6 Trends in Modern Table Design for 2021

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2020 was a subdued year for interior and furniture design, for reasons we all appreciate. But, although the pandemic is still with us, designers have responded with daring and colorful choices that bring nature-inspired beauty into our homes and offices. Read on to explore six trends shaping furniture design in 2021, with a particular focus on trends in modern table design.

Big, Bold, Nature-Inspired Colors

Over the last few years, table color trends embraced two related aesthetics. On the one hand, we leaned on the beauty of wood and color treatments to help its natural patternation shine. On the other hand, Scandi-inspired minimalism and the Hygge philosophy saw crisp light and contrasting dark shades dominate. 

In 2021, interior designers and furniture makers aren’t turning away from classic forms and colors. Rather, they are mixing in a bolder approach to colors that fully reflects nature’s abundance. Think deep dark olive greens, burnt oranges, earth tones, vibrant blues, and high-contrast greys.

We spent much of 2020 indoors, and 2021’s table color trends are heavily influenced by designers’ reawakened passion for daring colors and patterns that bring nature’s palette into the home. On this website you can find different dining tables with modern designs.

Stone tables by The Davani Group
Stone tables by The Davani Group

Natural Doesn’t Have to Mean Wood

If you’re on board with the year’s color trends, you’ll love the huge variety of striking colors found in natural stone table designs. While you may be familiar with the elegant beauty of marbles like the classic white and grey Carrara, don’t overlook the incredibly vibrant blues, greens, golds, reds, and blacks. Small changes in the raw materials that form marble under the earth over millennia lead to incredible colors. Such as the deep greens of Chinese marble and the famed blue marbles of Turkey and Iran. 

Marble is a durable and luxurious material. Thus, interior designers are always choosing signature marble pieces for dining tables, coffee tables, console tables, and more.

Of course, marble is only one of a host of natural materials available to furniture designers. Given the preference for natural materials, textures, and colors, we also see table designs that make innovative use of wood, glass, metal, precious and semi-precious stones, and even leather. 

But innovativeness does not have to come at the expense of practicality. Besides satisfying even the most intricate tastes of consumers, designers must also be attuned to the practical needs of everyday people. That’s why the extendable dining table continues to be a staple, especially for the family-oriented shoppers. 

modern table design trends 2021 Marble Tables by The Davani Group
Marble Tables by The Davani Group

Timeless Interior Design Elements That Are Always In Style

2021’s Hottest Interior Design Trends

Natural Stone Beyond Marble

Marble is the most famed natural stone, but it’s far from the only stone attracting the interest of furniture and interior designers in 2021. Alternatives include travertine, a limestone formed around hot springs; onyx, with its subtle coloration and signature banded patterns; and sodalite, with its white patternation on a multi-toned blue background. 

natural stone furniture custom the davani group
Luxury finishes by The Davani Group

In keeping with 2021’s trends for nature-inspired color and natural materials, designers are also drawing inspiration from organic forms. The natural world is incredibly inventive when it comes to form and pattern. Whether it’s the polished shapes of pebbles eroded to flawless smoothness over centuries. Or the intricate geometric patterns produced by repeating simple rules.

Designers are taking advantage of nature’s abundance to create tables with organic forms adapted to fit the practical environment of the dining room, living room, or office reception.

wine room cellar Interior by Valeria Mikheeva featuring a nature inspired dining table and sofas by KOKET
Interior by Design, Decor, Repair (DDR) featuring a nature inspired dining table and sofas by KOKET

Metal as a Structural & Decorative Element

We’ve all familiar with the sheen of metal used as a structural element or accent in the predominantly white, grey, light brown, and black furniture inspired by Scandinavian and industrial design trends. However, 2021’s attraction to a more varied color palette allows other metals to shine. The richness of copper, bronze, and gold cohere wonderfully with both brighter and more muted colors of modern tables. Subsequently, we’re seeing furniture designers making the most of these metals to contrast and complement wood and natural stone.

black and gold dining room interiors koket decodiva marble dining table and nahema chairs
Interior by KOKET

Organic Meets Technological 

As we’ve seen, in 2021 furniture designers are taking their cues from nature. However, that doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten about technology. Rather, connectivity and easily accessed power have become increasingly important. Especially in a year where remote work made tables designed for the home the focus of our work too. 

Modern tables—whether they’re made of wood or natural stone—are integrating conveniences such as mobile charging points and cable management. Thus allowing our devices to have the resources they need without impacting furniture aesthetics and ergonomics with ad hoc solutions.

Travertine Purity Conference Table by The Davani Group
Travertine Purity Conference Table by The Davani Group

To Wrap Things Up

As seen by these trends, 2021 is shaping up to be a year of innovation for furniture design and, more specifically, for table design. We’re excited to see how each of the trends unfolds as furniture and interior designers take advantage of a wider and more varied palette, nature-inspired table designs, and imaginative combinations of natural materials such as marble and metal.

About the Author

Anthony Davani is the CEO of The Davani Group, fabricators of high-end and custom furniture and decor. The Davani Group produces luxury custom furniture for some of the most well-known Italian and American brands from the most exclusive materials on Earth. Check out their Instagram for more design inspiration.