10 Timeless Gift Ideas for the Most Stylish of Moms

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What do stylish moms want? Only the very best, of course! From the way they dress and how they do their hair to the way they move, even their attitude, the most stylish women have mastered matching their inner self with their exterior appearance. So for all those chic moms out there making motherhood look so good, we’ve compiled this list of gift ideas for the most discerning tastes. With mother’s day 2021 right around the corner (or for any other occasion for that matter!) treat your girlfriend, wife, mom—or yourself—to one of these fabulous gift ideas.

10 Gift Ideas for Stylish Moms

Timeless Pearls

Stylish women are smart. They invest in classics that are always in fashion, will be worn again and again, and puts them in step with the sustainable fashion movement (have a look here). Pearls save you time when deciding on accessories for the day. They work seamlessly with everything in your wardrobe, from jeans to office outfits to ball gowns. You can never go wrong with timeless pearls.

mothers day gift ideas 2021 the pearl source stylish women moms gift ideas pearl jewelry
Pearl Earrings & Bracelet from The Pearl Source

Classic Bracelet Watch

Stylish moms are pulled together in more ways than one. Your phone will tell you the time, but a bracelet watch is a statement-making accessory that conveys much more about the person wearing it. Bracelet watches offer a discreet way to check the time than your phone, and they don’t lead to endless distractions the way devices do.

Serpenti Spiga watch by Bulgari black stylish mom gifts mothers day 2021 gift ideas
Serpenti Spiga watch by Bulgari

Sleek Hair Accessories

Neat, tidy hair is a hallmark of stylish women. Practical and versatile, a U-shaped pin can create any look, from classic Victorian to avant-garde. A quality U-pin works with both long and short hair, thick or fine. Chic and simple, a sleek hairpin is another must-have for all stylish women. Or if your mom likes a super luxurious look a headband fit for a queen will make a perfect gift for Mother’s day 2021 or any occasion in need of a stylish gift!

Scallop Glossy Hair Pins by LELET NY mothers day gift ideas 2021
Scallop Glossy Hair Pins by LELET NY

Movie Star Shades

Stylish women are the stars of their own life. Practical as well as fashionable, you can never go wrong with movie star shades. Protect her precious peepers and stave off wrinkles while maintaining an air of mystery with this favorite accessory.

Oversized square-frame acetate sunglasses by Loewe
Oversized square-frame acetate sunglasses by Loewe

Cozy Birdies Flats

Stylish moms are always in step. She’ll love the luxurious ease of a slipper housed in a fashionable shoe. Birdies are incredibly versatile: chic enough to be worn to work or play, and comfortable enough for chasing kids.

The Songbird in Blush by Birdies stylish mothers day gift ideas 2021
The Songbird in Blush by Birdies

Alpaca Swing Coat

Stylish women know their outer wrap is just as important as what’s underneath. Flattering for all body types, an alpaca swing coat is ideal for all fashionable women. Wear it loose for a casual look or belted for more elegant occasions.

Issey Miyake Wide-Collar Belted Midi Coat alpaca swing coat farfetch stylish moms
Issey Miyake Wide-Collar Belted Midi Coat

Premium PJs

No matter the time of day (or state of mind!), stylish moms care about their appearance. Whether she wears her premium PJs to get her beauty rest or occasionally all day long, every stylish woman likes loungewear that is as comfortable as it is elegant. Check out these luxurious and premium pajamas for women here.

olivia von halle lila silk satin pajamas mother's day 2021 gift ideas
Lila Pajama Set by Olivia Von Halle

Chic Organic Bedding

It’s hard to feel stylish with bags under your eyes and fog in your brain. Stylish women know that a positive attitude and a glowing face start with a good night’s sleep. Organic sheets not only offer comfort but also peace of mind knowing you’ve done something good for the planet. We spend a third of our life in bed. Make the most of it.

Classic White Organic Bedding by Boll & Branch
Classic White Organic Bedding by Boll & Branch

Real Fur Throw

Stylish women thrive in beautiful surroundings. Fiber options run the gamut from Mongolian sheep to mink to fox. Supremely luxurious, a genuine fur throw adds instant glamor to any space.

finland fox natural fur throw koket mother's day gift ideas mother's day 2021
Finland Fox Fur Throw by KOKET

Spa Time

Stylish women love to be pampered. Send your stylish mom off to the spa or get her what she needs for a delightfully scented bubble bath for a perfect at-home spa day. Premium bath bombs are the bomb! Available in beautiful styles that are works of art unto themselves, or opt for graceful bottles of bubble bath, both will enhance the elegance of the bathroom as well.

kylie skin rose bath collection
Kylie Skin Rose Bath Collection

Mother’s day 2021 is just around the corner, and these gift ideas are the perfect time to celebrate any and all stylish moms in your life so we hope you (and she!) enjoys!

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