


Founded by Sean Barron and Jamie Mazur, RE/DONE is a luxury e-commerce brand. This amazing brand is more than that – it is also a movement to restore individuality and keep heritage brands relevant. But, most importantly, it aims to create sustainable fashion.

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Christy Dawn

Honoring Mother Earth – Christy Dawn is committed to honoring Mother Earth and all her people. Thus, by aiming to live and work in harmony with nature, Christy Dawn upcycles fashion items.


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Zero Waste Daniel

Based in New York, Zero Waste Daniel is all about using pre-consumer waste sourced from New York City’s garment industry.

“I don’t make work that hurts people, or oppresses people, that makes someone hate their body or their face, or that pollutes someone’s water. I’m willing to work with what we’ve got, I don’t care how long it takes, I care that you look good.”


NAADAM works directly with herders to bring you high-quality, sustainable soft knitwear at fair prices. It was founded in 2013 by Matthew Scanlan and Diederik Rijsemus.


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ERA Vintage

Run by two inspiring young black women, “ERA Vintage was built on the premise of handpicking and selling existing vintage and vintage-inspired items from various designers to reduce waste and increase style!”


One of perhaps the most well-known names when it comes to designer upcycled clothing is Kevin Germanier. Born in Switzerland, based in Paris, Germanier creates luxurious sustainable designs—all made entirely from upcycled materials. Since launching his brand in 2018, the young designer has created pieces for numerous celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Björk, and K-pop sensation Sunmi and shows at the renowned Paris Design Week.


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Words by Mariana Silva
Feature Image: Kevin Germanier RTW Fall 2020