Unique Airbnb Travel Destinations, Let Your Escapism Fantasies Unfold!

Sharma Springs Bamboo Mansion Airbnb Unique Travel Destinations

A year into the pandemic and social distancing is far from gone. And while home is where the heart is we can’t help but wish for a little getaway here and there. Preferably one with just enough room for you and your lover or a group of friends, but with some good distance from others. So, whether you are looking for a treehouse in the woods of Georgia or a secluded airship in Scotland, this list showcases some magically unique Airbnb travel destinations to play into your escapism fantasies.

Unique Airbnb Travel Destinations, Let Your Escapism Fantasies Unfold!

Morongo Valley, California – Minimalist Modern Cabin

This steel and polycarbonate minimalist cabin is not only a stunning structure, but the views are next level. This rental is for those who truly want to go off the grid as there is no running water and limited air conditioning. Would strongly recommend it for the couple who loves the outdoors and hiking.

Minimalist Modern Cabin (Photos from Airbnb)
Minimalist Modern Cabin (Photos from Airbnb)

Willow, New York – Willow Treehouse

A romantic secluded treehouse overlooking a small swimmable pond is perfect for couples or a solo adventure. Trees and nature surround Willow Treeshouse, and if you’re in NYC and want an escape from the city life, this is the perfect retreat for you.

Willow Treehouse (Photos from Airbnb)
Willow Treehouse (Photos from Airbnb)

Atlanta, Georgia – Secluded Intown Treehouse

Another treehouse, I know. This one is minutes from Atlanta but yet you still feel like you’re hours from civilization. Decorated in fairy lights throughout the entire home, this is truly a magical getaway.

unique travel destinations Secluded Intown Treehouse (Photos from Airbnb)
Secluded Intown Treehouse (Photos from Airbnb)

Rockbridge, Ohio – The Box Hop

This “Cabin” is made out of 3 intermodal shipping containers. While it still has a lot of the same cozy aspects that a cabin has (like a hot tub), its modernity really sets this place above and beyond a lot of other cabin rentals.

The Box Hop (Photos from Airbnb)
The Box Hop (Photos from Airbnb)

Drimin, Scotland – Secluded AirShip

This Airbnb is really something out of this world. With all the windows and its tiny home charm, the uniqueness of this home should make you want to stay here all by itself but then you couple it with the views? I mean. Come on.

Unique travel destinations and Secluded AirShip with Breathtaking Highland Views (Photo from Airbnb)
Unique and Secluded AirShip with Breathtaking Highland Views (Photo from Airbnb)

Bali, Indonesia – Sharma Springs Bamboo Mansion

This is what Instagram dreams are made of. Every room, hallway, hammock, tub, and the pool is a place for a photo op and with the ability to bring 11 of your favorite people with you a photoshoot is bound to happen. Made entirely of bamboo and offering stunning river valley views, this large mansion is truly a work of art.

unique travel destinations Sharma Springs Bamboo Mansion bali (Photos from Airbnb)
Sharma Springs Bamboo Mansion (Photos from Airbnb)

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Florence, Italy – Splendida Casa

Treehouses are dreamy, okay? This treehouse in Italy has tons of windows and is surrounded by trees. It also has chalkboard paint throughout so each guest can leave their mark. The house is the guestbook. Now that’s charming.

Splendida Casa sull'Albero a Pochi Minuti da Firenze (Photo from Airbnb)
Splendida Casa sull’Albero a Pochi Minuti da Firenze (Photo from Airbnb)

Marrakesh, Morocco – Riad Shiraz

A very spacious and open floor plan with natural light and a mosaic pool paired with a boho interior makes this one an absolute MUST. Can you imagine a gals trip here? Yes, please!

unique travel destinations Riad Shiraz Private House Airbnb)
Riad Shiraz Private House (Photos from Airbnb)

Be sure to add these places to your bucket lists and go ahead and start making some travel plans. I mean, what else are you doing?

Words by Kelli Gibson

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