Discover Gilded, The Luxury Body Care Brand Founded by Blair Armstrong

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When it comes to her beauty skincare, Blair Armstrong, founder of luxury body care brand Gilded, doesn’t mess around. Especially seeing as though she has practiced a skin/body care routine for as long as she can remember. 

“I want to inspire and encourage people to think of skincare beyond the face and as more than the utilitarian function of cleansing. To treat and take care of our bodies for what they are—the vehicles through which we experience life. I see body care as an opportunity to take care of myself.”

Discover Gilded, The Luxury Body Care Brand Founded by Blair Armstrong

Blair Armstrong, Founder of luxury bodycare brand Gilded
Blair Armstrong, Founder of luxury bodycare brand Gilded

Fortunately for us, the Founder of Gilded, a brand combining Blair Armstrong’s passion for dermatology and her love of neoclassical art, architecture, sculpture, and history, shared her 3 simple tricks on the core skincare products that everyone needs to use daily for maintaining healthy skin. And it looks like we can cut the complicated multistep program now. It’s without any elaboration, a cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen (to be used all year long) combined with annual skin exams. Blair’s biggest secret and regime is applying moisturizer while in the shower, before drying off. Blair uses Gilded’s Supreme Body balm for extra hydration.

The graduate from Emory’s Physician’s Assistant program began to really appreciate the benefits of what a consistent routine brings. Notably embracing this during the Pandemic, where “it’s been a source of self care and restoration”. Her inspiration comes from her clinical medical experience aiming to improve and nourish skin texture and appearance. While her philosophy is an art that goes beyond the face. Blair’s particular routine has her enjoying daily dry brushing, a warm bath with bath salt, and candles all followed by Gilded body balm and oil moisturizers. 

“I think about beauty holistically. Beyond what we put on our skin. It’s also what we eat. How we take care of our body and mind”.

Blair revealed her holistic approach to bodycare above during our interview. She believes the most important thing people forget is spending more time caring for the body. “A recent study found that 74% of women have elaborate face care routines, but do not have body care routines.”

Gilded Body Care

Gilded separates itself from other body care brands through its belief in total body skincare. And also in the fact that it is the first body care line developed by a Dermatology professional. In all, the brand endeavors to do one thing exceptionally well,

“To provide the very best, effective, and luxurious body skincare.”

Committed to creating products that help people feel good in their skin and complement their existing skincare and wellness routines, Gilded carefully considers the ingredients and materials it uses. Specifically, each is chosen for its proven efficacy based on evidence and scientific studies. “Many of our products are designed to be multi-use and are the perfect pairing of beauty and functionality.”

The advocate of a balanced approach to skincare, one that includes an appropriate amount of time on the body, admires Danielle Acoff, a yoga instructor who says, “I am so inspired by [Blair’s] consistent yoga practice and growth over the years.” Speaking of growth, with the right tools, you can grow in Gilded, having a luxurious experience every day, so go forth and glow!

Bonus Q&A with Blair Armstrong:

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done in the name of beauty and body/skincare? Would you do it again?

The craziest thing I’ve done in the name of beauty and body/skincare is wrapping my feet in saran wrap and moisturizer overnight and wearing gloves with moisturizer overnight. I would absolutely do it again.

What products should you buy if you have champagne taste on a boxed wine budget? 

A moisturizer is essential. I would start with the Gilded Supreme Body Balm. It is formulated for ultra nourishment and long-lasting hydration featuring the super moisturizer cupuacu butter, shea butter, nourishing meadowfoam seed oil.


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