Modern Poolside Design Ideas for a Luxury Pool Area Retreat

jay jeffer poolside design ideas modern luxury pool area

Whether you’re looking for ideas to up your poolside design or starting from scratch on a new luxury pool area retreat, we are here to help! The perfect setting for relaxing alone or throwing a fabulous backyard party, a modern luxury pool design will pay off in entertainment and your property value. Read on to discover inspiring ideas for creating the perfect luxury poolside design.

How to Create the Perfect Modern Luxury Pool Area

Vary Textures

One of the easiest ways to bring your pool from boring to fabulous is to vary textures to create visual interest. While a pool lacking in fun may seem like an oxymoron, think again. Imagine that public pool with exposed concrete and metal seating. Without the visual difference of a variety of textures, pools seem far less inviting.

poolside design ideas villa odaya cannes humbert poyet - photo by francis amiand
A beautiful layered curation of materials and décor shine in this Cannes Villa designed by Humbert & Poyet (Photo by Francis Amiand)

Create the perfect poolside design by adding things like potted plants and textured decor. Wicker chairs or woven rugs add layers to your scenery and welcome people to a warmer environment. Browse various decor options by strolling through stores or comparing pictures online. See which textures draw your eye most often to determine your preferences.

Set Up Relaxing Luxurious Furniture

Even if you plan to spend all of your time in the water, luxury poolside furniture is the perfect way to complete your backyard upgrade. Consider your interior design preferences and check out pool furniture styles like wooden tables or rattan reclining chairs. They should draw the eye and compliment your pool’s design so it remains the centerpiece of your backyard.

luxury pool area design outdoor lounge furniture surrounds a pool with a floral tile mosaic
Luxurious lounge seating surrounds this stunning pool area designed by Lori Morris creating the perfect backyard pool oasis! (Photo by Brandon Barre)

intuition round metal dining table koket

Seek Durable Materials

From pool decking and poolside furniture to pool house construction, all areas of your backyard pool design will constantly be exposed to the elements so you should consider their materials carefully. They should withstand weather conditions and direct sunlight so you don’t have to replace them every couple of years.

poolside design ideas melides art residence architecture in nature portugal alentejo
At Melides Art in Portugal, the private residences designed by Esteva i Esteva blend seamlessly with nature both in design and choice of material

Some materials are better than others, depending on where you live. Composite decking remains resistant to sunlight in regions prone to hot weather. Concrete is excellent for rainy or snowy climates because it holds up better under frequent rain or snow melts. So do your research and choose wisely.

Create Modern Conveniences

From an outdoor kitchen and dining area to a full-on perfectly appointed pool house, including modern conveniences will help people spend all day poolside. You could attach a kitchenette area with appliances to keep drinks cool or grill your meals. Whether covered or completely enclosed in a pool house, create a comfortable living room with ample Wifi and stock the closest bathroom with extra pool towels.

modern luxury pool area design by jay jeffer with kitchen and living room outdoor indoor living
An outdoor kitchen and living area create the perfect modern luxury pool entertainment area in this design by Jay Jeffers

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How to Design a Luxurious Pool House

Utilize Existing Structures

If you don’t have extra room on your property for a pool house, utilize existing structures. Open your indoors out or add a second floor to your garage to create the ultimate waterfront getaway. The second floor can hold whatever you need to make your pool experience complete. Add a TV room, a kitchen, and even a bathroom to create the perfect pool house and entertainment area.

poolside design ideas modern luxury pool house indoor outdoor living brandon architects montecito
Indoors and outdoors blend seamlessly at this Montecito, CA home designed by Brandon Architects offering all the modern conveniences one could want poolside

Match Your Home

Any extra property additions should match your home’s design. Use the same colors and materials for siding and outdoor decor. Even your decking materials can draw on hues or textures surrounding your house. Every element should work together to create a luxury oasis you’ll want to use with your loved ones for decades.

pool house design by donna mondi photo nick novelli
From finishes, lighting and overall styling this pool house addition by Donna Mondi blends perfectly with the rest of the home (Photo by Nick Novelli)

Create the Perfect Poolside Design

Anyone can figure out how to design the perfect pool area with these useful poolside design ideas and a little bit of creativity. Dream about your decor and research ideas for permanent additions to plan the perfect luxury pool area design for you and your loved ones.

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