Luxurious Nursery Theme Ideas for the Most Fabulous Baby Room

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If you happen to be welcoming a new member of the family sometime soon, you may be on the hunt for a special luxurious theme to make their room as perfect as can be. Decorating the nursery is one of the many fun parts of preparing for and having a baby, and there are so many neutral theme ideas they can grow with.

Babies’ brains begin developing before they’re even born, so surrounding them with stimulating colors, textures and ideas can be a great way to ease them into the world. There are so many fun, creative and exciting themes you can use as you build your luxurious dream nursery. Here are a few of our favorite nursery room ideas to help inspire you! And remember, just because you pick a “theme” doesn’t mean everything has to be related to it, a subtle balance will help the room last as your child grows.

6 Nursery Room Theme Ideas to Inspire Your Baby’s Room

1.  Starry Night

The stars and the night sky are a perfect, engaging theme for a nursery. Going a bit darker can be great for sleep, and decorating with stars and moons can give the baby so much to look at. You can even use sparkles in your decor and go with a classic starry night mobile above the crib. Plus, this theme isn’t tied too heavily to infancy, so you can stretch it out into the toddler years.

starry night nursery theme ideas Interior by Circu Magical Furniture
Fantasy Air Balloon Bed by Circu Magical Furniture

This chic and luxurious nursery room design theme can have special touches for the parents, too. Match the theme with a cozy, midnight black chair to help ease your long nights alongside your baby. If you must lose sleep, at least you’ll enjoy soft upholstery and dazzling sights along the way.

Feature Image: AB + Partners Luxury Villa nursery design featuring the Fantasy Air Balloon Bed by Circu Magical Furniture

2.  Under the Sea

Like starry night, nautical-themed nursery decor can grow with your child, so you don’t need to repaint and redecorate quite so soon. This is a great way to save money and focus on welcoming your newborn.

Light blue walls, bubble nightlights, and fish decals are all cute ideas to stock your nautical nursery with. You can even incorporate some anchors and sailor’s knots if you want to take things in more of a boat direction. Want to go full nautical? Get your baby an adorable sleep bag to match the look!

3.  Into the Jungle

If you’re considering nursery room ideas that incorporate something outdoorsy and tropical, going into the jungle could be perfect for your little one. Between the leaves, tropical plants, animals, and sunshine, there’s so much inspiration you can pull from.

With a jungle theme, you can include stuffed animals of all different creatures, as well as fake or real plants to brighten the place up. Complete the look with adorable and cozy bedding sets from LevTex Home baby bedding, offering comfort and style for your little explorer.

Gracious Giraffes Mural by Kikki Belle at
Gracious Giraffes Mural by Kikki Belle at

4.  Enchanted Forest

If you love the outdoors but want something a little closer to home, you can always go for a woodsy nursery room. Think rustic furniture, cute stuffed animals, and forest murals. Well-placed toys can act as accessories. You can include plants in this one, too.

If you want to add a little glamour to amp up the luxurious vibes in this nursery theme, you can even put up some fairy lights for a bit of that magical outdoorsy feeling. A glimmering, forest-inspired side table can hold a table lamp or children’s book. The enchanted forest touch will be perfect for fantastical bedtime stories and imaginative play once your baby grows.

5.  In the Library

Maybe you’re a total bookworm, and you suspect your baby will be, too. A library might just be a great creative — and functional — theme for your little one. You can have a shelf with all the books you read to them, book-themed murals, and literary quote decals on the walls.

You can even turn to your favorite tomes for more specific inspiration, or you could leave it a bit more open-ended. Alice in Wonderland can lead to whimsy while The Secret Garden can incorporate bright floral touches. It’s all up to you.

6.  Rainy Day

Just think about how adorable a rainy-day theme could be. Raindrop decor, cloud decals, umbrella mobiles, and other drizzly details are perfect for any baby. This theme is gender-neutral and can grow with your child into their toddler years. And while at first, you may think rain is a dreary concept, this is one of those nursery room themes you can have so much fun with!

Rainbow Cloud Nursery Mobile by Brown Betty Blue
Rainbow Cloud Nursery Mobile by Brown Betty Blue

Nursery Room Themes for Growing Families

Building and designing the perfect nursery for your child is one of the many creative and fun parts of being a parent. Whether you choose to go with a bookish theme or one that takes you to faraway places, what’s most important is that your baby feels loved, and comfortable and a quality infant swing in any themed room. With a parent putting so much care into their room, they certainly will be, no matter what color happens to be on the walls!

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