Celebrate Your Womanhood With A Personal At Home Spa Day

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It’s International Women’s Day so take a moment and remember the women of the past. Then celebrate you! Celebrate the woman you are! Or the man that wants to share in womanly love! First on the agenda, a personal at home spa day!

The work from home dynamic has changed the way that we view many aspects of our daily life. Creating a personal office space has enabled us to complete our daily responsibilities from our own homes. While this has given us some degree of flexibility, the many effects that 2020 has brought upon our day-to-day lives has made destressing more critical than ever.

It’s time to take a day for ourselves and create a fabulous at home spa to unwind in today, and every day! With so many products and options available to us, we can make what was once a luxury out-of-the-home event an easy-to-create experience at home.

You don’t need to be a home renovation expert or a plumber to know how to change your space. Here are a few tips on making a personal spa day for yourself and creating the perfect at home spa for your home.

Here’s How to Create a Personal At Home Spa Day That You Can, and Should Repeat Every Day!

First, Set the Spa Mood

As you walk into any professional spa, you’re greeted with a certain “scene” that your senses react to. That lovely smell, that relaxing music, and an altogether calming vibe are a perfect combination. Those different aspects aren’t put together at random. They’re meant to prime you for your spa day.

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To create your perfect at home spa, you’ll want to take care of a few things to set the mood before you begin your personal spa day:

  • Choose a soothing music playlist. Spotify, in particular, has the “Spa Music Relaxation” verified artist, as well as multiple “Spa Music Hour” playlists. Or any artist that soothes you!
  • Get a scented candle or a diffuser for your spa day. We recommend candles with lavender and jasmine, as they provide a calming sensation and may help reduce stress.
  • If scented candles aren’t your thing, try aromatic copal resin incense for a sweet, husky fragrance that will soothe and invigorate the mind and body.
  • Relax with some herbal tea before you begin your spa day experience. We recommend green tea, which contains theanine and helps to give a relaxing mood.

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Next, Rearrange the Bath

It wouldn’t be a spa day without a hot, soothing bath. Enhancing your bath and bathroom surroundings is essential to any personal spa experience. So, get out your bath sets and enhance the area around your tub along with your overall bathroom surroundings. A delightful setting is essential to any personal spa experience.

You’ll first want to stock up on essential salts and oils that you can add to your bath, which will improve its nurturing effect for your body. You may have heard of Epsom salts–high in magnesium, these salts soak into your body during a relaxing bath and have a detoxifying effect you may want to try.

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Photo by Uby Yanes

Oils such as lavender and arnica help reduce irritation along with their wonderful fragrance. You can also buy mixtures of these oils and salts if you wish. And to go the extra mile: you can give yourself a salt body scrub to remove dry skin and reduce inflammation.

Also, keeping a side table close to your bath while you’re enjoying your self-nurturing spa treatment helps keep necessary items that you might need at an arm’s reach. It can also provide drawers to hold bath and beauty products if you need them during your spa bath.

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Interior by KOKET

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Time to Rejuvenate Your Body

Giving yourself a proper facial is key for any personal spa day. Using an exfoliator to remove oil and rejuvenate your skin can work wonders. A facial decongestant such as a charcoal mask can also have significantly beneficial effects for dry and sensitive skin. In addition, you can buy a facial roller to give yourself a personal face massage.

And since there are still many hair salons that remain closed, we also recommend that you use your spa day to revitalize your hair too. A hair mask uses conditioning to moisturize and enhance the color of your hair. You can try this during your next personal spa experience. We also recommend vegan hair care products, which have herbal composition.

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Photo by Crystalweed

Creating the personal spa experience is about utilizing a few products and rearrangement tips to convert your bathroom into a customized at home spa that is right for you. With these quick and easy tips, you’ll soon have a personal spa day ready to rejuvenate yourself as you relax and unwind.

Oh, and when you’re done, or during if you prefer, pop some champagne and celebrate womanhood!

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