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Cecelia Claire Murphy Bespoke Handpainted Interiors

If you are looking to add bespoke finishes to your interior Cecelia Claire is a name you need to know! An innovative interior artist, Cecelia Claire Murphy creates masterful hypercustomized handpainted surfaces for residences, retail, and hospitality. From bespoke murals and wall paper on silks and gold leaf. To digitally printed wallcovering and textiles from original painted designs. The options are literally limitless. And always fabulous!

Cecelia Claire Murphy at work painting bespoke gold leaf wall paper
Cecelia Claire Murphy creating!

One need only ask to see their favorite motifs handpainted in the palette and on the surface of their choosing. Cecelia’s process is highly collaborative with the client’s vision as the raison d’etre.

Cecelia Claire offers a variety of options to fulfill your bespoke finish dreams! Offerings include on-site wall murals, shippable murals wallpaper by the roll, panoramic murals, landscape murals, handpainted paper-backed silk wallpaper, handpainted gold foil wallpaper, bespoke digitally printed textiles, bespoke digitally printed wallcoverings, and bespoke glazed tile. But if you have something else in mind when it comes to bespoke interior finishes I am certain Cecelia is up to consider it!

Read on to meet the fabulous Cecelia Claire and learn more about her artistic services.

Lh Exclusive Interview with Cecelia Claire

Love Happens: What first sparked your passion for art?

Cecelia Claire: Living inside Gaudi’s Casa Mila after responding to an unassuming classified ad for a Barcelona apartment. The sculpted architecture, the handcarved elevator, the botanical wrought iron door handles – it gave me a fully new sense of what is possible in art beyond a gallery wall.

I became obsessed with what the Germans call the Gesamtkunstwerk, or “total work of art”: an environment where everything is created with intention, creativity and harmony by designers, artists and artisans.

Lh: Tell us about how your passion for art transitioned to bespoke handpainted interiors?

Cecelia: I immersed myself in interior craft in many mediums, from blacksmithing to ceramics, but I love the immediate, direct expression of painting.

Plus, I kept getting worried about getting burned by the forge and my pieces kept getting broken in the kiln!

Lh: At one point did you decide you wanted to start Cecelia Claire?

Cecelia: I worked as a translator of European languages for ten years. I enjoyed the freedom of the career but found I longed to do more than translate others’ words – I wanted to express something myself. I had been sketching my world for years in sketchbooks and had many hours of craft instruction in studios from Italy to Portland, Oregon. So in 2018, I handpainted my tiny treehouse apartment with murals and opened it up for a tour. I got my first panoramic mural job after that.

Handpainted bespoke mural by Cecelia Claire palm leaves green nature inspired
Handpainted bespoke mural by Cecelia Claire

Lh: What is your favorite project to date?

Cecelia: I designed a deep green velvet fabric with botanicals painted from life on the Adriatic sea. We spent a few months between Italy and Montenegro, and in a little village with grapevines overgrowing the stone walls, fig-trees, and wild pomegranates growing in the forest, I had no other distractions and I set about to create a very special textile souvenir. 

Lh: Much of your work contains references to nature, how does nature inspire you?

Cecelia: Really, it’s the air I breathe. It just makes me happy. I love to capture the unpredictable: the brown underside of a magnolia leaf, a twisted frond. I have to have encounters with plants daily. That might mean buying cut flowers when everything is dormant in winter or trying to keep a little spotted begonia alive in my house.

Lh: Breaking into the art world can be a difficult task, tell us about your experience thus far and where you see yourself in 5 years?

Cecelia: It is a difficult task but fortunately, by focusing on interiors, I don’t have to worry about critics, juries, art fairs, or galleries! I just co-create beautiful, immersive spaces with designers and directly with clients. The styles that move me (new historic, lush botanical, Chinoiserie, decadent florals) fortunately seem to also have resonance and demand in the design world at large right now and I am very thankful for that.

In five years I hope that Cecelia Claire as a company is simply doing more of the same. I will be launching printed wallcoverings and mural papers soon, so that in between a few key bespoke appointments a year, I can offer a standard line with the same attention to detail and style.

In a personal vein, I hope to be splitting time between the United States and Europe, restoring a rundown palazzo.

orchidea sculpture by koket - metal orchid wall art light

Lh: What three pieces of advice would you give to a young entrepreneur interested in entering the world of bespoke interiors?

Cecelia: Start with painting your own space, if possible! Yes, even if you rent. You can paint back over it when you move. It’s the best way to practice, and the first item in your portfolio.

Always invest in a professional photographer to capture your work. You can trade for this if money is tight – maybe a painting of yours for a photoshoot. There are so many funny things about capturing interiors that we laypeople can’t always understand, even with the best phone cameras. Plus, the standard for content production is so very high nowadays on social media. If you want to get noticed it’s important to be competitive and having a pro photographer will make a huge difference.

Thirdly, buy reference books or borrow them from a library. As you are studying different styles, it is very helpful to get out of the Pinterest rut and to see the works in print. I think your eyes can take the images in better. That goes for both photo references of flowers and birds, and compilations of other textiles and wallpapers. 

bespoke interiors handpainted wall paper wallcoverings silk cecelia claire
Handpainted wall paper by Cecelia Claire

Lh: If you were to paint a bespoke mural inspired by our publisher KOKET, what would it look like?

Cecelia: Such a great question! I can see so many options. French-style papiers peints panoramiques, those sepia or grisaille (grey)-toned landscapes with Romantic-style trees with misty edges. Or: deep and immersive florals, orchids and peonies, maybe on gold. Or tropical plants on silk.

I am a huge fan of KOKET style and I think there is a lot of overlap in our aesthetic. So – when do we start?

Lh: We would SO LOVE to see this!

Meet Claire!

By Anna Beck Bimba