Discover Lawrence of La Brea, The Luxury Rugs Resource You Need to Know

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When it comes to shopping for rugs the process can be arduous, even for professional interior designers. From design and materials to size and quality, selecting the perfect rug is so much easier when you have a trusted and knowledgeable resource. Moreover when that resource offers a handpicked exclusive inventory of the finest luxury rugs from around the world. Along with bespoke services. And exceptional customer service from selection and installation to restoration, cleaning, and appraisal services, then why shop anywhere else? Read on to discover the world of Los Angeles-based luxury rugs resource Lawrence of La Brea.

Discover Lawrence of La Brea, The Luxury Rugs Resource You Need to Know

A family business, the current owner of Lawrence of La Brea is David Nourafshan. David started working in the business at the age of thirteen and is the brainchild behind the company’s success over the last 30 years. Today, Lawrence of La Brea boasts a reputation for providing Los Angeles with the most exclusive and luxurious fine rugs and textiles. With a robust shoppable website, a stunning showroom located in the fashionable Beverly Grove district of LA, and a top-notch staff, Lawrence of La Brea passionately wins over the most discerning clientele and continues to be a coveted resource among interior designers around the world.

David Nourafshan, Owner and Rug Master of Lawrence of La Brea
David Nourafshan, Owner and Rug Master of Lawrence of La Brea

The Rugs

Offering a stylish inventory ranging from antique to modern and the ability to source or custom manufacturer just about anything you dream up, you are sure to find just what you are looking for at Lawrence of La Brea. Coming from every corner of the world and inspired by the international interior and fashion design community, David Nourafshan handpicks each rug in the inventory. Resulting in a sophisticated, refined, and thoroughly unique collection. An inventory perfectly poised to help their customers uniquely express themselves within their homes.

“A rug is not just a decoration. It’s a way of life—and a powerful expression of an individual’s personality,” says David. His carefully curated one-of-a-kind rugs bring warmth, comfort and allure to the spaces they grace. David has personally curated the perfect rug for the homes of A-list celebrities including Kanye West, Miley Cyrus, Minka Kelly, Ashley Tisdale, Maria Sharapova, Hillary Duff, and many more.

Inside the Lawrence of La Brea showroom in LA
Inside the Lawrence of La Brea showroom in LA


Aside from gorgeous rugs, Lawrence of La Brea stands out from its competitors due to its fair and transparent pricing. Customers are never thrown off by “hidden prices”. (Or, as David calls it, “celebrity taxes”.) Clients walk into the showroom knowing exactly what to expect in terms of pricing. The rugs have a fixed price, no matter who you are and what your property is worth.

When asked about fair pricing within the industry, David comments, “With us, the cost of the rug depends on the merits of the piece: including rarity, style, and size. To ensure we are priced fairly and our products are bought based on merit alone, we feature our prices on our website. Our beautiful carefully curated pieces are positively evocative and speak for themselves.”

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Other Services

In addition to providing the perfect rug, or as their tag line states, a rug “for every dance of life”, Lawrence of La Brea strives to ensure the whole process from the design to years of professional cleaning and repair.

floral rug vintage bright colors los angeles
A Lawrence of La Brea rug

Care & Restoration

Lawrence of La Brea’s carpet care service is faster than their inventory. With expert hands, they perform miracles every day: spot cleaning, hand washing, air-drying, deodorizing, fabric sealing, repair, and reweaving of even the most delicate works of textile art. In addition, they custom dye and color match with expertise gained over many years of loving care. And their appraisal services help clients protect their loving investments.


In the staging market? Lawrence of La Brea has you covered with their ability to bring life and expression to your special event. By filling short-term needs, their rental service earns them long-term relationships. As members of the Set Decorators Society of America, their carpets have brought style and substance to numerous films and television productions.

Staircase Runners

Bored with run-of-the-mill staircase runners? How about turning an area rug into a staircase runner? Lawrence of La Brea’s expert installation teams have mastered this unique, and fabulously one-of-a-kind look.

Special Projects

Whether with or without a designer involved, Lawrence of La Brea is available to work on special projects. Whatever your dream decor, it’s possible!

Find Your Perfect Rug

So, if you are seeking the perfect rug visit Lawrence of La Brea online. Or if you are in LA stop by their showroom to experience the beauty of their collection in person!

lawrence of la brea showroom los angeles la

Words by Anna Beck Bimba

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